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MERA NAAM RAMAN HAI, ,this goes back 2years my father was abroad me and mom were at home I was in college . after sometime passed I was in habit of watching ladies wit big boobs I use to masturbate a lot as my college was college was closed I use to stay in home one day Read more…

From a faithful wife,to a whore! Divya`s journey of sexual liberation…Part 11

I didnt have much time for regrets.Things went bad very fast. For the next couple of days I tried to keep myself busy with office work.But there was a rude shock waiting for me on the 3rd day. I was in my cabin when I was notified by the receptionist that a few police officers were asking for me.I didnt know what to do,I jumped out of my chair and my initial instinct was of running away,but as soon as I stepped out of my cabing,I was surrounded by men in uniform. My office co-workers were all watching and getting amused. The officer told me rather sternly. "Mam,you have to accompany us to the police station!" I didnt put up any resistance. I knew they had me,I knew Ambar was behind this. I was arrested on charges of prostitution and sexual solicitation of a minor. I contacted my lawyers and after getting bail,I contemplated my next move.Before I could decide I was summoned in court. The child molestation charges didnt stick since the laws dealing with that section of the penal code recognise only males of under 16 yrs of age as minors,Harsh was 16 and 5 months. But the bench found me guilty under point 8 and point 7 of Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act or PITA!
I was sentenced to 8 months in imprisonment and fine of Rs25000. The court handed Viv`s custody to Rajat till a proper custodial settlement could be reached. My life as I knew it was finished! I had no one to blame but myself!
5 weeks after the incident with Harsh,I found myself being stripped and searched in jail.Thats when I first saw her,the woman who would save me,by selling me.
The senior warden or jailor of my prison,a woman in her late 40s, Srimati Sapna Mishra! 
"I`ve gone through your papers." she said as she took a good look at me while putting on a pair of clinical gloves. "Turn around and put your hands on the wall!" she ordered. I did as told,she came up behind my and first put her hands on my breasts and cupped them,before then tweaking my nipples. I didnt know whether this was a normal procedure but even if it wasnt I knew better than to protest. "You lead a double life outside!" she said as her hands slowly went down to my crotch and then she pulled me onto herself so that while we were both standing,my ass was rubbing her crotch! With her fingers she first rubbed my clit and then penetrated my pussy! As it was unanticipated I squirmed and my vaginal walls contracted around her fingers. Then even while her right hand was working on my pussy,she adjusted her stance and put a finger up my ass! "Kaafi tight hai!" she murmured to herself.Then turned around to a lady constble,who was till now watching as a silent spectator and said "She`s clean! Ise kapde pehnao aur apne cell mein le jao!" (Get her in the prison clothes and take her to her cell!)
As i was being taken to my cell,I heard the other inmates pass lewd remarks! "otun rendi eshechhe!","Isse chut chatayenge!","Ogulo mai na bomb?" etc. The prison was full of ugly women with bad teeth and even worse vocabularies! The constable opened the cell and almost shoved me in,The cell couldnt have been bigger than a 6x3! Dirty dingy walls and a horrible stench! I sat down in my dark cell and cried as my sobs faded out under the comments,arguements and loudness of the other inmates! 8 months? I wouldnt survive a week here.With these horrible thoughts on my mind and a tear washed face,I dont know when I fell asleep.I was suddenly woken up by the sound of a baton being rung across the bars of the open door of my cell! I looked up and saw the block in charge standing there. "Khaoar shomaye hoye gechhe,ebar ki toke invitation card pathabo?(Its time for dinner,now do i have to send you an invitation card?)" I didnt know what the time was,but it was dark. I was walking towards the hall when suddenly the officer held my hand and said "Ekhane na,madam er office!(Not here,in madam`s office!)" having said so she led the way. I walked into Jailor Mishra`s office. She was sitting at her desk having her dinner. She looked up at me and said "Sit! Here,have this,I dont think you would like the horrible dinner being served in the mess hall!" On a platter in front of me was some well cooked and delicious smelling chinese food,obvioulsy not jail food.I sat down slowly with my gaze fixed on it,trying to assume why I was being given this special treatment!
"Khale raand,madam tujh pe taras kha rahi hai,woh sab pe itni meherbani nahi dikhati! " chuckled one of the very few male constables in the facility. Who was also in the room. The answer to my doubts seemed fairly obvious,she must have wanted to finish what she started when I was being "checked in",regardless,I started eating! Once I was done,Sapna asked me to walk with her. I walked beside her as she went around the outer corridors of the jail,telling me about the facility,almost as if she was giving me a tour. 
"This facility has room for 600 inmates,however at present we have 1400 inmates in this prison.Even so,you got your own cell,good food to eat,protection from the rowdies...Why do you think you are getting all of this?" She asked...finally it boilt down to the point.
I looked down and said,without daring to meet her eyes with mine,"You want to finish what you started in the morning..."
"Hahahahahaha!!!!" She burst out laughing! "Oh my God,A LESBIAN?!? Is that what you think I am?" She asked...almost rhetorically.
"Dont be silly dear,"she continued,"I enjoy a good big fat cock fucking me just as much as I heard you did. Thats right,I knew about you much before you came here,from your ex master of course,Ambar."
I started fearing the worst as soon as I heard Ambar`s name. "So he had you bring me here?"
"No no no! I pulled a few strings to have you here. Theres a reason for that. Which brings me to a proposition I have for you. One which can make these next 8 months absolutely free of any trouble for you,or on the flipside should you choose not to accept it,it could make your time worse than hell. Once you hear the proposal there is no looking back! But trust me,you wont regret it.Do you want to hear it?" She asked
I nodded in affirmation.
"Come with me." she said. I followed her. I went through the usual prison cells,leading upto a dark area which went into the corridor of solitary confinement chambers.She knocked on the last iron door on the left. First the peephole opened,then the rusty iron door was pulled open from inside with the most irritating noise. Inside were 2 male gaurds,who saluted Sapna as she walked in. 
"Follow me..." she said as she walked to a door on the other side of the small chamber and opened it.A flight of stairs led down from the other side of the door. As soon as the door was opened,aromas and sounds that had no business in a prison came up. I followed her into a passage where the cells were huge,but all of them had long canvases and garments covering up the naked cages to form makeshift opaque walls! I couldnt see inside the cells but could hear noises of TV sets,audio systems,people chatting and of all things,people fucking! 
"What is this place?" I asked
"C`mon,you know what it is...tell me..."
"It feels a brothel or something" I answered
"Thats because it is a brothel,and I am the mistress who runs it!" her statement left me shocked!Is this for real,are these the things happening in this jail?
"High profile politicians,advocates,police officials,judges,business tycoons,this is their way of investing and utilising the oldest profession of the world. Though technically female prostitution is legal in our country,trafficking is not.But its a huge market,millions of ruppes change hands in this market everyday.But these high profile people cant directly be associated with such businesses. Thats where I come in,acting as the pimp,as the end all and be all of this facility,I use my sources to get women who are arrested for illegal flesh trade,brought to my prison,instead of some other prison.Then with their consent I employ them.They serve high end clients exclusively.Afterall,this has to be kept a secret! I make money,the politicians backing my trade make money,and the girls,they spend the easiest jail time possible and of course,make money in their stay here too!From tonight,this is your world for the next eight months!"
"Do I get to choose my clients?" I asked
"No.If they can pay your price and if you arent genuinely sick,you will entertain the client.In fact I have one for you tonight itself.Its more of an initiation ceremony."
She walked me to a cell and said it will be my quarters.Compared to my previous cell,this one was a palace.It had clothes running through the bars to create makeshift walls. A TV,a refrigerator and a double bed! And a makeshift shower in one corner with a toilet! She handed me a packet of clothes and asked me to wear them after a nice shower. I took a shower and took those tiny excuses for clothes out.They were no clothes,they were skimpy purple lace lingerie.I fact the panty was semi transparent,and the top was a series of thin satin straps with just enough lace to cover my nipples! When I came back out of my cell,Sapna handed me a t-shirt and frock and asked me to follow her again.I followed her after wearing the clothes, as she led me again,through a different route this time and took me to the backgate of the adjacent building which was the men`s prison facility.A sturdy looking man with a thick moustache was waiting there with a couple of constables.As soon as he saw us approaching he took a few steps towards Sapna pulled her into his arms and planted a long deep kiss on her lips! When their kiss broke he looked at me and pointed a bight torch light on my face and walked towards me.
"A nice were right,she is very beautiful.Bahar to yeh top class raand rahi hogi!" he commented as he lowered the torch to place the light on my heaving breasts.
"Yeh kya Sapna,how many times have I told you I dont like fake tits!" he complained.
"They are real Jagadish,I checked!" Sapna said
Jagadish,i knew that name,he was the jailor of the men`s prison facility,Jagadish Saha.
He handed the torch to a constable and pulled me in his arms.With one hand he grabbed my ass from over the frock and with the other he squeezed my right breast,to verify Sapna`s statement I guess.Jagadish was not a particularly handsome man,he was of a huge built,not fat,but rather like someone who was well built once upon a time,but over a period of time,put on some weight.He must have been on the over side of 50.All in all,he wasnt very attractive.But as a whore you learn to love even the ugly ones while you wait for the handsome ones! I had too,over a certain period of time.So when Jagadish started licking my face,rubbing his course tongue over my cheeks and lips,I reciprocated by sticking my tongue out.He ran his tongue over and around mine,before finally pulling it between his lips and sucking on it! I closed my eyes and the 2 of us were entangled in a bout of tongue and lip wrestling.My hands were now on the back of his head,fingers lingering through his hair. Our trance broke only when we heard Sapna`s voice say these words out loud, "Do you wanna finish everything here itself or do you wanna go inside.I`ve got to choose cocks for myself too!"
I understood their policy now. Sapna supplied her girls to Jagadish while Jagadish let her fuck inmates of his prison. We went to Jagadish`s private quarters,which was a fairly big room.As soon as we entered the room Jagdish fialled a number on his phone and just said the words "Haan unhe andar le aao!" (Bring them in). Jagadish sat on the sofa and pulled me on his lap.He had an arm around my waist and slipped one hand under my frock and rubbed my legs.Soon their was a knock on the door and 5 men walked in and stood in a line. 

"Jama kapor kholo!" Sapna ordered the men to strip their clothes off in broken bengali! The fluency and lack of surprise they showed at carrying out the orders hinted that they knew what they were coming in for.Soon all 5 guys were standing stark naked.The one on the extreme right caught my attention first,and I guess Sapna`s too as she went in front of him and asked him his name,"Iqbal" replied the man. Iqbal was an immediate favourite because of one particular reason.He was hung like a horse.Iswear it was the biggest cock I had ever seen.Even in a limp state it must have hung at a proud 3-4 inches. Sapna grabbed the cock and asked,"Yeh khada hoga toh aur bhi bara ho jayega na?" (It must be even bigger when its erect,right?) Iqbal smiled vainly and said,"Ha madam,100% satisfaction!" Then he went up to another guy,2nd from left was fair and very handsome. As soon as Sapna stood in front of him,he said "Hello mam,Im Amardeep Singh!" 
"Amardeep!I`ve heard about you.You were a hacker outside right,is it true that they arrested you in the middle of an orgy?" Sapna asked,meanwhile on the sofa Jagadish had taken his shirt off and had 2 fingers up my pussy while his tongue was drawing hoops inside my mouth! 
"Yes mam!" Amardeep replied rather proudly. Sapna took long hard looks at the other 3 guys,more precisely their cocks and asked the one in the centre his name. "Manoj", was the reply.
"Ok Iqbal,Amardeep aur Manoj ko rakkho,baki dono ko le jao! (Leave Iqbal,Amardeep and Manoj here,take the rest back!)" Sapna ordered.
Sapna pulled of her uniform and was now only in her inners.She reached behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra and let it fall to the floor It was only then that I realised that under that ordinary face,Sapna had a really tight body. Not a very fair complexion,a little bit dusky. But her body hardly had any fat on it! It was evident that even in her 40s she was very particular about maintaining a fit body. Her shoulders and collar bone structure was the sexiest a man can imagine. Her tits were much smaller than mine,perhaps the best way to describe them would be that they were a handful,conical and firm with a perky stance to them with dark brown puffy nipples! Her ass was tight as well.Her hands and arms were a little muscular and her navel was washboard flat! She pulled her panty down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Then she gestured at the boys to come near her. The guys surrounded her. She said something to them which I couldnt make out,but soon the 3 guys were licking Sapna from head to toe. She stood with her hands raised on top of her head,her eyes closed enjoying the tongue bath the 3 were giving her.The guys too were hungrily slurping her up all over. Obviously because in prison they didnt have any contact with women.,so this was an unmissable opportunity! Her legs,her thighs,her calves,Her navel,her ass,her back,armpits,breasts and the valley between,behind the ears,the neck,the guys explored all of her with their tongues.
Jagadish told me to stand up in front of him and slowly take off my clothes.I did so,and very slowly and teasingly I took my t-shirt off.Then I turned my back to him while he was still sitting on the sofa and holding on to the frock I slowly pulled it down to my feet,pushing my ass up close to his face. Jagadish held me by my hips and pushed his face into my ass and turned it side to side in a fast motion,then pulling back out he licked my ass cheeks. Then he put pressure on my back with his palm,indicating he wants me to bend down more.As I did,he got a better view of my pussy. He leant forward again and after pushing aside the thong covering my pussy barely,sniffed my pussy in a long drag! 
" Oh bitch you smell so good!So warm and moist!" He commented
"I taste even better!" I said naughtily
He shoved a finger into my cunt to test how wet I was.I wasnt dripping but I surely was wet.He pulled his finger back out and licked my wetness off it! He then brought his mouth close to my pussy and unleashed his tongue on it.
Meanwhile I could see Sapna too was having a good time. The guys had thrown her on the bed and now she had Iqbal`s head between her spread legs as he ate her pussy,and Manoj and Amardeep were near her head,both getting their cocks sucked on. 
"Iqbal!!! Ohhh...Apna bara lund ab ghuser do meri chut mein!Aur saha nahi jaata!Ohhhh" Sapna spoke with moans of pleasure.
Iqbal climbed on top of her and spread her legs wide.Thats when I caught a sight of Iqbal`s erect cock! It must have been 8 or 9 inches long and thick as a bamboo! He spat into his hand and lubricated his cock with his saliva and placed the head of his huge dick on her pussy opening!Then slowly applied pressure to push in as much of his cock Sapna`s cunt could take.Sapna arched her back from the pleasure of having her pussy stretched and her torso formed an arch shape on the bed.
I was now back on the sofa sitting beside Jagadish. He had now taken his pants and briefs off too and while I had his cock in one hand,servicing it,he freed my nipples of the round patches of transparent material covering them and was now merrily playing with my boobs,sucking them,squeezing them and even biting them softly.
He pulled me on top of himself,I sat on his lap facing him,my feet on either side of him.As he held his cock up for me,I slowly sat down on it,allowing his cock to slide up into my pussy. I started riding him as he pushed his head forward to feel my bouncing and juggling hooters strike his face as I go up and down riding him. Some times he would grab a tit and suck on it while my pussy worked on his cock! My attention went back to Sapna when I heard her having a screaming orgasm. Even while I was watching how much fun Sapna was having,Jagadish had me on all fours on the carpeted floor.He came up behind me and slowly penetrated my ass and started fucking my asshole doggystyle!
Iqbal was now lying on the bed facing up,Sapna was on top of him riding him too,but soon she motioned at Amardeep to take her ass even while she rode Iqbal`s cock in her pussy!She probably got the idea from seeing Jagadish take my ass Amardeep was more than happy to oblige. Manoj got up into a better position and started fucking her mouth. Now his cock had the sole ownership of her mouth! But to his surprise Sapna pulled his cock out of her mouth and started screaming!
"Ohhh Yesss! You guys are....aaahhh....are filling me up so good!!! Aaaah yeah!!!! Im cumming again,and this one feels even better!!! AAAAAHHHH"
Her screams were matched with Iqbal`s! Who started pushing up to fuck her vigorously to cum with her.He was successful.Both of them came together in an earth shattering orgasm.He blew his load inside Sapna`s pussy,and I could see drops of his cum trickling down his own shaft as they overflowed from Sapnas pussy! They must have had Sapna`s juices combined with it too! Iqbal came out from under her and Amrdeep who was fucking her ass,now came under her to fuck the wet deck Iqbal left him. The 2 of them decided to stand upand pulled Sapna off the bed too,they made her stand with just one leg on the ground.She was being held upright by Amardeep and Manoj obviously because one of her legs was being held up by Amardeep, who was in front of her,this was to allow Amardeep and Manoj space to penetrate her holes! Sapna had her arms flung around Amardeeps neck to prop herself up!. Manoj was behind her pushing his cock into her ass and Amardeep was doing the same to her pussy.
Jagadish in the meantime,had turned me around and I was now on my back on the floor,with my legs pulled up and spread,as he now got on top of me and pushed into my pussy again! I could sense he was peaking and after letting him fuck me in a rush for a while,when I realised he is about to explode,I asked him to blast it on my face. He pulled out just in time to wank his dick a couple of times and then spray his cum all over my face. I lay there on the floor,naked and face covered in cum,looking up at the ceiling.Unsatisfied because Jagadish couldnt make me cum. Unsatisfied as suddenly flashes of happier times,of Viv,Rajat and our happy family rushed through my mind,a life I had thrown away to be a slut and a whore,and yet,a part of me,the nymphomaniac was satisfied,with exactly this type of life. The sounds of Sapna`s screams as she orgasmed for the 3rd time drifted into my ears. I was envious,she came thrice and my guy couldnt make me come even once. Even before I could finish this cocktail of thoughts I saw Sapna`s face on top of mine,also covered in cum form the other two guys presumably. She planted her lips on mine and I parted mine to push my tongue up into her mouth! We kissed and licked cum off each other`s face! The guys watched and rubbed themselves! 
"End of round 1,round 2 in 5 minutes!" Sapna announced naughtily. The guys all chuckled. I dont know about rounds,but this day surely meant the end and begining of "Chapters" in my life. I had neither a brain,nor a heart or soul.Just a pussy that was always cock hungry!

2 weeks had passed now,only 2 of 32. If I said that jail life was a walk in the park for me,I would definitely be lying. I had a penthouse,a nice comfortable job and freedom on the outside,here I had no liberty. I was being sold for a lot less than I used to get outside,and I was certainly being given a much smaller share. In 2 weeks I had been with 11 different men,sometimes Sapna would have me taking 2 or even 3 clients. The worst part was the clientelle.They used 2 come into my cell and be occupied with my boobs and ass for most of their alloted time,then lay me out on my back,fuck me for 10 minutes at most and then leave after themselves being fully satisfied,but left me hungry all the time. On such occasions,I`d rub myself thinking about Iqbal,fantasising about his huge cock plunging into my wet pussy,his big palms groping my ass and tits!!! I needed a good fuck and a big cock too! I hatched a plan. I knew that my only chance of getting someone to fuck me who wasnt my client would be to attract a male gaurd,there were very few in the women`s wing, and have him do me. So the next morning,while having my bath I saw an opportunity and hatched a plan,on seeing an opportunity. Unlike the other women in the prison,.we didnt have to all rush to the shower room to bathe. We whores had our own makeshift shower rooms in our cells.My only prospects were the 2 guards who guarded the entry to our secret chambers,and the only way to get their attention was to press on a buzzer system,which was there in all the rooms. I thought for a while,I needed an excuse to call one of them in. I observed that the knob on my shower was loose. I deliberately opened the shower and kept turning the knob till it came off in my hand. In that wet state I put on a white shirt which came up till my ass,every time i moved or stretched it got hiked up exposing my ass and pubic area. Then I deliberatly splashed some water son the chest area of the shirt so that it became semi transparent. I buzzed the guard room and in a minute or 2 a guard arrived.He was of short height but stout. Dark complexion but sharp features. 
I was sitting on a chair waiting for him. As he unlocked the gate to my cell and came in he asked,"Ki hoyechhe?" (what happened?)
"Shower er knob ta khule gechhe,ektu theek koredin na?" (The shower knob has come off,can you please fix it?) I answered
I sat on the chair with my legs crossed,my elbows resting on my thigh and my face on my palm. He gave my long fair legs a quick glance and walked towards the shower. I watched as he tried in vain not to get drenched while he picked up the knob and put it back on. When he was done I stood up,and deliberately ran my hands through my hair,pretending Impulling them back,I knew perfectly well that doing so will make the shirt ride up,exposing my crotch to him. 
"Thank you" I said as I continued pretending I was pulling my hair back to tie it! 
He stood in front of me mesmerised,glaring wide jawed at my naked lower body,his eyes came up and he noticed my erect brown nipples were almost jutting out of the wet shirt. Then his eyes met mine and I smiled.
"Achha ami jai ebar!" (Ok I`ll leave now) he murmured,but didnt move an inch,he continued staring wide eyed,his mouth fully open.
I saw his name tag on his chest,Bhaskar read. 
"Ki dekhchho Bhaskar?" (What are you looking at Bhaskar?) I asked in a low seductive tone.
He looked away and turned around to leave when I grabbed his hand and pulled him closer. I parted my legs and pulled his hand onto my crotch.His palm rubbing against my moistening pussy. He immediately pulled back and said that he would be fired if Sapna came to know. I assured him nobody would know,and if he didnt do exactly as I said,then I`ll tell Sapna that he tried to molest me,which Sapna wouldnt take kindly to,seen as how she didnt like anyone touching her prize birds. I held him by the shoulders and sat him down on the chair.I knelt before him and while looking into his eyes, I unzipped his trouser,undid the button,and then swiftly pulled it down along with the boxers he was wearing underneath.His cock sprang up like an alarmed snake.He was nowhere close to Iqbals size,but he was definitely above average. I licked it once and he let out a sigh as he controlled his shackled nerves. Then after a few more licks I took him in and started sucking on it,my head bobbing up and down his cock! I sucked it and licked it like his very life dependd on the pleasure I was giving him. Then he started twitching and I felt him explode inside my mouth. Jet after jet of his hot cum hit my throat and filled my mouth. I promptly swallowed it. Once his orgasm subsided he stood up and tried to pull his pants up 
"Darao,shobe to shuru holo khela,ebar tumi amar gud ta chato..." (Wait,the game has just begun,now you will lick my pussy!) I protested
I stood up and slowly undid the buttons of my shirt and then after all the buttons had been opened I stood there letting him anticipate whether the whole shirt comes off or not. I turned my back to him and pulled the shirt off.He had a good view of my ass which was a few inches from his face. I turned my head and looked at him,sitting on the chair behind me. He looked at my face and then my ass. I slowly pushed my ass closer to his face. He pulled his hands up and grabbed my ass! He licked the buns and bit them softly while his hands carressed them. Then I suddenly pulled away. I sat on the bed,which was opposite to the chair,with my legs crossed. He was panting,staring at me,anticipating my next move.I slowly uncrossed my legs and spread them wide. I put one hand down to meet my pussy,I rubbed my clit and fingered myself as he watched,then I pulled my pussy lips apart with my fingers and spread my pussy to give him a good view of the pink of my pussy! As soon as he saw it he got off the chair and lunged at me,burying his head between my legs. His mouth started working on my pussy.He was no expert but having my pussy eaten after so long was feeling great. I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes,enjoying his fingers plunging in and out of my wet pussy as his tongue played with my clit. I couldnt help but moan a bit,but I tried not to alert anyone. Slowly I felt myself peaking. 
"Tomar khara hoyechhe?" (Are you erect again?) I asked
"Ha..." he replied in between the slurpy sounds he was making while eating my pussy
"Tahole chodo amaye,nijer barata amar gud e dhukiye dao!" (Then fuck me,put your cock inside my pussy!) I ordered
He got up on the bed,pulled me into position and spread my legs apart and got in between them.Then he smoothly plunged his cock into my wet pussy and started to fuck me! I rubbed my clit with my fingers as his cock pistoned in and out of me. He rest his entire torso on me and readjusted his position,to have my boobs to suck while he fucked me. He licked and sucked on my tits,which were juggling now every time he thrust into me. Becasue he had come once before with a blowjob,he was lasting longer now. I wanted to change position but he said he was more comfortable with the old missionary! Indian men! But thankfully he lasted long enough for me to climax! Oh God it felt good after so long! I could feel my tensions ease out,or rather ooze out as my juices flowed out of my pussy. Even before I was through my orgasm,he gave me 5-7 hard strokes and came inside me. We were both sweaty and panting,he tried to move in to kiss my lips,but I pushed his face away.
"Amar shudhu tomar barata dorkar,tomar bhalobasa na!" (I only need your cock,not your affection!) I said harshly. He looked at me in amazement for a few seconds and got up.Pulled his pants up,got proper and left,locking the cell door from outside. I loved sex,maybe even more than I loved my freedom!

Life in prison went on like that for sometime...A month passed before I knew it.I was entertaining 9-10 clients almost every week.Everyone of my clients had made me their favourite girl. Sapna was happy too,I was giving her more business than any other girl before me.And she was happy I wasnt complaining either.And why would I?Yes some times I felt a little sore in all the wrong places,but I was still always hungry for some sausages!Not all of them left me satisfied,most were wimps who did their thing and left like their asses were on fire.But sometimes I managed to climax. I had befriended a lot of the other 20-25 other girls in my quarters too,and got their stories too.Of all of them,only 1 or 2 had started out like me, because they liked sex,and loved it when it came with money. The others had rigid times.Maybe some other time I'll tell you about it.Today its all about the best thing that happened to me in these 6 weeks. It was around 2 o clock at night.I came out after a long shower,my last client for the night had left about an hour back.I dried my hair and put on just a white nightrobe with nothing underneath,(I liked rubbing myself to sleep while fantasizing),i looked at the dinner the guard had left me,it had gone cold so I put it in the fridge and drank some milk and went to bed.It had become routine for me to fantasize and rub my clit before falling asleep.Mostly I thought about Iqbal,but sometimes about Rajat too,and even Ambar.Yes,even after everything,I couldnt forget that old tiger. Because thats what he was in bed.A tiger devouring its prey.I loved being his whore.I fantasized that Ambar sending me to jail was like a master punishing his whore.I kept the TV on sometimes,at a low volume,to overlap my moans. Suddenly I heard heavy footsteps in the corridor,and husky low key whispers. Then I saw the 2 gaurds from the security room at my cell gate.I closed my eyes and pretended I was sleeping. I heard them put the key in the lock,unlock it and then upen the cell door.
"Korishna Subal,madam jaante parle..."(Dont do it Subal,if madam finds out...)said one gaurd,I recognised his voice as the one I had recently seduced
"CHUP KOR! Sali khanki ta toke chudlo,amaye kano chudte dilona?" (Shut up.The whore fucked you,why wont she fuck me?)Subal, said the other guy...both of them seemed high.
"Jedin theke eshechhe,salir boro mai gulor opor amar nojor achhe,aaj ami amar khide metabo." (I have been eyeing her big tits since the day she came,today I`ll satiate my hunger.) Subal said as he sat down on my bed and grabbed my breasts with both hands with only the thin material of my robe seperating flesh from flesh.
"Subal korishna bhai" (dont do it Subal) the first guard said again.
"Abey boka choda Lahiri,toke na korte hole korishna,chup thak!(BC Lahiri,keep shut if you dont wanna participate!) Subal ordered as he continued kneading my breasts.
I was lying on my back,curiously I continued pretending I was asleep and wondered how far they would dare to go,I slowly raised my hands over my head and stretched out my body,thinking that I waking up Subal backed up.Then once he felt I was still asleep,he got a little more bold and pulled open the rope in the front keeping the robe closed. He spread the robe open and presumably,watched and observed my naked body.He brought his body closer to mine and crouched down on top of me,he put his face between my breasts and grabbing both my tits he squished them up against his face.He was slobbering and drooling all over my tits as he sucked and licked those puppies all over.

"Abey chole aye,tui o moja neye khanki tar!" (Come over and enjoy this whore) he said to Lahiri
"Jodi jege jaye?" Lahiri feared the consequences if I woke up
"Jaagbena,ami or dinner e oshud diye diyechhi!Aye!" (She wont wake up,I put medcine in her dinner.Come!) little did the 2 know that I hadnt eaten that food.
Reluctantly Lahiri came over and sat on my other side,opposite Subal.He put his hand on my body and let his hand explore the length of my body,his hand went down to my crotch and before long his fingers were deep in my pussy.This continued for sometime,Lahiri fingered me while the 2 of them each sucked and squeezed a tit.I was pretending Im asleep,and they believed I was because they had laced my food.Then Lahiri pulled his hand out of my crotch and observed that it was wet.On seeing this Subal instantly jumped down to between my legs,pulled his trouser down,held my legs with both hands and spreading them apart he positioned his cock near the entrance to my pussy lips.He tried shoving in but slipped out,he tried again but with the same result.Maybe he was having difficulty because he was high.Lahiri was still on the bed too,kneeling near my head,he was rubbing his stiffening cock on my face as with one hand he continued massaging my tits.
"Oye paa gulo dhor to,ami sala dhokate parchhina..." (Hold her legs,Im not being able to enter her...) Subal said,finally giving up.
As Lahiri moved to grab me by the ankles he accidentally knocked down the steel glass that was on the table next to the bed.
Both of them got up with a start and ran towards the cell gate. I opened my eyes and saw them stumbling over each other trying to leave. 
"Dariye jao!" I ordered ,the 2 of them froze,unable to make it out the door in time.Realising they are busted they turned around and tried convincing me not to tell Sapna.
"Lojja korena tomader erom korte?" (Dont u feel ashamed doing something like this) the two hung their heads in silence
"Ekta meye ke adha chude,unsatisfied chhere chole jachho?Puro chude jao!"(How dare you leave a girl in the middle of a fuck,unsatisfied?Fuck me then leave!) I said with a sly smile.The 2 of them looked at each other once and then jumped on top of me.
"Na na ekhane na,baki meye ra dekhe ba shune nile problem hobe.Tomader ghor tae niye cholo.(No not here,if the other girls see or hear us they`ll create problems.Take me to your room.) I said
The 2 of them pulled me up,off the bed,and dragged me to the guard quarters,groping me all over on the way. I entered the room and saw the room was full of smoke,several joints were made and kept on the table.It smelt of weed.So thats what they were high on.I picked one joint up,and on seeing me put it between my lips Subal picked up a matchbox and lit the joint for me.I stood in the middle,doping up, as the 2 of them generously explored my body with their tongues and hands. By the time I was through with the joint and starting to feel the effects,they were both on their knees on the floor,Subal in front of me and Lahiri behind.One was using his tongue on my pussy and the other was squeezing my ass cheeks as his tongue probed my anus. The feeling of having 2 people wetting me up mixed with the effects of the joint meant I was feeling weak in the knees,dizzy,and I was feeling every sensation magnified by 10. I had a mind numbing orgasm and almost collapsed on the floor,but they pushed and pulled me to sit on the floor with my legs crossed.I could barely keep my eyes open,I could only feel my juices squirt out of my cunt like an open tap and wet the very floor I was sitting on.The 2 of them stood up and whipped out their cocks and hung them near my face. I held both of them and sucked on them.But the joint was stronger than I had expected.My eyes were half closed and the room felt like it was spinning.As my tonue and mouth engulfed their cocks,turn by turn to work their magic on the dicks,I could feel lights going bright and fading and then going bright again. Their grunts and moans and breathing reverbed in my ears as I sucked on their cocks hungrily. But soon I felt too weak to stay upright so I slowly lay down on the ground. Subal spread my legs and held my ass and pulled my pelvis up to position my pussy. I held his cock and guided it into me. Lahiri came and knelt near my head and placed the head of his dick on my lips,which parted to let his throbbing shaft enter my mouth! Subal and Lahiri were fucking my pussy and mouth respectively while I intensified my own pleasure by rubbing my clit with one hand! 
"Theek bolechhili,rendy tar gud ta tight aar gorom.Bhalo choshe?"(You were right,her pussy is tight and hot.Does she suck well?) Subal uttered
"Akdom.Emni emni ato customer paye?"(Absolutely.She doesnt get so many customers for nothing.)

I dont remember the next few minutes that vividly,maybe they changed positions once or twice,but the next thing I can recall vividly is that Subal was under me lying on the floor facing up,his cock glided up into my pussy and my torso was lying on top of his,facing him,and I felt something trying to penetrate my ass.It was Lahiri slowly pushing his cock into my ass.The 2 of them soon got into a good rhythm complimenting each other,fucking my ass and cunt simultaneously.The sensations were so good.I was feeling every inch of their cock rubbing against the inner walls of my ass and pussy.I put my lips near Subal`s ear and whispered,"Ami duto bara kei gude chayi!"(I want both cocks in my pussy) Subal looked at me in shock,wondering how much of a slut I am,I smiled at him. Subal told Lahiri to pull out of my ass and enter my pussy,which was already occupied by Sabal`s own cock! Lahiri pulled out and slowly tried to push in.I screamed as I felt myself tearing up,Subal put his hand on my mouth to muffle my scream and asked if they should continue,I nodded in the affirmative. Slowly Lahiri`s cock dug in.The 2 of them were tearing me apart but it was a sweet pain,which too soon turned to pleasure. Realising I am enjoying it,the 2 of them started humping me silly again. I had another orgasm in that position. Then Subal and Lahiri switched and now Subal fucked my ass as Lahiri ploughed my pussy! I spent 2 hours or so in that trance.When the first session was done they lit more joints and we all fucked like rabbits,all doped up till none of us had any strength left.And just in time too,the sun was starting to rise. The 2 somehow managed to carry me to my room,as I fell asleep smelling of smoke,spunk and spit! I woke up late in the afternoon,when the day shift gaurds came to give me lunch.The 2 from last night were the night shift guards.One guard came into my room while the other stood near the gate. This one was a lot younger,he kept the food on the table and turned around to leave when I said,still lying in bed,"Excuse me" the 2 turned towards me halting their steps,"Do you smoke weed?" I asked with a smile as I lifted my robe above my waist to give them a view of my bush...

From a faithful wife,to a whore! Divya`s journey of sexual liberation…Part 10

My trip in Bangladesh went well overall.Actually that would be an understatement. I was back in Kolkata 3 days later. And life was going smoothly. Ambar had officially turned over possession of his penthouse to me.But to be honest,even though I was still enjoying the unlimited sessions of sex,it had started to get a little boring now. Taking on one cock at a time hardly excited me and gangbangs and DPs were few and far between! That was until I met Harsh,and would you believe it?Harsh was a young teenager just about in the middle of his puberty! It all happened by chance. I was visiting Ambar for a few days.Ambar`s wife had left him years back,when Harsh was just 2 years old.Ambar was just a young party worker running errands for the party then. Yes,Harsh was his son! When he was in the 1st standard,Ambar sent him to a boarding school in Shimla! He had just completed a semester and was visiting his father on vacation! Harsh was a thin,dorky little kid with glasses,about 5`2", Ambar for some reason wanted me to meet his son,and had invited me over for dinner! We talked and had dinner,Harsh seemed like any other teenager at that point,and I could not help but notice him often take shy glances at my body.I was wearing a tight fitting tee and jeans,and it was obvious he was admiring the size and shape of my breasts.He didnt talk much though,maybe he felt a little awkward. Before leaving I needed to go use the loo. Since I pretty much knew my way around Ambar`s house I excused myself and went to the washroom in the guest room which was right next to the drawing room,where we were seated. I was in the loo, and while I was washing up at the sink,I could make out from the reflection on the mirror that a shadow was moving around near the washroom door.The lack of light coming in through the key hole confirmed that I was being watched. Ambar had these weird voyeuristic fantasies.I had noticed him watching me take a bath or changing from a peek hole before too.And as usual I started putting on a show for him! 
Confirmed that he was watching I pulled my top up and off with my back to the door.Then slowly I unbuttoned my jeans and and pulled it down.bending down to give Ambar a good view of my ass! Then I reached behind my back and undid the clasp of my bra and then taking it off slowly I let it fall to the ground! I could now hear the breathing on the other side of the door get heavier. I pulled down my thong ever so slowly,and made a show out of the material that was sticking between my ass cheeks come out slowly! I finally turned around and cupped my breasts,and then with one hand still fondling my right tit!I pulled up my left tit with the other hand and licked my own nipple!
Eventually I started sucking on it.The other hand slowly reached down to my pussy as I started to finger myself and rub my clit.Then in one sudden move I rushed to the door and pulled it open. To my surprise Harsh was kneeling there,his hand in his shorts,the button undone.He tried to get up and run,but I caught hold of his hand and stopped him.When I turned him around,his shorts fell to the floor from the jerk.He stood in front of me with his head bowed down and murmured," Please dont tell papa...please..." as he began to cry. My eyes suddenly fell on his young adolescent cock,which was standing erect! It was still not very big,thin and short it was. But obviously fully fueled by hormones!
"Have you ever seen a woman naked before?" I asked him to humiliate him maybe.He kept mum!
"Anwer me or else I will tell your papa!" I said sternly
"Y..Yes...Only in blue films!" He answered hesitantly,without daring to make eye contact.
"Have you ever...touched a woman?" I asked
He shook his head answering in the negative. For some reason beyond me I wanted to tease him more. I grabbed his hands and put them on my breasts.
A short and sharp gasp betrayed his lips as he felt his palms touch the bare skin of my boobs! 
"Do you like them?" I asked,he didnt answer.I let go of his hands,but they were still on my breasts.
"Ok you dont have to answer,but if you do like them,it would only be fair that you let me know somehow,so if you do like them,why dont you squeeze them?"
After a brief pause,I felt his hands slowly starting to fondle my breasts,as his little fingers started to dig into the flesh of my breasts.He looked up hesitantly,and finally looked me in the eye.I smiled and pulled his head between my mounds.He responded by wrapping his arms around me! He twitched and turned his head around between my breasts for a while till I pulled him out again,his gaze was fixed on my tits! I grabbed my boobs and pulled them up,he immediately moved in again and started licking and suckling on them! He pulled his arms around me and while still sucking on my tits,I felt his cock brushing my inner thighs as he started dry humping me. I stopped him and knelt down in front of him. He stood still and watched. My hair which was shoulder length now kept him from seeing how greedily I was staring at his small stiff rod!
I grabbed it and he immediately started to breathe heavily. I slowly pulled it into my mouth and looked up at him.He was looking down at me and making small rhythmic movements with his hips to fuck my mouth! I started sucking on it,myself a little wet now from the feel of such a young cock in my mouth!His thrusts got more feverish and he brabbed my head with both hands, I realised he was about to climax. At the same time I heard the guest room door opening and I pulled his cock out,but it was too late,he hit his orgasm and just as his cock was on its way out from my mouth it spurted its small load on my face,the door opened and Ambar came in and saw us. There we were,Ambar standing with a puzzled frown on his face,not knowing what to say or do,and in front of him,his mistress was on her knees on the floor,with his son`s load on her face.Harsh started trembling in the anticipation of the worst and I just lowered my head in shame.None of us knew what will happen next!

Me and Harsh were sitting on the bed in the guest room,both of us were now dressed and proper,with shameful blushes on our faces,while Ambar paced the room with a furious look of contemplation on his face. Finally he sat down on a chair in front of us and said, "I dont know what to say! Not that Im defending what Harsh did but he is after all a teenager,he has raging hormones controlling his mind.But you Divya,you are an adult,but even you let your hormones do the think while you give your brain a long rest!"
I didnt say anything,just kept mum.But to my surprise Harsh spoke out!
" Its not her fault papa!"
"Shut up Harsh!" Ambar commanded
"No I wont!Do you even care about me?You are angry because she is your girlfriend,otherwise you dont even care what I do!"
"Harsh...I said shut up!"
"No I wont!Have you ever recieved a complaint about me?All you care about is whether I get good grades,I dont even feel I have a father."
At this point Ambar got up and slapped Harsh,but Harsh still went on.
"All the kids my age have girlfriends,and I try to be a good boy while my friends visit whorehouses and booze and do weed and drugs,Im still a virgin you know?"
"Harsh keep your mouth shut or else..."
"Or else what dad?You`ll send me away?You already did that!I try to be a good son even while Im away from you,why?so that you can stay here and sleep with as many whores as you want?You think I dont understand anything? Im a young adult now dad! And Im sick of being this way,all my friends make fun of me!" 
At this point Harsh broke down and started to weep,he was about to leave the room when Ambar caught him by his arm. He slapped him again and said "You wanna grow up huh?Well then lets see you finish what you started." he looked at me and said,"Take off your clothes!"
I tried to protest,seeing the sick thoughts going through his head.
"Im leaving Ambar!" I said as I got up to leave,but the next thing I felt was Ambar`s hand falling on my face and striking a resounding slap on my cheek!
"Oh no you dont,take off your clothes,or the penthouse,its gone! You`ll be spending time in the slammer for indulging in the flesh trade and I can make that happen! 
I looked at Ambar,I never saw this beast in him ever before. I did know he could make it happen. I quietly stripped my clothes off and stood in front of him! Ambar held on to Harshes head and made him face me "Look at her,LOOK!!! Do you like that?" He yelled! Harsh was sobbing uncontrollaby! Seeing him made me feel like crying too. I couldnt help but think, "What have I done?This young kid is paying the price of my sex games!" 
"LOOK!!!" Ambar shouted as he clenched a handful of Harshes hair and forced him to look! "Do you like her tits?" 
Ambar was acting like a mad man! Possessed by a demon! I had to end this. 
"Im leaving" I announced as I tried to pick up my clothes! Ambar let go of Harsh slapped me thrice as hard as he could and pushed me on the bed. I could her a buzz in my ears as a result of his slaps!
"Nobody is going anywhere!" he announced "You like a young cock dont you, you cunting whore?" Ambar asked as he almost charged me again! I let out a scream out of fear and broke down and started crying! 
"I asked you a question,do you like her tits? DO YOU?!?" he screamed as he grabbed Harsh by the back of his neck!
"YES!YES!!! Yes...please...please stop!" Harsh cried
"No no no no no!NO! we are not stopping till we finish what you 2 fuck buddies started! Show me how you would like to suck her tits and dont make me say it again!" he said as he pulled Harsh to the bed and threw him on top of me! Harsh was on top of me but kept himself propped up by his hands.
"C`MON!" Ambar shouted!
"Im sorry..."Harsh said,still crying as he bent down and put his mouth on my breast and started to suck on my nipple!We were both in tears,but still following Ambar`s orders.
"What are you gay? Show those delicious breasts some love,really enjoy them! Do I have to show you everything?" he said as he also came on the bed and grabbed my other tit and began drooling,sucking and licking it all over! He pushed down on Harsh`s head with one hand and made him suck at the same time!
"Good,very good! Now lets get rid of that Virgin tag you hate so much!Fuck her" Ambar said,
"Ambar please stop!Please for God`s sake,I beg you!" I cried
"Oh but whats the matter,arent you guys having fun?Sneha honey,or should I call you Divya? Whatever,why dont you be a sweet slut and blow life back into my virgin son`s limp dick so that he can fuck you?" he said with a deviant sarcasm! 
"NO! I WONT! " I said as I tried to scoop some courage to protest it. "no matter how much you hit me or even if you kill me I wont!"
"Now listen whore," Ambar answered as he held my arm and twisted it till I screamed with one hand and pulled the leather belt out of his pant with the other," maybe Im not making myself clear,you both do as I say or else I`ll take away more than just a penthouse. Your husband loses his job,and your son gets thrown out of school! The whole society will be spitting on you! Now Im not asking you to do something you werent already fantasizing about,so just lose the stubornness and do it!" he said before pulling me up. Harsh stood near the bed as I sat up on the bed in front of him and once again took his limp dick in my mouth and started to suck.
"Yes! Thats good,lick his shaft,his balls! Suck him hard!" ambar said,suddenly I noticed Ambar,even while saying this in a fit of rage,wiping tears!
I just followed his orders,even as I cried. Harsh got erect in some time. I looked at him and his eyes were lowered in shame.
"Very good,now you,slut,lie back,spread your legs,and son,you go ahead and fuck her!" he said by now a tremble in his voice! Harsh came between my legs and rubbed his cock against my parted pussy,unsure of where and how to penetrate me. I held his cock and pulled back his foreskin,and guided just the head of his cock into my pussy! 
"Yes,thats it,show us all that you are nothing but a slut!" Ambar commented on seeing me help Harsh! Harsh tried to push in but stopped halfway!
"Whats wrong? fuck her!Help him Sneha,help him fuck you" Ambar commanded
Harsh obeyed silently,but I could tell he was experiencing a little discomfort. He was still very young and maybe,the stretching of the foreskin was making him uncomfortable! I put my hands on his ass cheeks and pulled him in,helping him form the to and fro motion. After some time he was comfortable by himself. We were looking into each other`s eyes,not saying a word,except the occasional grunt from Harsh! He must have been experiencing a cocktail of emotions.Pain,lust,shame,delight! I myself didnt know whether I should feel sad for him or let him enjoy! I just lay there,allowing the kid to follow his orders as I followed mine. But as expected,he soon climaxed,couldnt last more than 2 minutes! He slowly stopped his rhythm as his cock started shrinking again inside me.
"PATHETIC!" Ambar commented. As soon as Harsh pulled out,I jumped off the bed and reached for my clothes! Ambar caught me by the arm again,
"Where do you think you are going?Now I`ll show my son how a real man fucks!" 
"No! Let me go! I protested!" as I struggled to free myself Ambar turned me around and punched me in the stomach! I collapsed on the floor from the pain! Harsh curled up in a corner seeing this and started crying again. As I was wriggling on the floor out of pain! Ambar took his belt,held my hands together behind me as I lay on the floor on my stomach and tied my hands together with his belt! 
"I always did love your ass!" he said before he put his mouth on my ass cheek and sunk his teeth in as hard as he could! He bit me hard,I screamed in pain!Then he pulled his pants down. He intended to physically torture me and rape me. But culd I even say "rape me" after the kind of woman I had been? I wiggled and struggled to keep him from fulfiling his intention. But he sat on my legs even as I had my belly on the floor,pinned me down and then put his cock near my anal hole! I kept trying to struggle but to no avail! Finally he shoved his cock in,with one hard thrust. My ass felt like it was being torn apart,it hurt. All the times he fucked me in the ass,he was careful not to hurt me,but this time he intentionally roughed me up! I lay on the floor,face down as he ravaged my ass with demonic brutality. Still crying I looked up at Harsh,he was looking at me and crying,as my tears flowed endlessly from the mental and physical trauma! I could still feel the sting of his teeth on my ass even as he violently stretched it with his cock as he fucked me with so much rage! He exploded inside my ass and collapsed on top of me. Then the unexpected happened. His head was near my,and I could hear him cry as he broke down.
"Why?Why did you do this? Just as I started to fall in love with you! You proved to me you are a whore! I wanted to marry you if your husband left you! Me! I wanted a good life for us,but you ruined it!" he said as he cried. I started thinking whether I heard correctly. "I wanted you to be the mother my son never had,and now look what you did,you made yourself his whore!A WHORE!" He cried as he sat up and broke down more! "Serves me right for loving a prostitute!" I thought,you are educated,financially secure,you do what you do for fun,maybe it will never come in the way of us being happy.But you went ahead and proved me wrong!" I understood now where all that rage,all the sickness I witnessed in the last few hours came from. IT WAS MY FAULT! He was right! My heart sunk as I realised more and more how I had shattered my last chance at being happy! "You are pathetic Divya! No wonder Rajat left you,someday your son will too!You`ll live alone and die alone..."he said as he undid my hands.
"Get out of my house! I never want to see your face again!" he said before walking out of the room. I heard his footsteps go into the next room and then the loud bang of him closing the door! Harsh was still on the floor crying. I put my clothes on. I tried to console him,but he pushed me away! I walked out of the room and out of Ambars door! Time froze around me as I still tried hard to convince myself that this is just a nightmare. What just happened?What have I done?

From a faithful wife,to a whore! Divya`s journey of sexual liberation…Part 8

He smiled and we pulled out of the field and back onto the road! one thing led to another and pretty soon I was sucking his dick again as he drove his car with one hand on the steering wheel and one on my head! Of all my clients so far,Dhruv was my favourite. Not just because he gave me a mind numbing orgasm,but because he was a bonafied gentleman,mature and attractive!
My phone rang and I picked it up and saw it was Rajgaria`s number. I answered and said hello,
"Hi sweety,listen I know Im not supposed to call you,but I have a client here who really wants to meet you,he is desperate even though he hasnt even seen you. Imagine that! He is Raj,apparently his friend loved his 'date' with you and now he wants in on the action too! Just listening to his friend describe you was enough for him! He is right here in my guest house,would it be possible for you to drop by for an hour?"
Since Rajat wasnt home I decided to take the job,in any case I had to collect my payments from Rajgaria! So I told Dhruv that a student of mine had an emergency and I needed to visit her,I had him drop me near a posh residential area,we kissed and exchanged numbers (it was against agency policy but technically he isnt a client) from there I hailed a cab to Rajgaria`s guest house. I went upto his office and knocked. Rajgaria gave me my payments and asked me to go to a specific room. I knocked and a voice from inside asked me to come in. As I opened the door I saw a man making a drink with his back to me. He turned around and immediately everything went blank. His glass fell to the floor and the shattering sound of the glass breaking was like a knell informing me of a difficult time to follow.
"Divya?" he said in a shocked and trembling voice...
"Rajat,I can explain..." Yes. I hadnt realised it till then either,but Raj was in fact,Rajat,my husband. And he had in fact just found out that his wife had gone from a sober working woman to a whore selling his cunt in his absence.Life would never be the same again...

I had gone from being the "best wife" in the morning,to the worst one in a matter of hours. Its been 2 weeks now. Me and Rajat have been trying to sort things out. But he is very upset right now.He has moved out of the house and living in a guest house. But I do know he has been consulting a lawyer,possibly because he wants a divorce! Strange is the mentality of a Indian men. He had no issues sharing his wife with his friends,because that gave him the illusion of control,he had no issues sleeping with another man`s wife,but this,was unacceptable to him. I wont defend what I am,but I dont think Rajat is perfect either. 
I was meeting Rajat once a week,at our session with our marriage councellor. It meant a lot to me because the very fact that he turned up for the sessions meant he still hadnt given up on our marriage. Today after the session,while coming out of the councellors office,he spoke to me outside of the sessions for the first time in 2 weeks! 
" How have you been Divya?" he asked
" Im just about are you doing?" I asked
" Im just trying to get through...How did we end up this way Divya? We loved each other so much,we have a son! How could you?" he asked with a sadness in his eyes.
"I am sorry Rajat,but I dont think Im the only one who should be blamed!" I replied rather sternly
"Lets just not talk about this,or else we`ll end up fighting in public! I just wanted to tell you,I...I got the promotion. Its my dream job, feels weird that I had to lose you to get it!" he said
"You havent lost me Rajat..." I tried to convince him
He just looked into my eyes and then changed the subject "Im going out of town again,me and Dhruv have got things to do in Cape Town. Abhinav is coming to Kolkata with his friends for a few days,he had called, Bikash is sending some property papers with him. He might come over to drop them,I just wanted to request you,to not let him get a clue about what has been going on. Take care." He said and got into his car and drove away.
Bikash was Rajat`s brother and Abhinav his nephew. 
That evening I was with Ambar,lying on his bed with my legs spread up in the air,and him on top of me,banging me hard like he loved to do,when my phone which was on the bed`s nightstand began to ring! I looked at the phone and tried to reach for it with a hand when Ambar pulled my hands and pinned them over my head! 
"Not now...Ahhhhh...Im almost done!!" he said while continuing to fuck me,his head came down on my chest as he buried it between my tits and started thumping me even harder! It was shameful for me,because even after so many problems I couldnt let go of the urge of having my pussy hammered with a cock almost everyday! I was so addicted that even as my mind was thinking about Rajat and my problems with him,I was enjoying having Ambar fuck me hard! In some time he pulled out and wanked his dick with his hand a few times till he squirted jets of his sperm right on my pubic/venus mound! Then as was then norm with him,he got up and went to fix himself a drink! I lay there using the bedsheet to wipe his cum off my body,when the phone rang again. I picked it up and saw that the call was coming from an unknown number. I connected the call...
"Hello" I said,unsure who it was
"Hello Divya kaki,Ami Abhi bolchhi,Abhinav..." the voice on the other end said 
"Ha Abhinav bolo..." I said.
"Kaki I spoke to Rajat kaku,he said he is not in town,actually baba sent some papers for him. Should I drop it off at your place tomorrow?When will you be home?" he asked
Ambar was back with his drink and even as I was speaking to my nephew on the phone he put his head on my chest then like a child he clinged to and pulled one of my tits into his mouth,like he was suckling! At the same time he put a hand between my legs and inserted 2 fingers into my pussy! While the his index finger and middle finger probed my cunt,his thumb was rubbing my clit,even as his mouth was sucking on my tits!
"Oh tomorrow is a Thursday right? aahhh...I`ll be home by 6.30 or 7 max,come over after that if possible.Mmmph" I said trying hard to prevent my moans from entering the conversation
"Ok Kaki,I`ll see you tomorrow then,I already took your address from Rajat kaku,so I shouldnt have a problem getting there,but if I do,I`ll give you a call!Ok Kaki? Goodnight!" he said,I said goodnight too and hung up! As soon as I did Ambar said,
" Do you have to leave right away honey?" he asked,we were already past our unit time...
"I really do! But I promise to stay some more time if you promise to fuck me good one last time tonight!" I said with a smile
I pushed him on his back and grabbed hold of his cock and started sucking it back to life so that he could fuck me one more time!This time I had him fuck me in the ass!
The next day I got home from work and was just setting the table for dinner after helping my son,Viv, with his homework when the doorbell rang. I opened it to see Abhinav standing there. 
"Hello Divya kaki! !" he said with a big grin...
"Abhi?!? Look how you have grown! I still remember you leaving for your post grads just a few years back,now you are a man, huh?!?" I said in amazement
"Yeah well,I got rid of those dorky glasses and got myself lenses,plus I`ve been working out really hard at the gym!" He said,almost proudly
"Hmmm it shows! " I said,breaking into giggles,dont get me wrong,I wasnt harbouring any wrong intentions.
"Achha kaki these are the papers dad sent,ask kaku to go through them and get back to dad when possible..." he said,handing me the papers "Ok kaki,goodnight!" he said turning around to leave.
"Arey where are you going? At least stay for dinner..." I said
"No Divya kaki some other time,I have a friend waiting downstairs.Actually our train was late,we havent even checked into a hotel or guest house yet. Maybe some other time!" he said
"Dont be silly! Check into the hotel tomorrow,have dinner here and spend the night,leave in the morning with me,I`ll arrange a place for you two to stay! C'mon,ask your friend to come up with the luggage,you 2 can sleep in our room,I`ll sleep in Viv's room!And stop calling me "kaki",it makes me feel so old,Im just a few years older than you,call me Divya!" 
He was still reluctant but I insisted till he agreed! We had dinner together,then after putting Viv to sleep we sat in the drawing room for some more time having a few drinks and chatting about stuff! Even though by relation Abhi was my nephew,he was only 7 or 8 years younger than me. He was my brother-in-law`s youngest son.And he had become a handsome man with a well toned body from a geeky college boy! I started feeling a little uncomfortable when I realised that all of us were a little tipsy by now,and both these guys were taking in generous glimpses of my cleavage,just about visible from my nightgown! I pretended I was sleepy and got up,I told them they could stay up for as long as they wanted and walked into Viv`s room! being a little drunk myself,it didnt take me long to fall asleep.
At night I was woken up by the sound of the door to Viv`s room being opened. My room was completely dark and from the light outside I could make out a silhouette walking into the room. Form his height I could tell it was Abhi. I could tell from the way he walked in that he was drunk, and I could hear his friend, Ranjan,asking him to go back out in a low husky voice,not daring to come in himself! I got off the bed and spoke to Abhi in whispers,
" What happened Abhi? Do you need something?"
"As a matter of fact I do..." he said
"What?" I asked 
"These,I need these..." he said looking down at my cleavage which was popping out of my nightgown. I wrapped the gown even more tightly around me and said
"You are drunk Abhi,go to sleep!" I held his hand and pulled him out of the room closing the door behind us!
"No you dont understand..." he insisted once we were outside,his friend was near the door, "I really want to suck your tits!" and he put his hands on my tits having said that. I pushed them off and landed a tight slap on his face,which made a red impression of my hand on his face! I looked at Ranjan,he was at a loss for words. Since Abhi was obviously not thinking properly,I told Ranjan, "Take your luggage and get the hell out of my house!" Ranjan immediately went to the room to take his own backpack and Abhi`s suitcase and holding Abhi in his arm he coaxed him out of the apartment! I shut the door on them. But immediately I started thinking of what might happen if Rajat found out. He would surely believe that the slut that I am,I was the one who initiated things,and if Abhi spoke against me,given the circumstances our marriage was in,he would surely believe him. I immediately got hold of my phone and started ringing Abhi`s cell,it was ringing in my room. He had left it behind. I ran out of the apartment after them. The lift took a while to come back up,as they surely must have used it to go down. I got into the lift and vigorously pressed on the ground floor button,as if it would take me down faster! The lift took only about 10 seconds to reach the ground floor,but those were 10 long seconds. As soon as the sliding doors opened,I saw Ranjan standing there.

"Actually...Abhi left his phone upstairs..." he said nervously
"Both of you come up,I dont want to put you in trouble this late at night." I said firmly
Ranjan and Abhi got into the lift and all of us went back to the apartment.While I was getting back into Vivs room,the 2 of them started walking back into theirs.
"Sorry Divya...I mean...Divya Kaki!" he said timidly "Actually,not that its an excuse,but...the first time I saw you,I have had a huge crush on you since then!" he said
"Abhi shut up!" Ranjan tried to interrupt!
"And today,when I saw you for the first time in so many years...and you still look so pretty...I guess...that and the alcohol...I just lost control!I mean to say..."
Ranjan dragged him into the room before he could finish,I came back into my room and closed the door!I thought about what he said,I recalled how close we had become in the few initial years of my marriage,when Rajat was still living with his parents. I felt sorry for slapping him.
I came back out of my room and went back to the room Abhi and Ranjan were in,my bedroom that is! I opened the door to find Abhi sitting on the floor,I could hear Ranjan in the bathroom.Abhi stood up and I went up to him and said,
"Even Im sorry I slapped you..." he was looking deep into my eyes,with this affectionate twinkle in his eyes "I hope I didnt hit you too hard. Thats stupid actually,how can a demure girl like me hurt you. What I meant to ask is..." he stopped me from finishing what I had to say as he said, "Will you slap me again if I kiss you?" I looked at him again in amazement,how could he cross the line again even though I was still to forgive him for doing so once? But then I donno why,I couldnt take my eyes off him,and I didnt even realise how and when we came closer to each other,close enough for his warm breath to fall on my lips,the very lips he had asked to kiss. Without thinking more,I put my hand behind his head and pulled him in for a kiss. Our eyes were shut even as we consumed each other`s tongues,taking turns to do so! His hands were running all over my body,from over my nightgown! His hands came till my navel and travelled upwards,till he stopped right before my breasts! He was unsure whether I was willing to let him go that far,especially since I had already slapped him for that once! I broke the kiss and and looked at him. Then I undid the rope on my nightrobe and opened it up from the front.It meant that even though the robe was still on,it was open from the front giving him a full frontal view of my body! I grabbed my breasts and cupped them in my hands,displaying them to him. 
" Well,what are you waiting for? I thought you said you wanted to suck them!" I teasingly said
He grabbed my hips and pushed me up against the wall right next to the door and started sucking on my tits like a mad man even as I cupped them up for him to suck on! He was slobbering all over my tits,generously rubbing his tongue all over them,giving special attention to the nipples! He put his right foot near the ankle of my left foot and pulled my leg to the side,spreading them just enough to slip a hand between my legs! His hand first carressed the flesh on my thighs and then slowly came to my pussy. With the tip of his index finger he teased me by tracing lines around my clit slowly and softly. I grabbed his hand and placed his palm on my pussy and rubbed it against my cunt! He pushed his middle finger into my pussy and started fingering me. I was begining to enjoy the feeling,but just then he heard the sound of the flush from the bathroom!
"He`ll be out any moment..." Abhi said while pulling my robe into place,just when he was going to tie the rope,I pushed him away and the robe became undone again. Ranjan came out just then,in his boxers and was dumbstruck to find us in that condition.
"Your friend is feeling awkward to fuck me in your presence..." I said as I smiled naughtily and slid my robe off completely. I was now standing stark naked in front of my nephew and his friend.
" I think that situation can be resolved if both of you buddies fuck me together!" I said
Neither of them knew how to react and looked in confusion at each other. I walked up to the bed and sat on it,spreading my legs and reaching down with one hand and rubbing my clit. 
"Oh c`mon,you arent going to keep a good lady waiting are you?Get naked and join me!"
That was the invitaion they needed! They both hurried out of their clothes and sat on either side of me.Abhi put his hand on my crotch and continued fingering me while his mouth latched to mine and our tongues waved over and about each other. Ranjan took my irresistible tits in his hands and started squeezing them,before bending down latch onto one with his mouth. He sucked on it to his heart`s content! I was sandwiched between the 2,enjoying the attention the 2 were garnering on me. I held on to their cocks with my hands and worked on them. Their ripe young cocks throbbing in my hands as my fingers wrapped around them and went up and down on them like pistons,along with Abhi`s wonderful fingering skills, was starting to make me feel wet. As soon as Abhi began to feel my wetness through his fingers he knelt down on the floor in front of me and spread my legs enough for him to push his head between them. He ran his tongue over the insides of my thighs and then he stopped and blew air softly onto my pussy,making my cunt crave for the touch of his tongue! I put a hand on his head and buried his face in my crotch,with his mouth on my pussy! He instantly let his tongue loose on my cunt as it flicked the spread lips of my vagina,sucked them generously and softly,before moving on to exploring the rest of my pussy! He placed his mouth right over my clit then,and allowed his tongue to run about my pearl wildly,even as his mouth kept a soft suction pressure on my genitals! In the meanwhile Ranjan,till now content with sucking my breasts,stood up on the bed and shoved his erect fat dick towards my face! I grabbed it again,only this time I wasted no time in putting it inside my mouth and commencing what I was now a pro at: SUCKING A BIG THROBBING COCK!
Abhi was still working on my pussy,now his tongue was probing into my wet pussy while he rubbed my clit with his fingers! Then when he sucked and licked the clit or my pussy lips,he would give his fingers a turn to enter my wet cunt and fuck me! At the same time Ranjan was enjoying having my tongue swirl around his cock while my mouth was shut tight around it! I was sucking it hard,like I was trying to suck his very life force out of him through his cock! Every once in a while I opened up wide and slid his entire cock,right down to the shaft inside my mouth and let him stay there till I gagged,only to pull him out and suck on him a little more before repeating the process! He especialliy loved it when I ran the tip of my tongue under the ridge of his head before wrapping my lips around his throbbing manhood! 
My juices had begun to flow now and I decided it was time Abhi too got awarded for his efforts! I pulled him up onto the bed and also asked Ranjan to lie down beside him. The 2 were now lying on their backs side by side,with their erect cocks standing like monuments to my lust! I crawled up between them and grabbed both their cocks and sucked them! Giving extra attention to Abhi,but not neglecting Ranjan either. The 2 best friends were enjoying it,I of course,was loving it! Eating throbbing,ripe,young cocks so many years after marriage,that too of 2 guys just in their mid twenties or a little more,felt awesome! 

"So who gets to fuck me first?" I asked naughtily,and both of them sat up eagerly! I asked Abhi to fuck me first, "My dear nephew goes first! Fuck your kaki as if she is your bitch!"
He came behind me and wasted no time in getting in position to fuck me doggystyle! He held his cock in his hand and placed it near the entrance of my pussy,then in one smooth motion he slid into me. He held onto my ass and slowly revved up his engine as he gradually picked up speed to fuck me! Ranjan was knelt in front of me,as he literally fucked my face by putting his cock in mouth and then holding on to my head and moving his hips in a to and fro motion to go in and out of my mouth! I was on all fours,like a bitch in heat,having myself pounded by 2 cocks! 
"Aaah! Aahhh yes!!! You are just as good as I had always fantasised! Ooohh that feels so good! Your pussy feels so good around my cock!!! Mmmmphhh!Have you ever let Rajat kaku fuck your ass Divya?" Abhi asked bluntly
I pulled Ranjan`s cock out of my mouth for a second or 2 two answer "Yes!! Just once!Aahhh!"
"Ohhh,then do you think your ass is ready for a second fuck?" Abhi asked again
"I said I let Rajat fuck my ass just once,I didnt say my ass has only been fucked once!Aaaah! I love getting my ass pounded....Ohhhh....are you just gonna talk about it or will you go ahead and fuck my ass?" I said
Abhi immediately pulled out then he stood up behind me and then crouched down till his cock was on top of my asshole! He grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them apart,then shoved the head of his cock in! He immediately groaned from the tightness of my ass! Then slowly he pushed the rest of his shaft in! And then slowly he bagan fucking my ass! It was a difficult position to maintain for Abhi so soon he switched positions as he asked Ranjan to lie on the bed on his back! He did as asked and I got on top of him and got into the cowgirl position on top of him. As I positioned myself I squat down on his cock,slowly sliding it into my pussy. Abhi bent me over from behind and placed himself on his kness just behind me and then re-entered my ass from behind. I fell on top of Ranjan,and Abhi on me. I was pinned between the two guys and couldnt move much. But the 2 boys were better at this than I had imagined and they had no problem in co-ordinating their hip movements and fuck me together! As Ranjan moved his hip up to push his cock deeper into my pussy,Abhi plunged down deeper into my ass! The room had the sounds of our collective moans,groans and grunts floating around within its walls,even as my son slept soundly in the very next room. Then Abhi suddenly had the bright idea of attempting to cram his pussy into my already occupied pussy! He pulled out of my ass and again the two boys readjusted to accomodate each other and somehow the 2 manged to enter my pussy together! I realised though this was stretching me,it wasnt as uncomfortable as it should be,all the fucking and whoring had made me a lot more stretchable! The 2 of them slowly fucked me together. In sometime Abhi pulled back out and re-entered my ass! Only this time he was fucking me harder,having closed in on his orgasm! I also began peaking and just a few seconds after I felt Abhi explode in my ass,I too started cumming! Even as the orgasm was running through me,Ranjan turned me over and put me on the bed on my back,as soon as Abhi pulled out of me! He spread my legs and came on top of me as I guided his cock into my still oozing pussy by reaching down with one hand! He began fucking my wildly.Meanwhile Abhi`s cum was pouring out of my ass and dripping onto the bed,and at the same time Im sure ranjan could feel my juices covering his cock! Ranjan put his arms under my back and now rested his upper boddy on his elbows and fucked me deeper and harder till he too neared orgasm! He pulled out and came and knelt near my head and pulled me up enough to explode on my face! I opened my mouth wide and took as much of his cum in my mouth as I could! Then Ranjan smiled at me. I looked at Abhi,he was smiling at me with a content look on his face! I got up before saying a word,picked up my robe and left the room,even as I could start to hear them talk behind me. I washed up and went to bed again! No I didnt have any bad intentions about Abhi when I first greeted him at the door,but now,a few hours,lots of alcohol,and an awesome fuck later,all I could think about is to get him and his friend to stay as long as possible and fuck me a few more times!

From a faithful wife,to a whore! Divya`s journey of sexual liberation…Part 7

Needless to say that night was awesome! At one point I was laid out on the bed in my room and the guys came one by one,each fucked me good and left till the next guy entered and did his job! Before they left I treated them to a gang blowjob! As I sucked them together and as they came I collected their cum in a glass and drank it up as they cheered me up! 
"Perhaps you could teach Sanj a thing or 2" Abir joked!
But I knew deep down inside Rajat must have been wondering how and when his timid conservative wife turned into such a slut! The next morning while I was in the bathroom taking a shower,to get ready and leave for work,Rajat knocked on the door and came in. I was in the shower,he came in and looked at me intently,from head to toe. He always did like to watch me taking a shower.Something about my wet body turned him on. Watching the water drip all over my body! 
"Mind if I join you?" he asked with a smile...
"Of course not honey,come right in!"
He took his clothes off and hung them on the hook and came into the shower. 
"Honey can you please wash my back?" I asked him turning my back towards him.
He took the bottle of shower gel and poured a good amount on my back! His hands ran over my back,applying the gel but at the same time carresing my soft fair flesh as he stood behind me.He kissed me on the shoulders and on the neck with his hands still busy on my lower back now.
"Can I ask you something?" he murmured
"Go ahead..." I said,I knew exactly what he was going to ask.
" offence were did you?" he was having trouble framing the question.
"Become a cock hungry slut?" I finished his question
"Not the exact words I was looking for,but yes,how?" he asked
I could lie or tell him the truth.I didnt think he would be as accepting of the whole truth,I mean having him and his friends bang me was one thing but telling him I was a whore might be a stretch.So I lied.
"Seeing you fuck Abir`s wife got me enraged! I know it wasnt the first time. You must have fucked a few other pussies too." he kept mum,confirming I was right "I just wanted to humiliate you,but then I found the whole situation going out of hand,and,cmon,a woman has needs too,before I knew it,I was enjoying having 5 well hung cocks fuck me!And you didnt seem to mind seemed to enjoy watching your friends fuck me.So I let loose and enjoyed myself too!" I said
"Im sorry Divya,hope you can forgive me..." he said
"Its ok. We have been married a long time.I love you and I know you love me,physical desires are a part of us,and if sometimes we need to step beyond a few lines to satisfy them,so be it,it doesnt matter as long as we love each other!" Maybe I could say these things because I wasnt looking at him in the eyes,him standing behind me and us not facing each other made it easier.
"I have the best wife in the world!" he said as his hands came on my navel and he pulled me onto his body!
"I was thinking,as long as we are both naked,if you are not too sore from know...can we have a quickie?" he asked
I turned around finally and looked at him and said "I thought you`ll never ask!" and pulled into his arms as my hands went around his neck and we kissed! His hands came onto my breasts and kneaded them as he moved me to the side and then pushed me onto the wall! I was now standing pinned between him and the wall! He broke the kiss and put his mouth on my breasts as it latched onto one breast and sucked on my nipple! He put one hand under my crotch between my legs and started fingering me,then he pulled one leg up and the lowered himself just enough by bending his knees to push his cock into position to enter my pussy! He pushed his cock in and then again came up and initiated a kiss by putting his mouth on mine. He begand fucking me in the standing position even as his tongue rollled over my tongue inside my mouth. He fucked me vigourously and in about 5-7 minutes he exploded inside me! I was surprised at how much cum he could still generate after already having exploded on or in me 4 times through the night! His load dripped down my pussy onto the inner thighs until the water washed it away!

We kissed for some more time,then we got ready and after the maid came,we both left for work!
Around noon I called Rajgaria to apologise for having to cancel my appointment. I told him my husband had come to town suddenly and I didnt know he was coming. He said he understood and asked me if I would be available till my husband was here. I said I can only take jobs which would be over before 10,meaning in the evening. He said he in fact had a client who had asked for me but was turned down since Rajgaria wasnt sure if I was available. I told him to confirm the client if he could meet me around 6. 20 minutes later Rajgaria sent me a text saying the client was confirmed for later that evening and,he wouldnt send me a mail,because I had already confirmed. He asked me to be subtle,because this client was a middle man. Meaning he had hired me for someone else. This person,whoever he was,was setting me up with someone important,as a favour to gain something himself.In this case,a guy called Raj was setting me up with his boss, some Dhruvgir Sinha,to push for a promotion. I was ordered strictly to not let Dhruvgir find out Im a prostitute. He was told that he is being setup for a blind date with a single woman,who works in showbiz.Raj had called up the agency and spoken to Rajgaria,who recommended me. I was supposed to meet him at a city restaurant for dinner,a fusion food restaurant near Swabhumi. I entered the restaurant and told the receptionist that a Mr.Dhruvgir Sinha was waiting for me. He walked me to a table for 2,where Dhruvgir was already waiting. He was a man probably in the mid or late 30`s. Sharp features,long nose and my favourite thing was,he had that salt pepper hair colour going for himself. I always found it attractive,a sign of maturity in a man,much like my favorite,George Clooney! As I approached him,and he realised it was me he was waiting for,I could feel him admiring me too. I was wearing my black business suit with a white blouse under it,and a tight black trouser which accentuated the shape of my ass! I had deliberately kept 2 buttons of my blouse open so that I could keep him interested. I walked up to the table and he stood up like a perfect gentleman, and introduced himself. 
"Hello,Im Dhruvgir Sinha,you can call me Dhruv!" he said in a most charming manner as he stretched his hand out to shake mine.
"Im Sneha,very nice to meet you Dhruv!" I replied...
"The pleasure is all mine Sneha!" he said as he pulled out my chair to help me get seated. He was a perfect chivalrous gentleman. I was already impressed. Over dinner we spoke a lot,I did most of the talking,Dhruv was a great listener,unlike most men. All he said about himself was that he was from Jaipur originally,but he has to live out of the suitcase as he travels all over the world for his work,he was in town taking a break,after which he was too travel to Darjeeling for a short vacation. I lied and lied about how I loved being a "teacher" and stuff,before finally the conversation went to music and we discussed our favourite artistes.

I was feeling very lucky because I would be getting a hefty amount for doing nothing but go out on a normal date,but then,I was very impressed by Dhruv,and was actually wishing it goes somewhere! But I had just 2 hours left to get to it!
After dinner we bought a cup of Chocolate Mousse and decided to go for a drive so we went to Rajarhat highway! 
He was driving and I was sharing the mousse with him,feeding him a spoonful everytime I had some! Just then he went over a bumper he hadnt seen at full speed and some of the mousse fell on my chest and slid into my cleavage! I took my suit off and asked him for a box of tissues,while he stopped the car on the side of the road and reached behind my seat for the tissues I undid a few more buttons,to try and tempt him a little more! As soon as he turned back around with the tissues his eyes fell on my cleavage. His stare was locked onto the valley of my milky whte mounds even as he handed me a few tissues! He was a gentleman,no doubt,but its hard for any straight man to resist looking at a pair of fleshy fair tits squishing up against each other to form a perfect cleavage,deep and tempting. I looked at him looking there and decided to be a little outrageous. 
"You know it would be a shame to waste such a good opportunity" I said smiling at him wickedly.Almost as soon as I did he looked at me,in the eyes this time,a little embarrassed and said "Huh?! I didnt...really...get you!"
I knew the fish had taken the bait. I raised myself and now was kneeling on my seat instead of sitting on it. I undid the rest of the buttons and pulled my blouse off. He looked at me in amazement first and then he looked down at my body,the upper half of which was now just covered by a black bra! The mousse was melting between my breasts,as he slowly put his hands on my waist I boldly grabbed onto his head and pulled him into my cleavage! He let his tongue out of his mouth as it licked up the mousse from my tits! He looked up at my face and I lowered my mouth on his to engage in a deep passionate kiss! Dhruv was finally letting his gaurd down. I could tell from the way he grabbed my ass as soon as our lips met,and from the wild swirls his tongue was doing inside my mouth! As the kiss continued his hands travelled up my back till the reached the clasp of my bra! He struggled to undo the clasp so he pulled the strap stretching it out till the clasp broke! My bra immediately slid down to my elbows! He pushed me up to break the kiss and then pulled the bra off me and dropped it on the floor of the car. He grabbed my tits with both hands and looked at them closely,kneading them and pinching my nipples! Then he looked into my eyes and with our eyes locked he pulled a breast into his mouth. First he lightly chewed on the nipple,making me moan lightly. then he opened wider to suck in as much of my breast as possible. His tongue slid all over my aerola and nipple making them erect. Then he moved his attention to the other tit! Even as he was sucking my breasts I undid the buttons on his shirt and pulled it down! He wasnt exactly packing a washboard ab,but he was fit! I moved down to his chest and kissed him all over,my hands were on his crotch,trying to get a feel of his package. He suddenly pushed me off himself and put the car in motion again. He into one of the many dark and empty plots dotting Rajarhat. And turned the headlights off. He got off and took some old seat covers out of the trunk,I came out of the car too. He spread the car covers on the ground and called me to join him. I would only be glad to oblige of course!
We both got on our knees facing each other and resumed our wild passionate kiss. His hands were fondling my tits while we kissed,and mine were busy undoing his belt. I undid the belt buckle,opened his trouser button and zip and pulled his pant down. Then I put my hand inside his boxer shorts and pulled his cock out. My hands started stroking his cock even as our tongues were wrestling each other. He finally took his mouth off mine to say "I wanna eat your pussy!"
I smiled and replied, "And I want your cock in my mouth! Do you like the number 69?" I said with a wink.
He got my drift immediately and lay down on his back,and I got in an inverted position on top of him after taking my pants and inner off to initiate the position. He started by sucking on my pussylips. Then as his tongue explored my pussy,I bent forward and took his cock into my mouth. It was semi erect already,but still a little soft,but within seconds of my tongue starting it`s work on it,I felt it growing and getting harder inside my mouth. His tongue was now probing my pussy and I was licking and sucking on his dick. 
When he was charged up he asked me to lay down on my back. He got on top of me and spread my legs and pushed his cock into my wet pussy. He started ramming me at full steam. The feeling of fucking someone in an open field,under the dim moonlight on a chilly winter night was awesome. Nowing that we`d be in trouble if someone saw us was turning me on even more. I began reciprocating his strokes by thrusting my hip up slightly every time he banged down,making every stroke harder and deeper! I reached down with one hand and started rubbing my clit while he fucked me. Then he suddenly stopped and got up and pulled me up too! He pulled me next to the front of his car and made me lie down on the bonnet of the car.He stood in front of me. I spread my legs allowing him to come in,and then locked them around his waist! My back was on the car bonnet. He started fucking me hard again,and bent forward to put his mouth on my tits! Due to the angle which was created with me lying awkwardly on the bonnet and him standing between my legs, his cock was rubbing against the upper wall of my vagina. I felt a never before experienced wildness in my pussy! His angle was probably rubbing my G-Spot! I had never experienced a pleasure like this before! I began to moan and scream wildly,seeing which he started fucking me even harder by putting his hands under my back and locking himself against me tighter! Finaly I squirted like a fountain as I climaxed with cold waves and trembling and spasmic reactions all over my body which made my head spin. Even as my jets came out he exploded inside me as he reached his orgasm.We both just had an unforgettable and inexplicable round of sex.He pulled out of me and pulled me up on my feet,which were still shaking from my first G-Spot orgasm. I had heard it was good,but not even in my wildest dreams had I imagined they would be this damn good! He planted another kiss on me and picked his clothes up and handed me mine! While he was still getting dressed he got into the car and made a call to his friend Raj on the phone. I could overhear bits of his conversation,it was pretty apparent he was thanking Raj for introducing us and went on about how great I was! 
I got into the car after he hung up,he asked me if I wanna drive around some more. I looked at the time and said I had to get home,just then I recieved a message from Rajat that he was going to meet some of his friends at the bar and I shouldnt wait for him. So I said,
" On second thoughts,we could drive around a little more!"

From a faithful wife,to a whore! Divya`s journey of sexual liberation… Part 6

Later in the morning, me and Rituparna had a chat,since she was also working for Rajgaria I was comfortable letting her know my real details. I asked her how she got into the profession! She told me that being in the film industry she had to sleep with quite a few producers and financers to get where she is,no.1 ! I asked her why she was still doing it,now that she was established,if she feared social wrath. Her undiluted reply was "You have been with the client for 10 hours,you get paid,what? 40 to 50 Ks for every 4 hrs right? So that means just tonights session you made youself richer by at least a lakh! Now imagine how much a celebrity like me might get paid! The amount I will be collecting for tonight is almost half of what I get for slogging on a movie for at least a month,I made that in a night! I have a selective client list.They are all people like Harry,super rich or super powerful! And lets face it,I love a good fuck! And if I could get rich while getting a good fuck,its a wonderful situation to be in."
I was amazed at how similar her thoughts were to mine. I went home and took a quick shower,arriving at the office a good 15 mins late! I did not want to be disturbed so I locked myself in the cabin and decided to take a quick nap,but before that I wanted to check my mail to go over the details of my 3rd client. I opened my laptop and started Firefox,the browser I always use,but it crashed everytime I started it,so I opened Internet Explorer instead and opened up gmail,as soon as I did,Interet Explorer automatically logged into Rajat`s account. Perhaps Rajat had checked his mail sometime from my laptop and accidentally checked the save password/log in automatically option. I was just about to click sign out,when my eyes fell on the first mail in his inbox. It read "Sanjukta`s Birthday Pix". Sanjukta was Rajat`s best friend,Abir`s wife!Just out of curiosity I clicked on the mail to open it,what got me curious was that Abir and Rajat were not supposed to arrive for about 3 more weeks! The mail had Abir`s address as the sender. It had quite a few pics attached with the message body saying "Bro,Neha really enjoyed her birthday thanks to you guys! She loved the joint "gift",dying to give Divya a similar gift,see if you can convince her." Reading this got me confused.What was he talking about?And Neha`s birthday was just last week,I even called her to wish.Why didnt she mention Rajat and Abir being there,or sending gifts? What was going on? I couldnt see the thumbnails because they failed to load,so I clicked on the option saying "start slideshow". The first picture was of Sanjukta or Sanj as her friends called her with Abir,both of them with wine glasses in their hands.The second had Sanj bending down to cut the cake while Abir held her hand. Rajat was standing right beside them. I was shocked,how could he not tell me he was in India,the pictures made it clear they were in Abir`s Darjeeling summer house,I recognised the drawing room from the pictures,we had spent a week there the Puja before last! Before I could think more the pictures kept rolling. The next few had Sanj giving Abir,rajat,and the other guys,most of whom I recognised as Rajat and Abir`s co-workers,pieces of the cake! Strangely no picture had any other woman in it. Then one came up of Abir and Sanj locked in a deep kiss. From there on the pictures kept getting explicit. Very soon it became obvious that the "gift" Abir talked about was a Gangbang! I broke into tears as I saw picture after picture of Abir`s wife being taken by multiple men,including my husband. Pictures of her in which Rajat was fucking her ass even as Abir fucked her pussy! Pictures of her being surrounded by 5-6 men while she sucked all of them off! The series ended with her being the centre of a bukake! I went through more of his mails and chat history till I realised that recent developments in Somalia meant that they were back home in India about 5 weeks ahead of their scheduled arrival. Abir and Rajat had planned the party in great detail! Rajat had even talked to Abir about getting me into something similar. I sobbed inconsolably as I thought of how I had been cheated,but I felt more angry with myself than with Rajat. I thought this was fated,it was payback for my conversion into a whore! I left office early,I had decided I`ll accept this as my fate! I`ll go on with my life the way I want and rajat can do what he wants,as long as he doesnt know anything,I could go on with this facade of marital bliss and fuck for money on the side! I called Rajgaria and cancelled the night`s appointment asking him to set me up for later! I reached home and rang the doorbell! I had more shocks to come. Rajat opened the door and stood there smiling at me,I was taken aback! 
"Hello honey,Im back!" he said as he put his arms around me and hugged me. He looked at me more carefully and said "Look at you,you are so surprised that you dont even know how to react!" Thats what he made of my inability to smile,in truth I was just not happy with things! As we walked in the door,he continued by saying "By the way,I love the new highlights! Makes you look sexy!" he continued talking from the kitchen as I got seated on the sofa.I wasnt really paying attention to what he was saying until he came and sat beside me putting his hand on my shoulder asking "Divya,are you ok?"
"Huh?!? Yeah,yeah...Im fine.Where is Viv?" I asked enquiring where my son was...
"Oh Rahul`s mom picked him up.She said you guys had set the kids up a slumber party at Rahul`s place. Is anything wrong?" he asked
"No...Im just...a little tired...been a hectic week! When did you get back?" I asked him
"Just this morning!" he lied,he was obviously back well before!
"Actually there is a situation in Somalia with the pirates,our company has cancelled all marine trade till the government policies are reviewed!But fuck all that!" he said as he pulled my face into his hands and looked into my eyes "What matters is that Im here now,with my beautiful wife. Tell you what,since Viv isnt here,we could get naughty all night long..." he said as he kissed me,his lips fell on mine and I kissed him back,even though unwillingly. In that moment my anger subsided somewhat but didnt completely vanish. "Not tonight honey,I really need some rest!Why dont you go over for one of your poker nights with the guys?" I said
"I just got home and you are driving me out already?" he said,joking of course "actually we were planning a poker night tonight,but they wanted to come here,but I didnt want to give me nod without asking you.And I was actually thinking we could....but if you are going to sleep early,can we?" he asked with that puppy dog look in his eyes,one I could never say no to.
"Of course you can. I`ll take a shower and go to bed" I said and walked into our bedroom. I took a shower,put on my nightgown and went to sleep. I woke up around 11.30,noise from the living room poured into my bedroom,the guys were still busy with the poker game. I donno why,but I walked out to the living room!
I was wearing just my red satin night robe with nothing underneath!!!

Let me describe the drawing room first. If you entered from the front door,on the left you would have the balcony with glass sliding doors,in front of which was the main seating area which consisted of one couch which had its back to the balcony doors,adjecent to it,was a low seating area made of a thick mattress withing a wooden frame and pillows and cushions,opposite this,were 2 armchairs,with the front door behind them.In the centre was a big wooden coffee table. The 4th side of the square area was open and had the passage leading to the 2 bedrooms both of which had attached bathrooms one of which was accessible from the drawing room itself.The drawing room ended with a glass partition on the right,behind which was the dining room. The room had both dim lights and bright lights,the boys were playing with the dim lights on. As soon as Rajat saw me he got up from the couch and came to me asking me if I was ok,he was sitting beside Abir.Seeing them somehow got me enraged! Without answering anything I just walked up to them,leaving Rajat perplexed! He followed me and in a somewhat confused state he introduced me to the guys. "Honey you already know Abir and Prasanta,thats Rajveer and that is Kuldeep! And this is my wife,Divya!" As we exchanged the common pleasantries like "Hello" and "Nice to meet you!" I recognised each of them from the photos! They were all measuring me up well,Im sure some of them were just wishing they could just undo the the knot on my robe and pull it off! My anger got the best of me and I directly asked out loud, "So which of you guys want to fuck me?" Almost immediately the guys hung their heads,Rajat grabbed hold of me and said "What the fuck are you talking about Divya?" I looked at him and said "Oh dont play innocent Rajat,I saw the pictures,I read the mails!" Rajat looked down,he had no answer,he was humiliated! I continued, "So how did you guys plan on fucking me,one by one or did you all want to pounce on me like you gangbanged Sanjukta?" I was in a fit of rage,but then all of a sudden my eyes fell on Prasanta`s lap,more specifically his crotch. He had a bulge forming in his pants! He was actually getting turned on by this! He was sitting on one of the armchairs,I dont know what it was,lust or just the hope of getting some kind of revenge on Rajat,but I decided to play my own mindgames too! I walked in front of him asked "Are you getting turned out by this you pervert?!?" pointing at his bulge. Rajat still stood behind me,not knowing what to do,hanging his head.
"What? Yes....I mean....No...I..." he didnt no what to say.
"Whip it out!" I ordered him.
"What? I dont understand...." he said,still confused
"Whats there not to understand,pull your zip down,and whip your fucking cock out!" I said.

He hesitantly undid his belt buckle and the button of his denims, pulled his zip down, then pulling his pant down a bit he hesitated to pull his cock out of his underwear. "Look Divya you are humiliating me and my guests!" Rajat said.I gave him a sharp piercing look and knelt down before Prasanta,with one hand I pulled his underwear down enough to pull his cock out with the other hand! It was fully erect and though it wasnt very big in length,it had a thick head,thick enough to make it tight if I had it inside me,I thought! I pulled the foreskin down to expose the pink head in all its glory! I licked his cock from the bottom of his shaft to the tip of his head,and then finally pulled it into my mouth to suck on it like a lolipop,turning my head just enough for my eyes to meet Rajat`s as he watched his wife work on another man`s throbbing cock! He was still blushing from the previous humiliation but I could tell from the expressions on his face that he was also getting turned on. I knew each and every expression of his! As I continued sucking on Prasanta`s cock the others had downed their trousers. Abir grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up and pushed me on the coffee table,the cards and chips from the poker game falling on the floor as I sat on the table!I sat on the coffee table and within seconds it felt like I was surrounded by cocks! The guys shoved their cocks at my face! I grabbed Rajveer and Kuldeep`s cocks in my hands and started rubbing them.Meanwhile Abir rubbed his cock on my lips,tracing lines on my lips! Kuldeep had an average size cock but both Abir and Rajveer were well endowed,running over 6 inches! I parted my lips and opened my mouth wide as Abir pushed his cock into my mouth! I could see Rajat walk to the couch where Prasanta was seated a while back,and he sat down.He rubbed himself as he watched and enjoyed the scene of 4 of his closest friends being sucked off by his wife! As Abir moved out and Rajveer pushed into my mouth,I made eye contact with Rajat,deliberately sucking hard to show off how much of a slut I can be! He smiled in approval! We were both more perverted than we had ever thought ourselves to be! One after one the guys took turns as I worked on their cocks with my hands and mouth. Finally Rajat decided to join in on the action as he pushed through the crowd and stood in front of me. He bent down and undid the knot of my robe and opened it. I wasnt wearing anything so as soon as he opened the front of my robe,my lucsious breasts were exposed! Immediately the guys began a scuffle to grab my breasts! Rajat pulled the robe down towards the table and I took my hands out of the sleeves till it fell off! I was completely nude now! Rajat pushed me back till I was lying on the table facing up! Rajat spread my legs and sat down with his head near my crotch and then moved his mouth to my waiting pussy! He began to dip his tongue into my hot pussy.He loved tongue fucking me,always had,and he was good at it! Meanwhile Rajveer and Prasanta were on either side of me,they had each grabbed hold of a tit and were sucking and squeezing my wonderful boobs merrily! Kuldeep and Abir stood in a crouched down position near my head to allow me to suck on their cocks! I was more than happy to oblige! I grabbed a dick in each hand and gave them turns to be inside my mouth!As 2 men sucked my boobs and my husband ate my pussy,I sucked on the cocks of two of his best friends! It was a perfect scene of consulting adultery! Sometimes I would try to stick both their cocks into my mouth together,to which Abir commented "Divya boudi,ami jantaamna tumi erom chodon khor magi!" (Divya bhabhi,I didnt know you are such a slutty woman!)

I smiled slightly and said "Is this all you guys will do tonight,or do some of you actually intend to fuck my sweet,hot pussy!?" Rajat,who was immersed in eating my pussy till now pulled his head up,a little surprised but smiling, and told Abir "She is right,she is all wet now,I could taste her juices begin to flow,take her now!" I got up and went to the couch and got on all fours! Abir came up behind me and inserted his cock into my wet pussy! He instantly started fucking me in a doggy style position on the couch! And he was going at it hard,thumping down on me with each stroke! The others came in front of me and took turns getting their cocks sucked! After a minute or so,Kuldeep came behind me and asked Abir to give him a chance to fuck me! Abir moved out of the way and Kuldeep immediately pushed his dick into my pussy! I was enjoying the sensation of having a cock in my pussy and one in my mouth,right now I was sucking on Rajat`s cock. My moans were muffled as my mouth was occupied by my husband`s cock!
Soon Rajveer,who was wathcing Abir and Kuldeep take turns fuck me wanted his turn,he pulled me up off the couch and walked me to the matress and literally threw me on. I lay on the matress and spread my legs,inviting him to come and fuck me! He got on top of me and first rubbed his cock all over my pussy lips,then teased me farther as he pressed down on my clit with the head of his cock and rubbed it in an up and down motion! I took his hand off his cock and grabbed it,and aggressively shoved it into my pussy! "Dont be a tease,just fuck me!FUCK ME!" I said while placing a tight slap on his face. He looked at me in shock and I slapped him again! He grabbed my throat with one hand and began pounding me! We were looking into each others eyes with a rage of lust as he fucked me hard! I was screaming in response to every deep thrust he made! Abir came near my head and placed his mouth on mine,pushing his tongue inside my mouth to meet mine! Rajat also came up on the other side and as Abir sucked on my tongue,he sucked on my tits! By now Rajveer had moved out and Prasanta was taking his time fucking me,he wasnt as wild as the others but instead was taking slow thrusts making sure to go as deep as possible! His thick head was just as good a fit in my pussy as I had imagined it would be! It was a welcome change because as much as I was enjoying the hard fucking,I also liked to be taken in a gentle teasy manner from time to time! Then as I felt myself nearing an orgasm I asked him to fuck me faster and harder. He did as told and in a while he too started peaking! I came with a mind numbing sensation and squirted on his crotch. It wasnt as intense because I had had several orgasms in the last 24 hours already,but it always felt good to cum! In some time he pulled out and exploded as his load fell on my venus mound! He finished cumming and immediately brought me a box of tissues,how kind of him,I cleaned up and as soon as I was done wipin his cum off Kuldeep got back into position! For the next 5 minutes everyone except Rajat and Prasanta took turns to fuck me in the missionary position!Prasanta rested after his orgasm while Rajat was a little more than a spectator,who occasionaly enjoyed my tits and had his cock sucked! I decided to gift him something he had always wanted from me,but I never allowed him! I asked him to get the bottle of olive oil from the btahroom! He knew I was planning something fun so immediately complied! As he brought the oil I poured some on my hand and applied it on his cock! messaging it well! Then I handed him the bottle and got on the doggy position in front of him,he knew exactly what I as offering,he asked Abir to help him spread my ass cheeks apart,and as Abir did so Rajat poured just a little bit of oil into my anus and then shoved 2 fingers in and fingered my anal hole,spreading the oil out well! Rajat put the head of his oil blanketed cock on the entrance of my anal hole and slowly started pushing in. It was stretching me more than I had imagined it would,it was very painful! I screamed and tears came out of my eyes! In sometime Rajat was in my ass enough to start fucking me! As soon as he did I got control of the pain somewhat and started to enjoy getting my ass fucked even as the guys were getting their dicks sucked! Slowly,as rajat felt I was getting used to it! Rajat started building pace! 

"Kaisi hai uski gaand,tight hai?" Rajveer asked Rajat.Before Rajat could answer I answered on his behalf "Tu khud dekhlena,agla turn tera hi hai!". Rajveer smiled at me and I smiled back. I liked this guy, Rajveer was good looking,maybe 3-4 years younger than me,much younger than Rajat or Abir,well built and a bachelor. And I could tell he has a wild streak in him! Kuldeep sat down on the matress right in front of me and said "Mera kaam tamam hone hi wala hai! Achhe se mera laura chuske mera muth peele!" I liked it when men talked dirty to me,I happily fulfilled his wish! Even as Rajat enjoyed fucking my ass for the first time, Kuldeep enjoyed getting exclusive attention from my mouth! Rajat suddenly picked up fucking my ass,it got me realising he is closer to a climax! But Rajat pulled out before he could come, and asked Rajveer to move in he obviously wanted to go on longer! Rajveer grabbed my waist on one side and pulled another hand down to my crotch from beside my waist to reach for my clit,then while rubbing my clit he started fucking my ass hard! "Take it easy Rajveer,she has a virgin ass!" Rajat said,afraid that Rajveer`s hard fucking might hurt me. "No let him fuck me HARD!" I said in a muffled voice as pain and pleasure mixed to push me closer to another orgasm! This one felt even better cause it was the first time my ass was getting pounded! It felt awesome as I struggled to hold myself up in position and my elbows began to wiggle like jelly,rendering it almost impossible for me to balance my weight on my hands! As I felt my orgasm run through my body,Kuldeep started twitching his cock inside my mouth,signalling he is going to explode any moment,then finally as I put in one last,long suction,he came with jets after jet inside my mouth,as they hit the back of my throat and filled my mouth up! I didnt allow him to pull his cock out till I had sucked and swallowed every last drop,to my hearts content! Then finally when he started to go limp inside my mouth he pulled out! Rajveer was still busy fucking my ass! Abir came up in front of me offering me his cock to suck on,but I instead asked Rajveer to pull out and asked Abir to sit on the couch! Then I got on his lap,facing him and slowly guided his cock up my pussy! He pulled a tit into his mouth and begand to suck on it like a hungry baby! I raised my ass up a bit just in position for Rajveer to enter my ass again! Rajat stood up on the couch beside us and shoved his cock into my mouth! Then all 3 of them got into a rhythm as Rajat fucked my mouth,Abir fucked my pussy while sucking on my tits and Rajveer fucked my ass! Rajveer fucked hard with a spank on my ass every now and then,and sometimes he would reach for my free tit and squeezed and kneaded it delightfuly! 
"Im cumming! Aaah Yess! Im coming!" Rajveer announced in sometime and pulled out just in time to explode on my ass cheeks! His come was splattered all over my ass! Under me Abir continued fucking me with grunts! He stopped for a while as Rajat took his place and I slide his cock up my pussy. Rajveer cleaned his gunk of my ass with a bunch of tissues,making way for Abir to have his turn in pounding my ass! 3 men down,now with 2 more left, Abir fucked my ass with his hands reaching down under to cup my breasts,his tongue ran lose on my back,licking the back of my neck,my shoulders and upper back! Rajat kept thumping up to fuck me with Abir. They had formed a rhythm where when Abir was pushing down into my ass,he was thrusting his cok up into my pussy! It was the very first night I was trying a DP and the partnership these two "mates for life" had formed in fucking me was very enjoyable to me! Rajat sucked on my nipples while Abir cupped them in his hands,almost as if he was offering them to Rajat! I wanted to go one step up! And so in between my moans and screams I said
" Aaaaah! Abir....honey...push your cock into my pussy!!!Please....ooooohhhhh! I want both of pussy....aaaaahhh together!"
Abir smiled and looked at Rajat who nodded in affirmation! Abir pulled his cock out of my ass and slipped it in my pussy! As he drilled his cock into my pussy, which was already occupied by Rajat`s cock,it stretched my pussy out!
After a lot of initial struggle,Rajat and Abir both had their cocks crammed in my pussy! Rajat couldnt thrust too much in his limited space so he worked with short and slow thrusts,Abir had a little more freedom and worked with a lot more over strokes! The 2 fucked me together like that for quite some time! The magic was,the limited room meant with every thrust Rajat made,his shaft rubbed my clit,and Im not sure but I think the cramming also stimulated my G-spot! It gave me my best orgasm till date as I squirted loads all over Rajat and Abir`s cock! I bent down and put my mouth on Rajats neck and bit down hard to muffle my orgasmic moans! This made Rajat scream too,I released him immediately and screamed out loudly as an intense ripped through my body! I was a lucky woman,I was getting addicted to the very intense loud orgasms that I was treated to regularly! Once my orgams had subsided,Abir pulled out of my pussy and shoved his cock back into my ass! Then the 2 partners started fucking me like a whore again! Till they both exploded inside me! Rajat filled my pussy with his cream and Abir exploded inside my ass! It felt marvellous as both their cum loads,flowed out of my pussy and ass! Abir collapsed on the couch beside me and Rajat,who were still locked in a tight embrace. His cock still inside my pussy! After about 5 minutes of being in that state I decided to go take a bath,while leaving the room I saw Prasanta was sitting on the matress,still checking out my gorgeous body,his cock was back to being erect as he held it in his hand! 
"Come,help me take a bath!" I told him. He got up and followed me into the bathroom! We had a quickie under the shower as we helped each other clean up,but we would get dirty again! As we exited the bathroom Abir and Rajveer were waiting,Rajveer took my wet body,wrapped only in a towel and took me to the drawing room! Their he and Abir took me on the floor again! Once they were done Rajat and Kuldeep took me and I had yet another DP fucking session in the dim light of the moon on the balcony. As they switched,taking turns to fuck my ass and pussy, Prasanta had his cock sucked till he exploded in my mouth! Finally Abir took me to the bedroom with Rajat`s permission and all 5 guys fucked me on the bed individually,Rajat taking the last turn! That night I had my first Gangbang,my first Anal encounter! They were my first,but they wouldnt be my last! The gangbang was like a tiger tasting blood to become a maneater! I had become a maneater too,of a different kind,and I wanted many more such nights!

From a faithful wife,to a whore! Divya`s journey of sexual liberation..Part 5

Ambar and I developed a good rapport that night. He said he wanted to see me more often. And like a true professional I told him he would have to wait in line. Of course I said that just as a jab!
My next contact was for 2 days later. I recieved the details. I was told to dress casually,and that there would be another girl from the agency with me on this job. So that evening I got ready. I wore a skimpy denim hot pant,which started well under my navel area,right above my bush.My ass was barely covered as most of my ass cheeks were visible,and to top it off,the tight pant clinged to my ass giving away a vivid definition of the shape.I deliberately left a little bit of my ass exposed.I wore a blue thong underneath,the strings of which I left exposed from over the low waistline of the pant. On top I wore a tight white tank top without any bra. It meant my tits could be well made out,and even the shape of my nipples were visible. A good amount of my cleavage was also visible,and the bounce from every step I took,made it even more sexy! As usual I wore a jacket and sarong on top,till I got into the car.On my way I got more of the details.The client was a hotshot businessman from Australia,Harry Brown,in town to setup an outsourced call centre for his company!He was apparently a regular because he travels to India,specifically Kolkata very frequently because his company has an investment in one of our state`s biggest lifestyle companies! He was staying in the guesthouse of a partner firm. There was another girl on the job with me,I would be meeting her on the spot! I came to the guest house and the front gate opened to let my car in. The guest house was actually a luxury cottage suite in a posh central Kolkata area. It had a pool and jacuzzi on the side,and on the front was a well decorated garden area with a small seating arrangement.I walked to the entrance of the cottage and went through the door to be stopped by 2 rugged looking men! 
"Ek minute madame! We need to search you!" One said while winking at the other. I handed them my purse to search.They went through it in a jiffy and said, "Zara haath upar kijiye!" and as I raised my arms up they began frisking me. One guy came behind me while the other stayed in front! My sarong and jacket were still on. The guy in front pulled the zipper of my jacket down. I realised the whole security check was a joke. They just wanted to grope me all over! The other guy pulled off my sarong in the meantime! I felt to hands grabbing my ass from behind and squeezing them,while the guy in front was kneading my breasts! I was enjoying the four hands rubbing me but I had to make sure not to encourage it.
"Jitni main ek raat mein kamati hoon,utni tumhari salary nahin hogi. Galat jaga haath mat maro, naukri gawa doge!" I said in a serious tone.
The guys backed off instantly! One of them opened the door for me and asked me to take the spiral staircase to the upper floor. The staircase was went up from a corner of the ground floor,in a huge drawing room. I could hear trance music playing in the background! I climbed up the staircase and came to a huge master bedroom! The music was loud now,red and blue lights going on and off gave the room a disco theque feel! The room had a huge drinks counter set up in one corner,a huge stereo system beside it. It had a seating area made up of two armchairs and a couch,all of leather,2 more beanbags,and a big coffee table. 
There was a kingsize bed on one end,on either side of which was a glass door leading to the terrace garden outside. One of the doors was open,so I walked out to the terrace,presuming that my client was probably in the terrace. I walked into the dimly lit terrace garden and immediately saw my client with the other girl. They were standing in the middle of the garden,locked in a tight embrace,making out. They were kissing each other passionately,and from the looks of it,they were taking turns shoving their tongues deep into each other`s throat. I couldnt see either of their faces,but Harry was shirtless and wearing a white trouser. The girl was wearing a frilled white blouse and an ultra short black mini skirt and a black pair of stilletos. She had one arm around him going under his arm,and the other on his head,with her palm pulling his face close onto hers. Harry had one hand on her waist and the other up her skirt fondling her ass! They were not aware of my presence so I went up to them and said, "Mind if I join you?"
Instantly they broke the kiss, "Ah,Sneha,we have been waiting for you.Damn bitch,you are even sexier in person than in the pictures!" Harry said with a heavy Australian accent.
"I believe you already know my no.1 girl,Ritu..." he said, and thats when I first saw her face,and instantly recognised her. She was Rituparna,our film industry`s reigning queen! I had seen her pictures in Rajgaria`s file,but then I had thought they were morphed images he had put up to lure clients or prospective "employees"! Trust me,her movies and pictures dont do justice to just how sexy she is in person. She didnt have a lot of makeup on,just a lot of heavy eye liner,bringing out the colour of her green eyes. A small nose ring, and just some lip gloss,not the tacky shade of red lipstick that she is usually seen in. her hair was undone and a bit messed up from her makeout session! The top 3 buttons of her blouse were undone,exposing her cleavage and purple lace bra! 
"Hello Sneha..." she said,extending her hand to shake mine.
As I shook her hand Harry said, "So Ritu,will she do?"
Ritu measured me up with her eyes and said, "She looks gorgeous Harry,I think she`ll do just fine!" she said,while smiling at me!

"Lets go inside shall we!" Harry said
We all walked back inside and made ourselves comfortable. I took a look at Harry and his well built physique. He must have been at least 6`5,well chiseled body with broad chest and shoulders! Harry sat on the armchair and Ritu sat on the hand rest of the same armchair with her legs crossed,her thunder thighs and long legs well exposed under the dim red and blue lights. I sat on the couch. 
"Actually me and Ritu have been thinking about a threesome for quite sometime.But she said,before I can fuck her with a friend,she wants to see if I can handle 2 women at the same time!But I just think thats jsut an excuse,she just wanted to taste a woman,my naughty darling!" Harry said as he put his arm on her thighs and started rubbing them! Ritu giggled and bent down and kissed Harry again! Harry stuck his tongue out and Ritu took it in her mouth and sucked on it!
She spread her legs just a bit,and pulled the hand which was on her thigh, right under her skirt. When the kiss broke Harry said,"Why dont you girls get better acquainted?"
Ritu stood up and came to me,then she grabbed my hand and pulled me off the couch. She walked me to the counter with the drinks.She picked up a bottle of soda,opened the cap and then shook it,then sprayed it all over me. I lifted my hands over my head to allow her to bathe me in the burst! When the shower fizzled out,I realised why she did it. My top was now completely transparent. She grabbed my tits with both hands and gave them a squeeze before saying, "I wish I too had such tits"
I had never been with another woman before so I was feeling a little awkward,but at the same time,I was begining to like the feeling.She pulled me in closer to herself and said, "Dont be shy honey..." 
She took my face in her hands and pulled me in and ever so gently,sucked my upper lip with her lips! then she looked at me,her eyes locked to my eyes,her passionate stare piercing me like a well sharpened sword! My hands grabbed hers,and I brought them closer to my lips and kissed them.Now I pulled up to kiss her,and she moved her head back,I pulled up in a second attempt and she again laughed softly and moved away. I looked at her,she was smiling at me,teasing me! I put my hands on her hips and pulled her in with one swift move and planted my mouth on hers! Instantly a wild passionate smooch commenced as our tongues tangoed wildly and we sucked each others lips and tongues!Her hands were running through my hair as mine were caressing her ass,our eyes were closed and our breathes were heavy and entangled.I could taste her strawberry flavoured lip gloss,she enjoyed holding my head in her hands and licking my face wildly! I was also loving the feeling of her tongue rubbing against my entire face. My hands reached the zipper of her skirt and I pulled the zip down.The skirt fell to her ankles.She grabbed my top and pulled it up,I raised my arms in the air allowing her to pull it off completely!She leant in farther while grabbing my full milk tankers and now she licked and sucked on them.I always loved my big boobs being sucked and carressed,having a woman do it made it even more enjoyable,cos she know just how a woman liked her tits getting sucked,how a womans nipples should be chewed just right! I was in absolute lust! I had my hands on her head now as she was sucking my breasts!Harry had in the meantime come off the chair and was standing close to us. He had dropped his pants and was now naked,he was holding his dick in his hand and very slowly rubbing himself while enjoying the show. I gestured at him to come closer and he did. I put a hand behind his neck and pulled him in to engage him in a kiss! Once the kiss commenced my hand reached down to grab his cock. It was huge,bigger than any I had seen in real life,he was endowed like one of those guys in a porn movie. He broke the kiss to join Ritu in sucking my tits,so now both Ritu and him had a tit each and were busy sucking them. I looked down at the huge manhood I was rubbing,it was fairer than any cock I had been fucked with! I pulled them both up and brought both their faces closer to mine,they took the hint and pushed their tongues out like I did and the three of us,with some struggle,put our mouths close enough for our tongues to engage in a threeway orgy kiss! Harry moved behind Ritu and grabbed on to her blose and pulled it open,her buttons broke and fell to the floor. She pulled her arms out of the sleeves and Harry threw the blouse away! He pulled her head around just enough,and then leant in himself to initiate a kiss with her,from behind her.Ritu reached behind herself and caught a hold of Harrys cock. She was only in her sexy lace inners now.I pulled her tits out of the bra cups and now returned the favour by sucking her tits! Her tits were nowhere close to being as big as mine but they were still a handful and very fair,complimenting it was her nipples which were not very big,but stout enough to enjoy sucking on.Her nipples and the surrounding aerola was a light brown colour, the shape of her breasts was near perfect and very beautiful! With my mouth still on her tits,my hands went down to undo the button of my hot pants,once undone I pulled both the hot pants and my thong down together! I was also completely naked now,the only piece of clothing still to be taken off was Ritu`s panty,so I knelt down in front of her and pulled her panty down. One by one I pulled her legs out of her panty,as soon as both her legs were free,I pulled her legs apart just enough for me to get under her and position my mouth under her pussy.Her pussy was clean shaven and she had open vaginal lips,which were inviting me to suck on them and eat her pussy,I couldnt reject the temptation and put my mouth on her pussy and began giving her head. By now I wasnt even feeling awkward,in fact having my tongue explore another womans private was making me wet. So while I licked and sucked her pussy,I reached under my own with my hand and started rubbing myself furiously! At the same time Harry knelt down behind her and started working on her ass,first he squeezed her big ass and licked it all over,then he spread her cheeks apart and probed her asshole with his tongue! The picture of the situation would give a person with erectile disfunction a rock hard erection!The amazingly beautiful Ritu had one hand behind her on Harry`s head as he enjoyed her ass with his mouth,and the other hand on my head as I ate her pussy out! I caught a glimpse of the expression on her face and it too was amazingly sexy,her lips were parted,letting out soft moans,and her eys were rolled back but half closed! In some time she pulled me up and grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to the bed then threw me on it! I fell on my back and Ritu held my legs up and spread them apart,then she put one leg over my leg and rested it on the bed and leant in. The position was such that our legs were in a virtual criss cross and our pussies inches from meeting each other... now with the action moving on to the bed,the night was going to get wilder!!!
Ritu moved her crotch down closer to mine, till her pussy was rubbing against mine.Harry turned the music louder and put a few more of those sexy lights on giving the mood a trance fuck setting! She was moving her hips in a to and fro motion,making our pussies rub against each other. Both our pussies were wet by now and the feeling of our clits dancing with each other,our pussies rubbing against each other,was awesome! Ritu was enjoying it too! I could tell from the way she put her head back and faced upwards,with her eyes closed and her lips betraying her sounds of ecstacy! She paused a while to bring her hand down to my crotch and inserted 2 fingers into my pussy.
"Your cunt has become very juicy darling!Hasnt it?" she commented...I smiled and nodded in agreement!
"Honey why dont you suck her pussy,tell me how it tastes..." Harry requested Ritu...
Ritu went down on her knees and brought her head between my legs.She started kissing and carressing my milky thighs,moving upward till she reached my pussy,I spread my pussy better,so that she could see my pink now! She immediately thrusted her soft,pink tongue into my waiting pussy.It was dreamily good,she knew exactly which areas to work on and how to go about it,and for how long! She was doing to me,perhaps,what she liked having done to her! I had never had someone go down on me so brilliantly! My body was in wonderland! Harry in the meantime got up on the bed and sat near my head,right above me.I looked up to see his huge white cock dangling over my face. I arched my back and got up slightly,resting my upper body on my elbows while still on my back,then I tilted my head back and opened my mouth wide open inviting his thick manhood in. Harry put his cock on my lips and traced lines around my open mouth by rubbing the head of his dick lightly! My tongue eagerly pushed out to lick and grab at his throbbing cock! He was in no hurry to push it into my mouth,he just teased me for some more time by leaving it dangling in front of my face,letting me lick it and lick his balls,but not letting me suck on it yet! Ritu got on top of me and got in position over me. She put her mouth upon Harry`s cock and pushed it down onto my mouth. It put his cock firmly sandwiched between Ritu`s mouth and mine. With his cock now firmly in place against my wide parted lips,I began rolling my tongue on his cock intensely. Ritu was doing the same thing simultaneously! As we both licked his cock like a popsickle together,often our tongues would meet each other over the hot rod of meat that was Harry`s manhood! My hands were on Ritu`s ass as she was on all fours on top of me! Her upper body or torso was low enough for there to be absolutely no space between us! She was rubbing her body on mine even as we both worked on Harry`s cock with our tongues, together. Her breasts were clashing against mine. As she rubbed herself against me I could feel her erect and hard nipples rubbing against the bare skin of my body,as Im sure she felt my soft but big boobs getting crushed by her own tits! Often her nipples would clash against my nipples in a pleasurable accident of lust! 

Harry pulled his cock out from between us and got off the bed and stood right next to it! Ritu got up and crawled towards the side of the bed where Harry was standing and sat in front of him. Harry inched his cock closer to her face,it was wet and glistening from the tongue bath it had just recieved from us. Ritu grabbed the cock and rubbed it all over her face before finally pulling it into her mouth and giving it one long hard suck which ended with a loud slurpy sound! Then she turned around and looked at me,as I still lay where I was,she nodded her head suggesting I join her,I got up and sat right beside her. Ritu was still holding Harry`s cock in one hand,she put the other on the back of my head and pushed it down on his waiting cock,I opened my mouth to let his huge penis into my mouth. Ritu deliberately pushed me down far enough for his cock to hit the back of my throat,her intention was of watching me gag,and after a second or few,thats exactly what happened! I pulled up for a breath of air,a strand of saliva was still hanging from my lips to the head of his cock! Ritu bent down and pulled it into her mouth,then she pulled me back down and she herself went down as we both joined forces again to work on Harry`s cock,this time we would take turns sucking it! Sometimes she would suck on the side of his shaft while I worked on the head,or vice versa! Harry was enjoying all the attention he was getting,he had a hand on each of our heads and every now and then he would ask us to suck him harder with a husky,grunting voice! 
Ritu didnt want Harry to come yet so she pulled herself and me off his cock before Harry could explode! "Wont you return the favour now?" She asked Harry with a naughty little smile,and a million dollar expression of lust in those beautiful eyes,that made me wish for a moment,that I was a man,just so I could fuck her!
"Of course I would honey!" Harry said as he knelt down in front of us,now it was his turn to pleasure us. Ritu pushed me on my back again and got on top of me. She pushed her tongue back into my mouth as her legs crawled under my legs,such that her calves areas were under my knees and spread her legs apart in the process spreading mine too. Im not sure but I think I remember reading about this position somewhere,I think it is called the double honey-pot,it helps a man perform orally on the pussies of 2 women simultaneously! As we kissed wildly with our eyes closed,Harry came in and started licking our pussies! He was taking care to give both our pussies equal attention as he alternated between us in using his tongue on our pussy and clits! In some time Ritu got off me and looked at Harry,asking him to get up. He was once again standing near the bed.She guided him on the bed between my spread legs by holding on to his dick. She put the other hand on my pussy and with her fingers she pulled my pulled my pussy lips farther apart. By now Harry,on his knees, had positioned himself on his knees and his dick,which was still in Ritu`s hand,between my legs and he pushed a pillow under my ass so that my pussy was also in a better position to get drilled! His cock was thick and very long! Ritu guided his cock into my waiting pussy,and said "Let me see you fuck her sweetheart! Fuck her hard!"

As Harry pushed into me,he stretched me more than any cock had ever done. Having been in labor once,it didnt hurt me,rather it felt good to be stretched so much by a cock! I was loving every inch of his massive dick penetrating me,it was so big,that a good length of it was still outside my pussy,even after he had pushed in enough to fill me up completely! 
"Oh Ritu,baby,she feels so good! Warm and tight baby!Oh yeaahhhh! Ohhhhhh!" he begand to exclaim as he started pumping his rod in my pussy! Ritu positioned herself on her knees,above my face so that her pussy was on my mouth and she was facing Harry. She wanted me to suck her pussy as she watched Harry fuck me! It was as if she was the insatiable mistress and me and Harry were her slaves,meant to satisfy her! I could tell the what Ritu and Harry had was more than a relationship between a whore and her client! I obliged Ritu by having my tongue probe into Ritu`s pussy! Harry intensified his pace of fucking me and soon he was fucking me hard,with his hardest thrusts hitting the back wall of my pussy! I pulled one hand down and started rubbing my clit as my pussy got drilled by Harry`s amazing piston! Ritu leant forward and flung her arms around Harry and Harry to bent forward to accomodate Ritu without slackening his pace on me. They locked lips and sucked wildly on each others lips!Since Ritu had moved forward a little I too had to raise my head a little more to adjust my tongue into her pussy again! We formed a sexy triangle,as Harry pounded my pussy,my mouth was eating out Ritu`s pussy,as her mouth was locked on to Harry. I began to sense an intense orgasm building up in my loins! As it started rippling through my body,I too wildly wiggled my lips inside Ritu`s pussy and sucked her clit! Ritu began moaning loudly and I myself was letting out muffled moans! Harry realised Im on the verge of an orgasm and started fucking me faster, I could feel Ritu too begin to drip.She was peaking too. In a few moments I felt an explosion inside me,the shockwaves of which travelled right through my body making almost every strand of hair stand up. It was so intense I had to pull my mouth of Ritu pussy fearing I might bite her! As the intense orgasm went through my body like several charges of electricity I had a mind blowing orgasm! I let out loud moans till the time the orgasm lasted. Ritu wasted no time after I had cum and got on all fours with her ass facing Harry."My turn honey! " she turned her haid and told Harry and Harry obliged by pulling out of me and drilled his cock,which was covered in my juices into Ritu`s dripping pussy! He didnt take it slow,he put his hands on Ritu`s ass and held on to her, and instantly started grinding Ritu doggystyle! Ritu was loud,she obviously enjoyed having her pussy eaten,from her expressions and loud moans I could tell that she loved getting fucked by a big fat cock like Harry`s even more! Harry was banging into her pussy.
"Spank my ass baby,a whore like me deserves to be punished!!" she exclaimed!
Harry lifted his hand and put a loud slap on her ass,which left her fair ass red,the impressions of his hand could be seen on her ass cheek! "You have been a bad,bad girl havent you Rituparna?!?" he said,fucking her like there was no tomorrow!
"Oh yesss! Yesss honey! Im a very naughty very bad whore! A cunting whore Honey! AAAAAHHHHH YESSS!!!! Fuck me like that baby ,OH YESS,YOU FUCK ME SO WELL HONEY!!! IM YOUR CUNTING WHORE!!! AAAHHH FUCK ME!!! MAKE ME YOUR BITCH!!!"

The 2 of them were going wild,even while I was recovering from my intense orgasm,they were fucking like wild bunnys! Actually Rituparna was more like a mad bitch in heat!!! I was enjoying just watching them fuck as my hand went down to my pussy and I started rubbing myself! In sometime Harry started grunting, "Ohhhh Im coming bitch! Ohhh Im gonna explode!!!"
"Oh yes cum inside me Harry,fill me up with your hot cum!" Ritu said between moans!
Harry let out a loud grunt and exploded inside Ritu! He must have come for close to a minute,because he filled her up enough for his cum to overflow and drip out of her pussy and fall on the bed! After the long orgams he pulled out oh her and as he sat on one side of the bed, Ritu lay down and asked me to finish her climax,which she was evidently very close to! She lay down with her legs spread, facing up!As I put my mouth on her pussy,the first thing I tasted was Harry`s cum still flowing out of her.She was already close to an orgasm when Harry came,so I didnt have to work on her pussy very long before she too exploded! She came with a loud scream just like me! And her whole body went nto convulsions and spasm under me! Her own juices oozed out with Harry`s cum and I enjoyed licking it all up! Once she was done coming she pulled me up and we locked into a tight embrace.Harry too joined us soon and as we hugged and cuddled,we started giving each other tongue baths all over! Very soon we noticed Harry`s cock slowly and steadily coming back to life,getting ready for round 2. As it turns out,that night we had more than 2 rounds,close to 8 actually,sometimes me and Ritu went at it on our own even as Harry took his time with a drink,watching us! It was my most awesome fuck marathon till then.It left me numb and feeling sweet all over! Little did I know,that my already topsy turvy world,was about to get weirder!