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Mom Taken during Navratri – Part 2

January 1, 2015 5 comments

This is the second and final part. Whatever I write below, I have the most respect for all the moms around the world. Nothing can beat you as a human being. Nothing can beat your sexiness. Nothing can beat your care. You are the sex goddess any child can dream of. It’s only you that makes my dick go la la la. Love!

Cont. from Part -1

I always had lust towards my mom. And it had to happen that way because she is the only female close to us and we trust her more than anything. And to have such a beauty as your mom is a blessing in disguise. I thought usually all the stories were just fantasies and that such things do not actually happen. But what happened in front of my eyes changed it all.
Since that day I could not trust my mom anymore. She always used to say that not to be with bad boys. They will get their thing by bad means and by hook or crook. You should not lose the good man in you. But then why did she do that? I did not understand. She used to avoid conversation about Ranveer. And whenever I used to bring any friends to my house she did not like it. I thought she may be regretting what had happened.
Ranveer thereafter never came to my house. Now my mom’s behavior started improving. She did not avoid talking about Ranveer but kept the topic short. This was a good thing to me. I thought of defaming him. But my mom used to take his side saying he is not a bad guy! How do I let her know what I had seen, and how can my mom say that. I was shocked. On my birthday 2 months afterwards I was given a mobile phone as a gift. I was happy as ever. I sat down to configure my mobile as I had formatted it, and took my mom’s mobile to copy the internet settings. I saw many missed called notifications which was of afternoon. This did not set anywhere. Then what I saw in her messages shocked me to the core. She was having intimate chat with someone. She was trying to hide it and I never knew about it. She was cheating behind my dad’s back. Those messages were in the sent messages folder.
1: “Wait Raja”
2: “I fk u 2, my luv. hahaha”
3: “for u only my lion.”
4: “Ruko naaa. My son is on the computer”
I could very well make out that they used to chat together online. But none of his messages were present. She had not deleted her messages from the sent folder. I immediately installed a key logger software on my pc. Next day I got my mom’s Facebook password as that was the only page she logged into.

What I saw in the chat was the biggest shock of my life! Mom’s intimate friend was none other than the bastard Ranveer! I never hated mom any more for this. How could she. That bastard had guts to chat intimate with my mom. They use to have kinky chats too.

Now everything started to seem right. Whenever I was logged into Facebook chat from my mobile my mom used to shout at me to shut it and to sit down and study. I thought my mom was looking after me. But instead she used to be in Facebook to chat with the bully. That’s how she knew I was online. But why does she ask me to go offline I never knew.

Their conversation varied from sex chat of teacher student to ‘my friends hot mom type. He used to ask her what she wore and she used to reply to him. He used to send his erect cock’s photos to her. She always praised his cock and wrote like ‘pink pussy for my lion only’ and stuff. Ranveer used to visit my house when I was not there on weekdays. This explained why he bunked classes and sometimes my mom looked tired. He never listened to my mom’s request of wearing condom. He always ejaculated in her. They discussed all this in the chat.
Their life was driven by lust.

The thought that he fucks my mom on her marital bed when no was around was even worse. He used to enjoy my mom’s sexy figure. Her perfect, tight & milky ass. Firm and round boobs. The woman whom I started to fantasize was being had by a bastard. If this had to be lust then I could provide it to her too.

Thinking this I decided to show my mom my desire. At night I masturbated on her name without closing my room’s door. I sensed that my mom could hear my murmurs while I masturbated. She did check me out once in the dark but ever said anything. I was sure that my mom knew my intentions. While having dinner I used to appreciate her beauty. But then all of a sudden she said ‘Find yourself a girl’.

My reply: ‘When I have such a beautiful woman at home, why should I?’ My mom paused eating for a second and told me ‘stop joking and find a girl of your own age. I am your mom!’. Then who the hell was she for? Even Ranveer was of my age! And she was sleeping with boy of my age and servicing him! ‘You are still a kid’ she told me.
I was disheartened on hearing this from coming from my mom’s lips. The lips which used to give blowjob to Ranveer’s cock; and which he French kissed deeply.
I next day logged into her FB. She called him her man
‘You are a man. At such an age I love getting treated by your lust for me’
‘you know I love it when you play with my mangalsutra on my boobs while your dick is in my pussy’
‘Be my wife then. Be my bitch’, Replied Ranveer.
‘I am married my lion. We can always have sex. Ignore Sidd. My pussy is only for you. Poor guy keeps jacking away all night’
Ranveer: ‘Let me come right now and fuck you darling. While he is jacking off to some fantasy, I will ram his mom’s beauty. After all you are mine right’
Mom: ‘Oh baby. My pussy gets wet when you say such things.’

I thought of telling my dad. But that would lead to them fighting which I did not want. Also as my dad was not in town I was scared if my mom would hit me. Though I loved my mom, I was scared of her as she was not the mom I knew before.

But I never saw him coming to my home.
At tuition I heard a rumor that Ranveer has an awesome looking rich prostitute on his birthday night. Ranveer was known for this. But the rumour was only he enjoyed with her. And that he was her regular customer. She charged fifty thousand for one time. She was in her twenties and looked like a sex goddess. Her leg shone milky white in her mini skirt and she was in a sports bra. I envied Ranveer how he enjoyed his life. He was a bully and very bad in academics, but always used to get away with his bad behavior. Girls would entertain him though they knew he was a bad boy. 


But then something struck me. On Ranveer’s birthday he did not invite me. It was Saturday and my mom as usual went for nights walk in her tight gym trousers and tight t shirt. I went to sleep.


At 12 in the morning I got a missed call from my mom’s mobile. When I tried to call back it was switched off. I got worried. She usually used to be back at 11:45 in the night after her walk. I thought she was in her room and thought to ask her in the morning. Next day when I asked her she said she dialed my number by mistake.
The description that I had heard matched that of my mom’s from the rumors that I heard. I again searched for my mom’s mobile and got my answer:

‘Hny wait. Lt me put on d dress u gave me. w l be there in 15 mins.’ I searched her cupboard and saw the exact dress. Her panty was covered with cum stains, and so was her bra!

I did not know how to react. I came to know that Ranveer along with his friend used to do threesome with my mom once a month. Of course they did not know she was my mother. Anyone would consider her as an unmarried lady because of her figure and looks.


Ranveer started hanging around my house. Sometimes he would visit me on pretext of seeing me. He goes to the kitchen while I am watching TV. I see on my TV’s screen reflection of the kitchen. He spanks my mom’s butt and presses her boob from behind. Then he drags her out of sight towards the back of my house. I do not know what they did. I got up and asked mom, “Do you have the batteries for remote?” I saw they were in the backyard and mom’s lips were wet. And Ranveer had a tent on his pant. My mom’s mangalsutra was not on her chest. I wondered where it would have been. I saw it lying on the branches of one of the plant. Mom told me it’s in the drawer in her room. I said ok. Mom told him to come with me and watch TV. Instead he said he wanted to learn gardening from her. My mom smiled at him and said ‘Awww… I will teach you. Look Sidd, at least he is interested in doing. Not useless like you!’ I saw something shining on my mom’s cleavage that could be seen. It was none other than his saliva on her chest.

Ranveer looked at me and laughed. I decided to confront them and tell them that I know it all. But what would their reaction be? What if mom beats me and Ranveer takes advantage of it? Ranveer came back asking me if I have a girlfriend or not. He said that my mom looked so young that he would like to have her as his girlfriend.
‘Shut up’ I said. Ranveer’s smile went away on seeing my anger on my face. I doubt whether he knew what I had seen. Ranveer’s trip to my house continued. Sometimes when I am upstairs he would have his chance on my mom. Thought my mom would object he would not listen. When I was coming down I heard heavy breaths.
Ranveer whispering: ‘Sexy bitch. ’

‘My Mohini, you ass is only for me. Not your husbands’

I peeped and saw my mom’s maxi pulled up till her waist. His hands were on my mom’s milky waist and his dick in my mom’s pink pussy. He was ramming away like a lion. She covered her mouth with her palm and his hairy legs were hitting away on her smooth milky and shapely thighs. After 10 minutes of ramming her he took out his dick and sprayed his thick white cum into her bra cups. She wore her bra very fast with grin on her face. When done, she winked at him and he spanked her boob. She pinched his ass. He mimicked as if kissing her and she pouted her lips and gave him 2 quick flying kiss. (She looked down at his crotch and licked her lips wet)


After a week I saw her wearing tight jeans and t-shirts without mangalsutra. She had stopped wearing them long back. The jeans showed her perfect ass shape. This was new for me in this time. How much will she transform I thought. She went for her daily walk, but a little late. I decided to follow her. After she was out I took my bike and followed her car. At about 2 kilometers away I saw her stopping and Ranveer getting into the car. What the fuck! How much will he degrade my mom? My mom never wears tight jeans whenever she is with me, but now she is doing it and Ranveer is getting to feast on her tight ass and boobs. They went away to watch a movie.

I waited in the parking lot to see if they go somewhere else after the movie. But then I saw them coming. My mom was like his girlfriend. Wearing tight jeans and walking close to him. From behind his right palm was inside mom’s jeans pocket on her right ass cheek. I could make out from the outline on her tight ass that he was squeezing her ass. Mom looked behind in my direction to see if someone was watching them. When she did so, Ranveer licked her chin. When she moved her face to the other direction, he bit her milky neck like a vampire and began to smooch her. The noise of their smooching was so loud that it could be heard meters away. Two boys walking towards their vehicle saw them and I heard them saying ‘Maal hai bhenchod’.


The second boy said: ‘He looks too young man! But the lady is awesome piece! How did he get her?’

My dick started growing seeing him kneading her ass through her jeans. Then they got into my mom’s car and drove away. I was behind them. She was driving not towards our home but another direction and stopped beneath a tree on a deserted road. I do not know what was happening inside but I knew they were having sex inside my mom’s car. I saw the photo later on in my mom’s mobile.

The first photo of was of them in a French kiss while his hand was clutching her silky hair. Second photo of my mom sitting on his lap and he was cupping her boobs. She was pouting her lips which looked so seductive. Third photo: of my mom’s jeans till her knees and his dick in her pussy. Her mouth formed a perfect ‘O’ and her eyes closed. He had pulled my mom’s head back by pulling at her hair and his mouth sucking her nipple. I could see the car humping itself on its suspension. Then I came across another photo of hers on a bed which was not ours. Her thighs had teeth marks, her boob had a hickey. I saw the date and that was the day of Ranveer’s birthday! That was Ranveer’s house. Her navel had cum on it, other photo of my mom in doggy style. And Ranveer’s friend’s head buried in my mom’s firm ass. He was the same boy who used to be with Ranveer and stare at girls every time. Those bustards enjoyed my mom. I don’t know why these photos were in my mom’s mobile. But I took my dick out and started masturbating looking at her photos. She was the best sexy MILF one could lay their hands on.

9 11 13

Thereafter their meeting was very discreet. But he would regularly bunk the classes and I knew where he was. I was not able to concentrate during the class. My grades and marks started going down. I would watch porn more often and jack off to my mom and Ranveer’s photos on my mom’s mobile. My mom was like actress Tamanna to me. One day my I got very less marks. My mom started scolding me for it, saying that I was not the boy who used to get good marks in class.

‘Even you are not the same mom I knew’ I blurted out. She slapped me saying how I dare say that.
‘You always go with Ranveer and do so much for him but you never do it for me’. My mom stood like a statue when she heard that. ‘What do you mean?’
‘I mean you are so beautiful mom, But you ask me to get a girl of my age. Even Ranveer is of my age mom. Isn’t that wrong?’
‘Mind your language. How dare you say that?’
‘I saw it all in your mobile. Don’t lie to me mom’

She started shouting on me for spying on her. With teary eyes she went to her room and closed the door shut. I went to my room and slept.

Next morning mom made breakfast to me but did not talk to me. Even I did not talk to her. Ranveer bunked the tuitions. I was curious whether she would have sex with him. But he came 20 minutes late. I was happy that mom has stopped everything. My mom that night wore the black latex mini skirt that Ranveer and given her and a short pink top and went away in her car. Her milky thighs and long slender legs were so inviting. My mouth started watering looking at her. The top was so tight that her boob’s complete size could be seen. She did not wear a mangalsutra but had a silver chain around her smooth sexy neck.


Every step that she took, her boobs would bounce and jiggle. This made her milky cleavage with the silver chain even sexier. She ignored me completely when I called out to her. I went to my room and started masturbating imagining my mom in the mini skirt and strip teasing me.
After about an hour I heard my mom moaning in the kitchen. I thought mom was crying. When I went downstairs I saw mom lying on the dining table and Ranveer’s face in between her thighs licking away her honey pot in glory. Her mini skirt was pushed up till her stomach. Her eyes were closed. I just stood there, didn’t know what to say. My dick started reacting to my mom’s nakedness. My mom was offering her body to him as if she is under his spell.

‘Ooooooh darling. You suck sooo aaaaaaaooo goooood!!’

He dipped his tongue into her vagina and fingered her clitoris. She wriggled beneath him.

‘Ohh fuck. Shiiiiiiiiiittttt!!’ He inserted two fingers into her pink and wet pussy. My mom screamed and moved her head side to side. Her eyes closed.

‘Aahhhhh.aaaaaaaaahhhhhaah ah aah aaah aaaah ’

She opened her eyes and saw me standing on the stairs. She ignored me and pulled him up and French kissed his face. 

Her tongue in his mouth, and his in hers. He was clutching her arms in his palms and kissing like mad. She unbuckled his pants and his large veiny cock came out.

“Such a lovely cock you have there. Uuuummm aaaahh Like a man. Hmm? aah Show me how a man should take care of the woman he fantasizes so much… Fuck me the way you always wanted to. “

He started teasing her and rubbing the brown purple head of his dick on her pussy.
‘uungghhh’ ‘ooohhhh’.

She started cooing like a pussy cat. She had totally forgotten about me. He fucked her like a rag doll. Biting bites on her boobs. She moaned at every thrust that he gave her.

‘Ahhh babyyy..aaah aaaah ummmmmmmmmm’

After one round she pushed him off. This took Ranveer by surprise and asked

‘You are acting like a real bitch baby.’
‘Mom!!’ I shouted.

‘Show my son how to fuck a MILF.’ She said looking at me.
Ranveer looked in the direction my mom was looking at and saw me. He was shocked and started to collect his clothes. I started coming down the stairs to beat him up but my mom came in the way and hugged him and started smooching him and started a French kiss again.


‘My Ranveer. Show this kid how to fuck someone like me. He needs to learn. He won’t harm you.’

She kneeled down in front of him and started liking his balls and dick from top to bottom. Ranveer looked at me and my erect dick and grinned at me.

‘Enjoy kiddo. Your mom is an excellent teacher’
‘Teacher? You used to call me your slut? Aren’t I the sexiest bitch my husband? Hmmm?’

“Yes, my bitch.”
He pulled her up and made her doggy style. He fucked her ass relentlessly till she was not able to walk.

She squealed like a rat when he entered her asshole. She threw her head up ward as he held onto her hair like riding a horse. Her ass cheeks were vibrating at each jerk by his cock. His fingers were gripping her smooth flesh on her nipple and twisting it.

‘Oooohh Aaaaaaaaaaiiii… Uiiimaaaaaaa don’t make me pregnant baby’ ‘you are too much for my ass. Oww Aaaah Aaaaaahhhhhh Aaaaahhhh’

‘Stop it mom! I will tell dad’

‘Don’t worry son. Treat him as your dad. ’

‘Yes kiddo. Go to your room. Let your mom and me enjoy idiot.’

Saying this he lifted mom up and went to her room and locked it.
I sat there thinking what to do? My dad was really a good person. May be if I pleaded to mom she will regret it. Or I will tell dad to come home anyway.
I could hear my mom’s moaning and cooing for two long hours. And then he slept with mom till morning.

That day on-wards Ranveer never came to my place. Nor did mom go for her walk. I learned that Ranveer told my mom to run away with her but she declined and they had a fight . Later she broke all ties with him. My mom had cleverly taken his nude photos to blackmail him. I read this all in their Facebook.

I urged my dad that we move in with him. He agreed. But still, I never got a chance to sleep or touch her. But now my dad takes care of her pleasure. Ranveer apologized to me but I ignored him. He as usual bullies me describing my mom’s pink pussy and how tight it was. How she sucked him with his friend on her birthday. He wanted me to talk to mom about him in exchange he will get me a prostitute.

When I declined he said my mom was the best and should sleep with her. He would temp me talking about her smooth buttery skin and her legs. How he held her waist. I blocked him completely. And so did my mom. We went to stay with dad and left the past behind.

Just for the sake of peace I did not tell dad anything and rarely spoke to mom. She is more caring towards me but I never talk to her about sex or my girlfriend. Sometimes her behavior is cold towards me but she cares for me. She said she made a mistake and that you are my bold and its wrong. At this new place also people stare at my mom and I jack off thinking of my mom with someone else.
Bastard Ranveer has had his time of his life with my mom, my sex goddess. Mail me for feedback and be in touch.
Once again, moms are always the best fuck! Love you all.

Mom Taken during Navratri – Part 1

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We live in a posh area of the city. I am the only child of my parents. We are an upper class family and quite rich but I won’t boast on that. My dad is a rich person and holds business while mom is a home maker. She used to be a part of a dance troop in her earlier days. Read more…

Karan plays with Sidd’s mom – Part III

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Karan plays with Sidd’s mom – Part II

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Continued from Part I->

Sangeeta went to her bathroom and sat down…Thinking whether she was doing right or wrong.. She felt guilty of what she did.

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Karan plays with Sidd’s mom – Part I

February 5, 2011 1 comment



Sangeeta got up as usual from her bed to make breakfast for her husband. He was to go to U.S. for some work and she was to send him off at the airport. She tied her dark brown hair in a clip, letting her smooth creamy neck exposed. They were a high class people and were Guajarati’s settled in Delhi. They had just shifted into their new bungalow a year back. She went to the kitchen and started making tea. Sangeeta was a sexy and attractive woman even at the age of 39! She had a fair glowing skin with a curvaceous body and firm breasts! Her waist was the most attractive of all when she wore sari.

Her tummy was very fair and smooth like that of any hot actress!!She had once even did modeling for two years and liked dancing very much. Sangeeta always knew this that she was the centre of attraction among men during get together in the society and even when she went shopping or travelling…Once while travelling in train, a man sitting next to her used to deliberately move his thighs against hers and would always stare at her when her husband Rajeev wasn’t around. But she avoided all men because she had always been a reserved category but very much open minded with modern values.

Her son Siddharth was still asleep in his bedroom as usual. Siddharth was in 11th standard and was a bright student! But he always longed to see a girl naked and was a horny boy and so was his classmate Karan, who was his neighbor. But Karan was jealous of Siddharth because he was always ahead of him in studies and also because his friend Siddharth’s mom was very sexy hot and sizzling babe! Sometimes when Sangeeta used to visit Karan’s house to have a talk with his mom, Karan would go upstairs and would peak from the little space in between the stairs. He would glare at her body standing near the staircase and start masturbating.

After preparing breakfast Sangeeta went to take bath and her husband got ready and had breakfast. Then both of them got ready to leave for the airport. By that time Siddharth had already woke up and was watching TV after having breakfast. Seeing his mom in that sari, he forgot he was watching TV. She had worn a red sari which looked attractive on her fair smooth skin. And the blouse which was backless had just three strings behind at the backside, exposing her smooth and yummy back fully. Siddharth greeted his father goodbye and his parents left for the airport in their car.

When Sangeeta returned, and was about to enter her house, she sensed that someone was following her. She quickly turned back and saw Karan walking behind her and asked ‘Kaisa hai?(how are you?)’ and smiled. Karan immediately shifted his gaze from her sexy shining backless waist to her face and replied that his mom wanted to talk to her right now.

Sangeeta asked ‘right now?’ ‘


‘Kyun kya hua?(why what happened)’

‘Pata nahi(don’t know)’ he replied.

Then both of them walked towards Karan’s house. Karan’s heart was beating more rapidly. He purposely walked behind her so that he could see her back. ‘Kitni chikni maal hai (what a sizzling piece she is)’ he thought to himself. Karan’s mom greeted Sangeeta cheerfully, so did Sangeeta. Then they started talking while Karan went upstairs and started masturbating imagining himself licking Sangeeta’s firm breasts and biting her back and neck. He heard his mom telling Sangeeta that they were going to their hometown on Saturday and will not be able to take Karan as they will be having their term papers soon, so would she mind accommodating Karan for a week.

Hearing this Karan stopped masturbating and smiled broadly with happiness and waited to hear Sangeeta’s reply. Sangeeta said she did not have any problem n her son would get company too. Karan went to his room and continued his masturbating with new zeal thinking about the days to come.

On Saturday Karan’s parents left at 6 in the morning and Karan couldn’t wait to see Sangeeta. Siddharth was sleeping in his room on the ground floor, while Sangeeta’s room was on the first floor. She showed Karan his room which was adjacent to hers.

That day passed by normally. Sunday morning Karan was reading newspaper in living room while Siddharth was still sleeping as he used to sleep for long durations at stretch. Sangeeta had just had her bath and sat besides Karan to read the paper as well. Her wet hair was tied in her towel and she was wearing her nightie. Karan started getting a hard on so he went upstairs saying he was going to bath and went straight into Sangeeta’s room. He went to her bathroom and saw her panties and black bra lying ther that she had worn the previous day.

He smelled the panties and licked it and then took the bra with him to his room. He locked it from inside, covered his cock of 8 inches with her silky bra and started masturbating very fast. Within fifteen minutes he exploded into the two cups of her bra. Then he wiped it off from her bra when he heard a knock on the door and placed it under his pillow. Sangeeta asked him to come down for breakfast. He quickly had bath and went down. Siddharth was already there. Sangeeta scolded Siddharth for always having breakfast without having bathed first and started praising Karan. Siddharth made faces at Karan while Karan smiled back.

‘Karan, apne dost ko kuch sikhao (karan,teach your friend something)’, she said to Karan and Karan and Sangeeta laughed. At this Sidd got irritated.

At about 11′ o clock, Sangeeta asked Siddharth to accompany her for shopping but he refused saying he had to study. She went upstairs and told Karan that she was going shopping and will be back in a while.

‘Aap akeli jaa rahe ho? Sidd nahi ja raha?(Are you going alone? Isn’t Sidd accompanying you?)’Karan asked.

‘Nah, Sidd wants to study so he won’t come’ she replied.

‘Ok I will come with you then’

‘Don’t you have to study and your homework?’

‘Completed yesterday’ said Karan.

‘Ok then get ready.’

Then she went down. Karan remembered that her bra was still with him so he went fast and went into her bathroom to put it back. But by that time he heard Sangeeta was already coming up so he closed the bathroom door but kept it unlatched as it was before to avoid any suspicion in her mind. He hid behind the bathroom door. She entered the room and locked it from inside and went up to her cupboard and opened it. Karan gathered courage and tried peeping from the unlatched door and saw her taking a white shirt and a jeans to wear.

Then she started undoing her nightie and dropped it on her bed. Karan’s jaw dropped and he saw her with complete lust. His dick started throbbing seeing her naked with just her bra and panty. What a perfect round and sexy figure man! She was very fair and had a shining skin with nice round ass and a smooth yummy back. Her thighs were of perfect shape and her stomach and chest were lovely. And with her Mangalsutra lying on her delicious neck and in between her two boobs looked sexier. She was surely very hot and beautiful woman. He started jacking off. Karan had never imagined that he would get so lucky and would get to see Sangeeta naked and that too so closely. Then she wore her jeans. Her jeans perfectly took the shape of her perfect thighs and buttocks and hugged them tightly. Karan sat down on the floor and increased his speed and again ejaculated. She then let her silky dark brown hair loose till her boobs.

But then he realized what situation he was in and waited tensely for her to get out of her room. Sangeeta then put lotion on her hands, chest and face. It was a hot scene. Then she sprayed deodorant on her armpits, put on her shirt and started buttoning it. Luckily everything happened as he wanted and she went downstairs. Then Karan cleaned himself and changed and went downstairs. Sangeeta told Sidd that they both were going out and will be back in an hour. Karan couldn’t help but gaze at her thighs and ass as she walked. Her ass moved sexily in a seductive manner as she took every step.

Then they went away in her car. At the mall he tried his best to touch her,so that she felt comfortable with him. Once while taking the bag from her hand he tried to grip her fingers and second time in the lift when there was less space he stood very close to her and almost leaned on her while his hand was touching her waist.

After they returned Karan jacked off once more and fell asleep. Then at night after dinner Siddharth was studying as usual while Karan waited for Sangeeta to reach her room. When she went in Karan went into her room, and asked Sangeeta for permission to watch his favorite movie tonight on TV.

‘Why not? Isme puchne waali kya baat hai. Apna hi ghar samjho (what is there to ask? consider it as your own house) and be comfortable. Treat me as your best friend. You and Sidd are both the same to me. Ok?’She replied with a smile and placed her palm on his chin. Karan felt tense and at the same time happy that Sangeeta had touched him. His lust took over him and he immediately caught hold of her waist and hugged her tightly. She got shocked by this gesture of his and caught hold of his hands which were gripping her back.

‘Thank you so much, for allowing me to see’, he said while still hugging her. While in that position he smelled her neck and stared at her skin closely. He resisted his urge to bite her yummy neck. He jumped two times while still hugging her so that she doesn’t think that he was doing it purposefully. In an instant she removed his hand from her waist and stepped backwards saying, ‘ What has happened to you?’ ‘I’m very happy. I thought that I wouldn’t get to watch the movie tonight. I was dying to see that movie. That’s why’, said Karan cheerfully and content that he had her body in his arms for some time. Hearing this Sangeeta got light headed and giggled and asked which movie it was.

‘Death Race’ Karan replied. Then he went down to watch at about 1 ‘o clock in the night. After about half an hour Sangeeta came down to drink water. She took a glass of water and sat besides him. She looked hot as ever and Karan soon covered his hip region with the sofa pillow.

‘Neend nahi aayi?(Not able to sleep?)’He asked.

‘Nahi, aaj dopahar ko so gayi thi. Maine suna hai death race is a good film. So I thought I will watch it too’ she said with a smile.(Nope, I slept at noon. I have heard death race is a good film.So I thought I will watch it too)

‘Tum boys ko race itna pasand kyun hai mujhe samajh nahi aata.'( why do you boys like race so much, i don’t understand)

‘Tum ladki ho na, isliye(because u are a girl)’ he replied in a mischievous way.

‘Oh really?’ Sangeeta said.

Karan laughed away wishing he could lick her pink lips. His mouth started watering and action inside his pants had started. Thanks to the sofa pillow. He started changing his sitting position quite often. Karan thought that now is the perfect time to seduce her, as even Sidd was sleeping and only they both were alone in the dark watching TV.

Sangeeta soon noticed Karan and asked ‘why are you acting so restless? Is it the adrenalin in the race?’ she paused and added ‘or the girl’ she flashed a smile at him. Karan made up his mind to play naughty with her as he thought she was in mood and replied ‘both. She is one of my favorite actress’ Then he took some courage, his heart was pounding fast as ever and said,’ and you too look like her’ ‘What? Are you kidding or serious?’ ‘Well not like her, but I meant to say that you are very beautiful!!’…she just smiled at him.

He asked her whether she had any boyfriend or not when she was young. She paused for a second and said no. Karan thought that it was going very slow and this was his only chance, so lastly he spoke’ can I tell u one thing?’ She kept her eyes on the TV and nodded yes.

He adjusted his position so that he was facing her and said ‘Aunty you look so beautiful like you. In fact this is my secret which I’m telling to you only. You look so hot and I want to kiss you every time I see you’. Sangeeta got shocked and in a fit of rage threw the water left in the glass on his face. Then she waited for a second and then went upstairs very angry. Karan lifted his gaze from the floor and watched her go. He had never seen her so angry. His heart was full of guilt now. He had no mood to watch the movie anymore and so he wiped the floor and went to his room.

The next day he didn’t have courage to look into her face .When Siddharth was around, both of them would pretend as if nothing happened, but in absence of him, they remained quite. She noticed that he had stopped greeting her good morning and good night. Two days passed by like this. But still Karan wanted her like bad he would keep jerking off taking her name. On Wednesday night at around 11 pm when Karan was going to his room, Sangeeta called him into her room with a stern face. Initially he hesitated and didn’t know what to do, but when she called out to him again in a firm voice he went in and closed the door as she used to do whenever the AC was turned on, but he didn’t latch it. She asked him to sit besides her. She was looking hot and sensual as usual. Her skin on her neck, face, chest and hand were shining and glowing in the faint lamp light.

She was looking very hot in that silky night gown. She looked like some high class model, but still she was a mom! She broke the silence- ‘Karan, main teri kya lagti hoon? (What do I look to you?)’ Karan remained silent out of fear. She asked the question once again but he didn’t answer. ‘Look Karan, you are of my son’s age, and you saying such things aren’t acceptable! How could you think of me like that, huh? Now stop being restless and sad. I didn’t think that your mom leaving u to stay in my house would do this to you.’ ‘I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help myself’, said Karan still looking down, tears forming in his eyes.

‘But Karan I am a mother. Your friend’s mom, for god sake calm down your desires’ ‘But I can’t control aunty. You told me that I can consider you as my friend, but you always turn me on and I die to see you. I can’t concentrate in my studies and I become restless when your picture flashes in my mind.’ ‘Oh shut up! Think before u say! I understand that boys so go through this stage but I am a married and lot more elder then you. Look for girls of your age’ she said irritated. ‘I can’t help. You are far better than any girls! He said with his heads down ashamed to look at her and say. ‘Oh shut up’ she said with her widened eyes. She looked helplessly at the ceiling.

After a minute of silence she just said one word ‘Ok’ and went and latched the door. Karan stood up in confusion. She came back and stood near to him and told him ‘See me if you want to’. While saying this she wasn’t making eye contact with him and was looking the other way. But he stood there confused. When he didn’t act she uttered again ‘If you want to see me then see me.’

Karan sensed it that it was a positive response. He went ahead with his watering mouth and trembling hands. ‘But keep it a secret or else I will tell your mom what all you told me’ she said.

He clutched her waist with his hand and hugged her very tightly and said ‘Thank you’. She gasped and opened her mouth to reply, but didn’t say anything and remained silent. He then untied the knot of her nightie and then let it fall apart and fell on the floor. He stared at her body with his heart beating fast. She looked like some hot porn star in that black bra which was protecting her boobs and her v-shaped panty was more sensual. Her boobs were perfectly round and bigger than average size. Her skin was shining like she had just taken shower.

Her fair body was a contrast to her black bra and panty. His rod started throbbing and was clearly visible through his pants. Sangeeta wasn’t looking at his face due to shame. She knew was showing herself to her son’s horny friend. But this was the only way she could think of.

He again hugged her tightly and let his cock push into her. She knew it had to happen if he saw her like this. She sighed when his hard cock pushed into her hip. He sensed that she was cool with his rod pushing into her so he decided to have her a glimpse of it to turn her on. He made her lie down on the bed and took off his pants. She got shocked ‘What are you doing. I didn’t give u permission for that!’ As soon as he removed his underwear, his 9 inch thick cock sprang out. When she saw his cock she opened her mouth in disbelief at its size. ‘It was paining so I had to remove my underwear, I’m sorry’. Sangeeta just stared at his cock open mouthed. She hadn’t seen such a huge cock. Her husband had only 6 inches. His cock made her go weak in her knees. ‘I’m sorry’ he said again. She just nodded her head.

She was somehow attracted by its size but she dared not give a hint to him. She told herself in her mind ‘ Control yourself’ He then asked very politely ‘Can I at least kiss u once? It’s my dream. Please?’ ‘I thought of you as a good boy but you are just the opposite!’ ‘Please’ ‘Ok if you wish to, but only once’ Without wasting time he jumped onto her and first kissed onto her cheek. Then he kissed on her pink and smooth lips. But she didn’t part her lips. He tried two to three times. But she didn’t give in and turned her head to her left. Now he took out his tongue and tried to force it into her lips. She opened her mouth to say ‘No’ but instead when was about to speak he pushed his tongue inside.

Sangeeta’s eyes widened, but she couldn’t help as Karan was a strongly built boy more energetic to control her. He had caught hold of both her hands. She tried to resist, but instead only sounds like ‘mmmmm’ ‘Pffmmmmmmm’ ‘MMMMMMMM’ were heard.

She cursed herself for letting him kiss her in her mind. Their tongue met each other in their mouth. He started licking her tongue. He was kissing very passionately. The sight of his hard and big cock kept flashing into her mind. It was turning her on. This went around for two minutes and she slowly started coordinating with him and started giving up to him. He placed one of his hands on her boobs and pressed it gently. She took a deep breath and he could feel her breath on his face. He then put both his hands to work while still lip locked. He pressed her left boob with left hand and her right boob with right hand. Sangeeta closed her eyes and started getting into the mood. Karan now knew that now she was his for the taking.

Even then she tried to protest a little by trying to take his hands off from her boobs thinking it wasn’t right, but however she tried, she wasn’t successful. She tried to speak but she was lip-locked. She was completely helpless. At one hand she didn’t want to do this but he wasn’t listening, and on the other hand she was getting excited and enjoying his kiss and fondling and more then that, his dick did wonders.

He kept kissing her and at the same time he was massaging her boobs with more force. Meanwhile he adjusted himself and lay completely on her so that his dick pressed onto her hip. She shivered once on the instant when his dick pressed her vagina and she moved her tongue more into his mouth and for an instant licked his tongue very hard. He was making her go crazy with his kiss, fondling and dick pressing. Her breathing became more deep and fast. He liked it when he felt her breath on his face while kissing.


She started making noise little by little. When he was content that she wouldn’t protest, he broke of the kiss and eyed her neck and started licking her left side of neck. Sangeeta started breathing through her mouth now. She somehow developed a liking for his dick and forgot what he was doing with her. He then changed the side and then bit her on right on the nape of her neck. She moaned slightly. He then proceeded downward towards her chest, and inspected each and every inch of her chest and boobs, her skin. She felt shame because of what he was doing so just closed her eyes to avoid looking.

He pressed her right boob a little and watched her flesh in her boob swelling. He did the same to the left boob and then started pressing both of the boobs simultaneously increasing the force on her boobs. He loved the way her boobs swelled when he pressed them. Her breathing increased and her chest was responding to his fondling. When he pressed, she breathed in and her chest would move up more. More than that he loved the expressions, aunt’s beautiful face had. A look of helplessness and excitement. He was going mad with excitement and his dick was going restless between her shining thighs. He could feel her boobs getting hard.

What a lovely bitch he thought to himself. Feels like I have a beautiful actress for me, he thought. He increased the speed and fondled her boobs more rapidly. He smiled to himself when she started breathing heavily with her mouth and her eyes closed in excitement. He smiled even broadly on the thought that he was in bed with his friend’s hot mom. Lust and craziness overcome his gentle fondling and he pressed her right boob very so hard that she moaned out loudly.

‘Aaaaaaaaahh’. He squeezed both boobs very hard and she kept moaning ‘aaaaaaaa’ ‘ooooouuuuuhh’ ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh’ with closed eyes. And she lifted her head to sit up but in no time Karan kissed her lips and forced her to lie down on the bed and kept squeezing her juicy and firm boobs. Sangeeta clutched her fingers into a fist with excitement and then undid her fist. But again she lifted her hands above her head and caught the pillow in her fist.

Karan now placed his tongue’s tip between the cleavage of her boobs covered with black bra and moved his tongue upwards towards chest, then the neck. She had goose bumps on the touch of his tongue and cold saliva on her chest. Moreover the cool AC air was making her even more aroused. He licked her chest and then digging into her cleavage and wriggling his face into her cleavage left and right. Her moans increased. He started biting her boobs without removing her black bra. She moaned even more louder.’aaaaa’aaaa’ ‘sssssssh”aaaaaaaaaaa’.He then kept pressing her boobs and placed his face on her smooth tummy. She shivered and moaned louder ‘aaaahhhh’.

‘Ooohhhhhuuuuuu ….uuhhhhhhma…’aaaah”aaah’ and she started lifting her tummy upwards. He licked her smooth tummy in circular motion and pressed his face into her tummy and kissed. He kissed and kissed her tummy. Her tummy vibrated up and down. Whole room was full of sounds of his wet kisses like ‘sssslurp’ and heavy breathing and moaning from Sangeeta. He then looked at her while still licking her stomach. Her body had his saliva everywhere and her hands above her head twitching the pillow exposing her fair and smooth armpits. There wasn’t a single hint of hair on her armpit and it drove him crazy! He moved up and licked her smooth and fair armpits. She giggled a little ‘sssssss”ssshhh’ ‘aaaah’ and tried to remove his head from there. But nothing worked and he kept licking her left armpit with loud noises.

When she could not take it anymore and tried to cover her armpit, he immediately moved his mouth to right armpit and licked it like a mad dog. It excited her very much but she kept moving her body here and there and her legs moved up and down. Karan caught hold of both her smooth and fair hands and took it above their heads. Now he kissed her armpits freely and licked and tortured her both armpits till the whole area was overflowing with is saliva. He liked the way she resisted his armpit licking and wriggled her body under him. The more she tried to wriggle, the more his dick pressed her pussy region.

He then took both her wrists in one hand and with the left hand started playing and squeezing her boobs. She again started moaning loudly. ‘Aaaahhhhhh”aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’.

He then licked her shoulders and in the process removed the right strap of her black bra with his teeth . The black bra was contrast against her fair skin was very sexy. He then moved the right strap down even more till her nipples were exposed. His happiness knew no bounds when he got to look at her pink nipples which were like a dream come true to him. So perfect so round boobs with perfect pink nipple. He then dropped a drop of his saliva on her nipple and then started licking it and then suddenly bit the nipple with his teeth and she moaned ‘aaaaaaaah’ ‘uuuuuhhhmaaaa’ he then tried to take her whole nipple into his mouth. He then looked at her face and pinched her right nipple very hard and saw her expression. She opened her mouth wide open and moaned loudly with the part of her face covered with her silky dark brown hair.

He then pulled the left boob too out of its bra and started pinching both the nipples and started moving both of them sideways holding her nipples while she kept moaning ‘sssshhh’ aaahhh’ and moved her head here and there. It was 11:45pm into the night almost 45 minutes had passed. The whole room was full of her moans and his kisses and licking while outside the room downstairs Siddharth was sleeping soundly in his room, while his mom was wriggling under Karan naked wearing just her bra and panty.

Karan now turned Sangeeta around and bit on the backside of her smooth shoulder. Sangeeta whose face was facing the pillow lifted her head up with closed eyes. Then Karan had a look at her body. Her fair body was shining which was in contrast with her black bra and panty. Her waist was so sexy and curvy, and her sexy buttocks below looked so hot , that he bent down and bit her waist madly and licked it and then went down. He started rubbing his hand on her thighs and started licking her thighs and biting everywhere on her perfectly shaped thighs and she started moaning in pain and ecstasy. He then lifted her legs and licked there too.

Then again he went to her back started biting her back and neck from behind. He then removed the other strap too and then unlocked her bra and licked there too. He made her turn around and then went towards her thighs and started biting and licking her inner thighs near her vagina. She again started moaning loudly and let go of the pillow and moved her hands downwards and inserted her fingers into his hair and every now and then she lift her head up in ecstasy. He then looked at her naked boobs and moved up and started eating her boobs and chest. Her boobs had turned red due to his assault. Meanwhile he started rubbing her vagina from above her panty with his left hand. Sangeeta was in heaven and suddenly opened her eyes. She couldn’t take it anymore and realized that they both gone too far. She just wanted him to kiss her and see her but they had gone too far. But she would not let him see her pussy and not to forget fucking her.

If she waited some more time then supposedly he would fuck her too which she didn’t want to happen. Even she got carried away initially. She asked him to stop but he kept fingering her and biting her nipples. She forcefully removed his hand from panty and said ‘bas bohot hua. Now stop. Tumhe joh chahiye mil gaya.(Enough.Now stop. You got what you wanted)’ and she got up. But then he kept kissing her shoulder and then took her head in his hands and kissed her deeply on lips. She broke the kiss and got up quickly. She covered her breasts with her hands and took her bra and turned around and wore it and told him to go out now.

Karan was speechless as he thought he would be able to fuck her too. This act of hers saddened him but he just kept staring at her.

‘Jaoo ab jao bahar. Ab toh khush ho ke nahi?(Now go out. Aren’t you happy?)’

‘Yes, but…’

‘Go out then’ she cut him off with a firm face.

He wanted to do more with her, but didn’t wanted to spoil their relationship now which was at least better then previous two days and everything seemed to be in control now. So he had to obey. He wore his underwear, took his pants and went to his room locked it and started masturbating and exploded it fifteen minutes chanting her name like ‘Sangeeta, Sangeeta my darling, I will fuck you hot mama. My hottie sexy Sangeeta’. After he was finished, he went of to sleep naked. Sangeeta went into her bathrooom and sat down..


To be continued……….




Disclaimer: Pictures shown are for the imagination purpose only and do not resemble in any sense the real characters.