Friend fuck my mom


Hello readers sameer
here. I am back with another real story. This story is of one of my
friend. His name is Sanjay. He have given me the information and asked
me to write for him. Hope you all would like the incident.

Sanjay is a 21 year old boy doing his graduation. His father is in navy
and comes home once in a six months only for 15 days. His mother is a
very sexy lady and very attractive. She is 40 years old, but looks like
35, her hair reach to her ass, every one who sees her would love to
take hold of her hair and fuck her nice little mouth. Her figure is 36
30 36. She is a beautiful lady and extermely sexy. Every man would like
to sleep with her. Her name is Rani (name changed)

There was a party organised at a resort on the occassion of parents
day. Sanjay took his mom with him. Sanjay and his mom was sitting and
having drinks and one of sanjay friend vicky approach sanjay mom for
dance. She accepted it.

On the dace floor vicky started to dance with rani. She was looking
very hot in black colour saree and matching blouse which was exposing
her. As he took hold of her hand and when his other hand rested on her
waist his cock got erect and they both started dancing. First it was a
normal dance, then a slow musinc started to play and they where dancing
very close. Both can feel each other breaths.

While slow dance was going on vicky moved his hand to her ass and
started to feel her ass. As she did not said any thing he started
advancing his effort and started to squeez her ass. She was having one
lovely ass. She could also feel his erect cock on her thigh.

Suddenly he took his hand and lead her to the third floor. With in
seconds they where in a room and vicky was kissing rani on her lips.,
and was feelign her ass. After some time rani was in bra and panty and
vicky was kissing her whole body right from head to toe. She was
enjoying it. Vicky removed her bra and started fondling her boobs and
sucking her nipples while playing with other boobs. He sis same with
other boob.

Then he went down and played with her deep and beautiful navel. Then
went to her pussy and kissed her pussy above her panty. She gave a
moan. Then he remove her panty and kissed her pussy. He could smell her
pussy and was driving him crazy. He started to suck her pussy with
vigor and after some time started fingiring her pussy at the same time.
It was first time when she was reciving this type of service. She was
in heaven and her pussy juices where flowing freely. With in seconds
she reached her very first orgasm of that night.

Then he went and kissed her giving her the taste of her own juices.
Then he removed his underwear and made her suck him. She looked at his
cock. It was slightly bigger in length and width then her hubbys. She
first kissed the cock, then slowly took it inside her mouth. At first
she started to suck slowly and then she started to suck him fast.

In the mean while sanjay started finding his mom as she was not there.
When he reached the third floor he heared some voices. As he reached
the room, he could hear his mom voice. So he peeked inside and was
shocked to see his mom sucking the cock of his friebd vinit. Vinit was
catching his moms hair and was fucking her mouth with great speed.

After some time vicky asked her to lie down and he got on top of her.
He took his cock and touched her pussy lips. She asked not to tease her
but to fuck her. He slowly started to enter. As he went half in her
pussy she was tight. So he gave one hard push and she sreamed with pain
and he was fully inside her. As it was painign her he remained still
and started to kiss her and suck and play with her boobs, and slowly
started his movements. Once he was sure that there was no more pain for
her, he started fucking hr with slow and long strokes.

After some time he asked her to be in goddie position and entered her
from behind. He started to fuck her hard this time. She was loving him
and was moving her hips back to receive his hard jerks. He took hold of
her hair and was fucking her like he was riding a horse. He fucked her
for more then 15 mins and he was about u reach his orgasm. He annonced
and rani asked him not to cum in her pussy but in her mouth.

He removed his cock from her pussy and started to stroke his cock on
her face. With in mins he came on her face. Some of it went on her
hair. After he came they both felt on the bed. 

There was pin drop silience. Then she said thanks for pleasuring me. He
hugged her and took his middle finger to her ass hole and told her next
time be ready for this. She just smiled and went in the wash room to
clean her self.

All this act was seen by sanjay and he was shocked by wat he had seen.
After some time they returned to home and sanjay could not sleep the
whole night and the image of his cocm getting fucked by his friend was
coming in his mind and he was unable to forget.

  1. shabbir shah
    December 6, 2012 at 4:15 PM

    i like this story a real can you tell you friend that i too have impressed & want to fuck his mother

  2. April 21, 2016 at 1:01 PM

    please write the next part of this story.

  3. M
    October 13, 2016 at 4:58 PM

    I want c mom fucked

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