Seduced and Laid by Boss

Author: Rajesh

Am now posting my cousin sisters experience here as she has no time and posting in her own words. My name is Haritha and is 26 years old. I am married for 6 months and happy. The story that I am going to tell you happened 1 week ago. I am a very happily married woman with a very good husband who cares me and satisfies me all the time. Coming to about I am 5’3″ height with a structure of 32 28 34. Though I am so good looking as people say, I never had a BF and dedicated my virginity to my husband. We have sex twice a day and in the weekends thrice. He cannot live without me and having sex with me. He is such a good love maker that I used reach orgasm every day. He fucks me from every angle and makes me go crazy. I cry almost every day while sex.
Coming to the incident, this happened a week ago when my husband turned something different. On the first day of this incident, he changed. He normally wakes up and comes over me to have sex and I am used to that. However, that day he woke up and left to the office immediately. I thought probably he is in a hurry. In the evening, he came back and I was waiting for him after a very hard day of not having sex. The feeling actually starts when people stare at me with those eating eyes. My neighbor boy who is around 19 ogles at me which makes me goes crazy. My husband came at seven o clock, took bath, had his dinner, and slept. I was very confused; the one who turns my body into hot alcoholic drink is sleeping without even touching me. Did not sleep that night and waited until the next day morning.
Surprisingly, the same thing continued the next day. I waited patiently for the third day and asked him what is wrong with you. He said nothing is wrong and he is all right. I was a bit shy asking him about sex. The third day, I was unable to control myself I was weighing the double weight. My body is total hot and burning desires inside are taking control over me. In the evening, I took all the guts and by the time he came to the house, I laid down in the bed completely naked. As he came inside, it was shocking to see me, a homely woman lying on the bed naked. I pulled him over me and asked him “please do it” he asked me not to behave like a slut and go to bed. He went to take bath and did not close the door; it was very surprising and heartbreaking to see him masturbating in the bathroom. I was stunned and asked why you are doing this. “I need you, please do it to me” I cried, but he did not listen. He went to bed. The fifth day I need something inside, so I bought carrots and brinjals to reduce my thirst. I spent the whole day with the vegetables and the next day was Sunday. I was waiting for this day as I thought I would at least can seduce him that day. Disappointingly, my husband told me that his bossing is invited for the lunch. I was very horny and was about to cry when I heard the news. My husband went out and will be coming by the time his boss arrives. I dressed up well in a silk sari below my navel as I thought I could at least seduce my husband with this sari. I had to visit to my neighbor’s place to get some milk, as I was not prepared for the boss visit. As I went inside the house with the sari, his son was watching TV and saw me coming. His eyes were always on my navel and breast and killing my already horny body. As I said he is 19 yrs and for the first time, my fantasies of having sex with him have aroused. I am cursing my husband, as he is the one who brought me into this situation. His eyes are eating me and slowly I slipped my sari to show him my cleavage. He saw it but I was afraid and left the place immediately.
The boss arrived and my husband was not home yet. I called him and he said he were stuck up with the work and would be a bit late. We were waiting for him and meanwhile I was speaking to his boss. He was into his late 40 s and was well built. He scanned my whole body with his eyes in the first 10 minutes we met. I was starving for sex for the last 5 days and I do not know what I am doing. I was very happy to show him my navel. Suddenly I got into my senses and covered it. My husband called me up again and said that he is going to come only in the evening at around six and now it is two. He apologized to his boss and asked us to carry on with the dinner.
All the while, I was with the boss I was thinking about my husband and coming making love to me. “Are you thinking about something” boss asked. No sir, nothing I replied. Every time he glances at me, it is only my navel. I know he wants to see it. Slowly my thinking changed, what is wrong in showing him my navel when he is so much interested in it. I slowly slid my sari so that my navel is always visible to him. When I was serving him, he could see my cleavage a little bit and I think he is losing his control over me as the time passed by; he is eyeing every part of mine. As we finished lunch and was taking my plates, unknowingly my sari slipped and he glared at my boobs. He saw me watching him and took his eyes off. I smiled at him and left to kitchen.
My mind started wandering about sex and the boss looking at me wildly. I thought I would exhibit to him as much as I can but never have sex. It is again my husband to be blamed getting me into this situation. A woman who used to have sex twice a day now had no sex for 5 days would really mean something unusual is going to happen. As I was thinking all these, the boss came into the kitchen. I asked him anything required, he said no. as the kitchen is very conjusted he has to come very close to me to wash his hands and while going his hands toched my navel. That sent shocking waves into my body. Ohh this was the first male body touching me after 5 days. I was horny very horny. I am in a situation now where I am ready to have sex with anybody to quench my thirst.
He came to me again and said, “I know you were showing me your navel wontedly, isn’t it?” I was totally in a shame; I could not speak anything and hung my head down. “Tell me yes or no,” he shouted. “Why?” he asked. I was shivering I did not answer. If he tells this to my husband, my life will be in shambles. “Why? You bitch,” he again asked. I was shocked by that word. I did not answer, he came to me and touched my navel once again, so beautiful you are he said. ‘Sir what are you doing?” I questioned. Now you tell me why you were showing that part of your body. I said it was a mistake. Even mine was a mistake he said. I was relieved by these words. I asked him whether he would like to have oranges or bananas. He chose oranges. I still feel the tickling sensation that came when he touched my navel. I know he touched intentionally, but I could not do anything even if he called me bitch. I felt a kind of hornyness in his words. Slowly my mind was saying this is an opportunity and is going to leave in 10 minutes or so. I was feeling that deep inside.
He had oranges and said, “Wow, these are real tasty, are these yours?” I could get his questions and intentions. Ohh should I proceed is what my mind is questioning. I slowly cat walked to him and said, “No sir, these are not mine” he could still see my navel and through the transparent sari my blouse. I wanted it badly now. I do not know but am unable to control myself, am already wet down. He asked me to have some oranges; I told him seducing that I like bananas. He got my point. I stood near the wall and looked at the door. He went slowly and closed the door. Oh am nervous now that am going to do it with a second person in my life.
He came to me, pushed me against the wall, am totally succumbed to him, and kissed my lips. I do not like those oranges, I will eat you today, and you are my bitch today, caught hold of my navel, and twisted my stomach. That made me weak in my knees. He kissed my neck and slowly slid my pallu. “Haritha, you are so beautiful, I wanted to see you naked from day one I saw you, these are my oranges” saying this he squeezed my breasts. I was clueless what is happening, but am enjoying sex after a week and enjoying to the fullest. He removed my sari slowly and kissed me on my navel. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I moaned and told him to take me to bed. You are such a horny bitch he said. I can fuck you twice a day. How many times will your husband fuck you? He asked. I told him twice a day. In addition, for the last few days he asked. I was stunned by the question and asked him “why are you asking about last few days?” “By seeing you so horny, I was doubting whether you had it or not” he said. I told him we did not have for the last week. He smiled at me sarcastically and again squeezed my breast over my bra. I forced him to remove all my clothes and he did so immediately and removed his clothes too. Now am standing naked in front of my hubby’s boss and he’s ready to take me over. He kissed me all over and was caressing all my curves. He asked me about my fantasies, and I said I had no fantasies. He was such an experienced person, he said common you would have developed some atleast in the last week, he was fingering me. I could not say no to him and told him about the last week s fantasy. When I was so horny without sex, I was fantasising about having sex from both the front and the back. He was confused and told me “oh I can’t do this alone.” I said, if there are two this is possible. Saying this he went to the bathroom.
I was lying on the bed and the mobile of his rang. It is a sms. He asked me to see what it is. It was my husband and I was shocked to see it “how is my wife sir, are you satisfied?” and the boss from the bathroom asked me to read all the SMS sarcastically. I read them all.
First SMS: you can get in sir, am outside, and will be back in the evening.
Second: Catch hold of her Stomach region. She will go crazy.
Third: hope she accepted. If she does not, rape her, I will take care of her later.
Fourth: just call me when you are done?

I was shocked to see all these messages. It is the plan of my husband. I was still in a shock when boss came out and asked “I know it’s your husband, as you said you fantasize fucking two, I would like to fulfill your dreams.” I asked him how?, he said, your husband will be the second one. I was wondering how it is possible. He said, “Follow my instructions” he called up my husband and kept the loud speaker on.
Boss: hi Rajesh.
Husband: hello sir, hope you enjoyed.
Boss: Operate, very much. I came out now, you can go home. However, I was looking for that mail.
Husband: did she accept or you forced her sir?
Boss; such a homely girl she is, I had to wait for long to convince her. However, she is still horny. She needs more. However, I ve got some work. I have to go. By the way, your promotion is confirmed.
Husband: no problem sir, I did not have it for a week, now am hungry, and need her.
Boss: ok then enjoy
Husband: bye sir.
My husband did this for promotion. The boss grabbed me and told me what to do. Within 5 minutes, my husband arrived and I was totally dressed up by then. As soon as he came, I held him and kissed him. “Oh Rajesh, please fuck me immediately, it’s been a week and am unable to control myself. I caught hold of his feet” He lifted me, threw me onto the bed, said, “ill be right back”, and went into the bathroom. As soon as he left, the boss came over me, kissed my lips, and started sucking them. I know what is going to happen if my husband is going to see us this way.
My husband came out of bathroom nude and was shocked to see his boss over me. He felt shy and was covering his dick with his hands.
He acted ‘Haritha what are you doing’ the boss said
Do not act too smart, your wife knows everything… now come and fuck her…
Then you all know what happened, they fucked me in and out for the whole night…
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