My Wife forced Part-8

Author: whooletthedogsout ( 

meanwhile, farook also making zeenat hot by using his tongue and she was moving on the floor in pleasure. his long tongue was going in to her pussy lips as a limp and black dick. zeeant caught his hairs and pushed more of his mouth into her love hole.

dawood said " i will give u pleasure that u r husband can never do..." he spit load of saliva direct onto her ass hole. saliva was oozing from her cunt to pussy lips. then dawood entered his huge finger in to veena's ass hole.

" ooooooozzzzzzzzzz..............." she shivered in pain and exitement as dawood gave another thrust with finger. then he started licking her nude back.

" omaaaaaaaaaaaaa.............." veena cried in pain as dawood pushed one more finger in ass. her face digged into the sofa. she was swinging her ass as it was paining her. dawood caught her by waist and gave hard thrusts with huge fingers in her ass hole.

" cmo'n man....i cant handle.. more...lets fuck those sluts..." farook said.

" yeahhh........." dawood said and picked veena from sofa and made her i doggy stlye on floor. farook also made zeenat in that position.. both ladies faces were just inches away from each others. both asses are staying high in the air.

" get ready for u r ass fucking...u married slut..." dawood said veena.

" ptakkkkkkkkk........" he slapped very hard on her ass and put his dick's tip on her ass enterance. farook also going to fuck my wife in ass with his monster.



both my wife and sister cried in pain as both tips enterd into their tiht asses. veena was getting her first ass fuck and zeenat was getting her first ass hole drilled by farook's monster.

"haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.aaaaaaaaaaa" both married whores were crying as hunks pushed more dicks in their asses.

" plz...stopppppppppp.aaaaaaaaaaa............" veena pleaded dawood but he gave one hard thrust and pushed almost his entire dick in her virgin ass.

" mara .................gyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii............... mmmmmmmmm"
she cried and i could see tears were rolling onto her cheeks.

"aaaaaaaa.......ahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........." zeenat was moaning in pleasure and pain as farook was fucking her ass in slow and steady strokes.

" u r very tight whore...i m gonna apart u r tight asss............." dawood maoned as he was feeling tightness of veena's ass wround his dick.

"ptakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" he slapped very hard on her ass and pulled his dick out of her ass and again thrusted entire cock in tight ass.

" i mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgonnaaaaaaa dieeee...........plz............" veena cried.

dawood held her from hairs and was riding her very fastly as he was riding any horse.

"uuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhh....ughhhhhhhhh" sounds were filling whole lobby as farook was fucking my wife with long strokes , now.

"aaaa........aafuck...............fuckkkkkkkk........." zeenat was moaning in pleasure.

" aaaaaaaaaaaaa................aaahhhhhhh" veena was also enjoying her first anal fuck with time passing .

dawood said farook to stop. when farook get away from zeenat , dawood said veena to bend over zeenat. veena was confused. zeenat has her eyes closed. veena bend over zeenat who was already in doggy position. so the situation was this that my wife was in doggy position. and veena was bending over her as her ass was over zeenats was like dog was riding bitch.

now dawood hopped on to both ladies. he thrust his dick in veena's ass hole.
"aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" se moaneed.

then he took his dik out and thrust dick in zeenats ass whish was just below veena's ass. he was fucking both ladies with gud pace turn by turn.

"aaaahhhhhhhhh...mmmmmmmmmm" both ladies were enjoying his skill.
after five minutes of hard ass fucking dawood cummed on veenas ass.her ass hole was covered with his huge load of cum. farook orderd zeenat to get up and said her to bend behid veena.

now my wife's face WAS at the level of veenas cum covered ass.

farook entered zeenat with thrust and held her hairs. he pushed her face onto veena's ass hole. he was fucking her very hardly and at the same time making her to lick cum from her sister-in-law's ass hole.

"ahhhhhhh" eena moaned in pleasure as her bhabhi's tongue touched her ass hole.zeenat licked all of dawood's cum from veena's ass. now it was farook's turn to cum. he cummed all over zeenat's ass.

and now it was veenas turn to pay favour to my wife by cleaning her ass. farook ordered veena to lick zeenat's ass hole as my wife did before. i was feeling like in heaven at that time. veena licked cum from my woife's ass hole with tongue.

" theey r whores............they will do anything for cum and cock." farook said.

"hahahaha............we got two whores man." dawood said while looking at veena who was licking cum from zeenats ass and zeenat was enjoying it. 

and i was thinking while cumming that what will they do in remaining day.

zeenat and veena, after licking cum from each others asses, were now feeling comfortable in front of each other. both know that they are cheap sluts for those two hunks, dawood and farook.

all four of them rested on the floor for about 30 minutes. meanwhile i also got some pizzas to eat with coffee. after about 1 hour, it was 4 'o clock in the evening. 

" my husband would be here soon, u should leave now." my wife almost plaeded to dawood.

"hahaha......... we have one last treat for two of u whores..." dawood said while laughing.

" what? u have done what u what more? " veena asked.

" u will see very sonn.." farook replied and moved towards veena and chewed her juicy lips.

"now make our cocks hard to get ur last treat before u r prevert brother or husband would came" dawood oredered them.

veena and zeenat looked towards each other. they were asking each other in eyes that who will do to whome. then my wife , zeenat made a move and moved towards farook's monster. then veena went to dawood for showing her mouth ability.

" ooooohhhhhhhhh....ssss" farook moaned as his half hard dick went into zeenat's mouth. 

his cock was getting hard and standing like a poll after just four or five strokes from zeenat's lips. he caught her ears and started pushing his fat dick in her every time, salive started oozing from pink lips of zeenat and she was struggling for breath.

dawood was also hard at that time and was gettin sme treat from my sister. but insted of his dick , he preferd to push his balls into veena's mouth. she was sucking them very nicely and making them wet with her salive. 

" aahhaahhhhhh..........." both hunks were groaning in pleasure and their cocks were reachin oin their peak states, meanwhile mine was also trying the same.
after five minutes of blowjobs. farook said zeenat to lie down on her back. as soon as she lied on floor, he hopped on to her . he sat over her face, his legs were on both sides of his mouth. he positioned his black ass on top of zeenat's mouth. zeenat moved her face away from his ass to ignore touch.

" what r u doing? " she said.

" huh...lick my ass hole slut......u should know what to do.." farook said in anger.

zeenat did not move. 

farook got angered and " ptakkkkkkkkkkkkk" slapped her boobs very hard.

" ayiiiiiiiiii " zeenat cried in pain. 

" now, lick my ass hole with u r pink tongue...u whore." he ordered.

zeenat looked upward to his black ass. she took her tongue out and as soon as she touched his ass hole she made a face as she tasted the shit. she was feeling so humilated at that time as she never imagined that she will lick ass , and balck ass, in her entire life.

" yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh......" farook moaned as her tongue licked his ass.

he pushed his ass more on to her mouth. now i could not see her face as he covered it fully with his ass.he was making hard for her to move away was enfoying my wife's tongue on her ass hole.

dawood also got excited while watching this and said veena to lick his ass. he prefered doggy styl position and bend in front of my sister. veena feared from his slap, moved towards his ass and took his tongue out to lick.

farook was now moving his ass up and fro on my wifes face and was enjoying alot with loud moans.

dawood aslo getting nice ass licking from my sister. it was the kinkiest moment in my life to watch my sister and wife licking two hunk's black asses.

" ahhhhhhhhhhhh.............ssss...........ooooo yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh......." both hunks were moaning loudly.

after 10 minutes of ass licking farook got up from zeenats face.

"oughhhhhhhhhh...oghhhhhhhh...." she coughed as she got fresh air and i could see that she has tasted worst taste of her life.

farook made her bitch and started humping her from behind in her pussy with fat dick. he was very hard and hot after getting ass licking from zeenat was fucking her very fastly.

" thupppppppppppp................thuppppppppppp...." sounds were filling loby as farook was nailing my wife's pussy.

dawood also get exicted after gettin same treat from my sister and was nailing my sister in missionary position and was fucking with good pace.

" aaaaaaaaa..............ghhhhhhhhhhhh" both ladies were moaning aith pleasure.
wfter 10 minutes of pussy fucking dawood said " lets fuck their tight" both ladies hold their breaths to bear more pain and pleasure.

" haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ooooooooooooo............" my wife and sister moaned as both monsters entered their tight asses.

farook was fucking zeenat in doggy position and dawood was fucking my sister by holding her ass upwards with his hands, in missionary position. hunks were giving fast and long strokes and room was filled with moans. both cocks were working like pistons in asses and taering apart tight asses of my wife and sister.

" now, time for u r last treat, ladies." dawood said.

my wife and sister lokked at each other in amazement . i was also curious to find out their new plan. dawood lied down on floor and said my wife to ride him. zeenat hopped on to him and he pushed his dick in her pussy from down. she was riding him while facing her. her ass was towars the roof of lobby.

" its the time man..." dawood said and hugged zeenat tightly and made her lie flat on her. this made her ass more wide and in up ward direction. farook spit salive on zeenat's ass hole and placed his fat dick on ass.

now i got what they are gonna do. they are going to double fuck my wife.

" what r u doing???? " my wife realized what is coming and was moving her ass to oppose farook's dick. he slapped her ass very hard and held ass from sideways and pushed his tip into her ass.

" ayiiiiiiiiiiiiiii........" she cried as he pushed more dick in her ass.

" ahhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooo" she was crying as farook started giving strokes from behind and dawood was fucking her from bottom in pussy. she was feeling double pain in her pussy and ass. 

" thats it...that is ur last treat...cock teaser married mother..." 

farook took his entire dick out and pushed full in zeenat's ass in one stroke " take it ...u cock lover...whore.........."

" marrrrrrrrrrr .....................gyyyyyyyyyyyyyy........." she was crying in pain to hell.

veena was watching them from side.

" what u slut is watching.....come here and lick my ass hole." farook ordered her while nailing my wife from behind in ass. veena moved to back and started licking his ass . this made farook more hot and he was fucking zeenat like no tommorow.

dawood also was trying his best to fuck zeenat's pussy from under her.

" ahhhhhhhhhhhh..."zeenat was now moaning in pain and pleasure as both big cocks filling her two holes.

" ploopppppp............" sound came from zeenat's ass as after some time farook took his dick out and lied on floor.

" come and ride me...bitch..." he said to veena.

veena silently moved on to him and started riding him. now my wife and sister were riding those two hunks sideways. both hunks were fucking with gud pace even my wife and sister were on driving side. after sometime dawood leave zeenat and moved to the back of veena.

" its time for u r treat...u married slut ..." dawood said and placed his dick on enterance of veena's ass hole.

" ssssssssss.." she moaned as she knew what is coming next.

she held her breath as dawood was easing his dick deep into her ass. when half dick whet inside, he took out entire dick and like earlier harsh action thrusted it fully in tight ass hole of my sister.

"" she cried in pain and tears were coming out of her eyes. farook licked ters from her cheeks and thrusted his fat dick in her pussy from underside.

" plzzz....takeeeeee........................o.............." she could not comlete her sentences due to hardh fucking in her two holes.

dawood said my wife to lie down behind them and to lick both of their cock bases as they were in ass and pussy of my sister.

"ayiiiiiiiiiiiiii...." veena was still bearing alot of pain.

zeenat licked both of hunks asses and balls. this was making them more excited , and farook and dawood were punishing veena with their power of fucking. 

" o...............yeah............" both men were grunting as ther were in heaven
" ayyyyyiiiiiiiiiiii....aa......aaaaaaaaaaaa....." veena was also moaning loudly. 

"i mmmmmmm..............ohhhhhhhhh" dawood grunted as he cummed in veena's ass after long fucking. farook also was very close to the end was nailing her hard. 

" holyyyyyyyyy.......fuckkkkkkkkk........" he cummed with louder gunt in my sister's pussy. 

dawood get up from veena's body and i could see cum was flowing from her ass. dawood held zeenat from hairs and pushed her lips in veena's ass. zeenat had to lick all his cum coming out from her sister-in-laws ass. farook also took his dick out and made zeenat to lick veena's pussy lips. zeenat licked and dranked all cum from veea's holes. 

zeenat's lips were covered with cum.

" now gave us one last shot......gave lips kiss to each other..married whores..." dawood ordered.

zeenat and veena moved towards each others lips. veena kissed my wifes cum covered lips.

" look towards camera and smile.................." dawood said and took picture in his mobile while both my sister and wifes lips were chewing each other and sharing those hunks cum.

dawood and farook leave the house in the evening. i was satisfied with all their actions rather than feeling sorry for my sister and my wife. i could see sadness and guilt in their eyes, as i came back to house. both ladies were trying to act normal. after dinner, as soon as zeenat came to bed , i grabbed her and started kissing her. she was lost in her thoughts as i removed her clothes. 

i made he in doggy position. i parted her ass cheeks with hands and i could see huge gap between her ass , which wass tight just few days ago.

" oooo....what r u??? " she moved as i put my tongue on her ass hole. i did that first time so she was surprised by my action.

i grabbed her hairs and started fucking her madly directly in to her ass. after ten minutes of fucking i came and we went into dark sleeep.

as i woke up next day, i found my sister was ready to go back . i was surprised.

" r u going, veena? " i said.

" yes, bhayiya... i have an urgent work to comlete" she said huriedly.

i did not want to disturb her so i said nothing. she hugged me and say good bye.
as she hugged zeenat , i could feel strnbge thoughts in their minds. as soon veena left for the house, i started getting ready for office.
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