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Karan plays with Sidd’s mom – Part III

Author: Open Mind (Me)

Continued from part 2……. : https://myluststories.wordpress.com/2011/02/06/karan-plays-with-sidd’s-mom-–-part-ii/  The remaining day passed on like usual.. At night while having dinner Karan would touch Sangeeta’s legs under the table with his own feet and even pinch her thigh with his left hand.. She tried her best to avoid. Sangeeta hardly spoke then. She too used to get aroused by this young boy’s touches. Before sleeping she let Karan to be in bed with her that too on his request that it was his last day in their house. He fingered her to orgasm twice but she didn’t allow him to fuck her.. They slept together naked till 4 in the morning..
At noon Karan’s family returned. Days passed by with Karan getting even more eager to touch Sangeeta, but since his parents were home,he would hardly get chance to catch a glimpse of her. Only time he had hope was during evening and at night.. But even then he hardly got any chance.
Next week it was Sidd’s birthday and he had arranged a party @ his house. Karan was particularly excited to meet and be close to Sangeeta. Unexpectedly on the day before Karan saw Sangeeta at a mall where he had gone to buy the present. He went near her and pat her on her butt. Shocked by this, Sangeeta turned around to shout at him but as soon as she saw him, she lowered her voice.
‘What the hell? Mera peecha kar rahe ho?’ she spat out.

‘Nahi darling, I was shopping here, when I saw you’,he replied

‘Mummy kidhar hai?’

‘Main akela aaya hun’

‘hey public main sexy aur darling mat bolna, koi sun lega, bewakuf’

‘sorry, par tum ho hi itni sexy! Kya karun, mera man kar raha hai..’
‘Shut up… Tum bohot bigad gaye ho.. Phir kabhi ’
‘What are u looking for by the way?’
‘Kal party main pehen ne ke liye dress’
‘Aap toh sabhi dress main achi dikhti ho’
‘You are the first one saying that. By the whats ur opinion? Kya Pehenu kal? ’
‘Main jo kahunga woh pehenegi?’
‘Aakhir mera dusra pati tu hi to hai mere raja..’
‘To phir ek mini skirt aur ek bra pehen le kaafi hai meri raani haha’
‘Shut up!! I’m serious Karan !’
‘Ha ha ..Upar kuch bhi peheno, par niche short Capri pehen na, I want to see your hot sexy legs ’
‘Are mai Sidd ke saamne kaise pehenungi? Woh kharaab sochega!’
‘Par aunty kal party hai.. Keh dena use ke yeh uske liye ek birthday surprise hai! ’
‘Uff tum mujhe bar girl banane ki koshish mat karo!!’
‘Tum to bar girl se bhi bomb ho aunty’
‘Bas bas, now you go.. mere pehchan waale dost dikh rahe hai mujhe.. I dont want them to see me with you.’
‘Ok aunty.. Bye sexy..’
He again pinched her butt slowly in an unsuspicious manner and bought his gift. He again tried to search for her but couldn’t see her.
The next day @ 8 pm Karan got ready and left for party. When he entered he couldn’t see Sangeeta. He wished Siddharth and gave him his gift.. Two more friends came in , but still she wasn’t there. Karan was tempted to see her. He was curious of which type of dress his darling would be wearing.

Karan asked Sidd whether his mom was home or not. She was still getting ready..
After a few minutes all of then somewhere around 4 people in the front room were astonished to see Sidd’s mom!! What a stunner she was looking from head to toe!
She was wearing a whit short Capri showing off her nice shapely legs and a black halter top with a deep cut neckline showing off a bit of her cleavage! Her hair was straightened and she had put on a bit of lip gloss too! She had retained her sexy figure even now! She had thunder thighs and nice firm boobs to attract any man she wanted to, not to forget her thunderbolt sexy smile!
All over she looked like some high class model!! No one could take their eyes off her, and had their mouth open and staring at her. She welcomed everyone with a warm smile even to Karan.
‘You look so beautiful mom!!’ exclaimed Sidd.
‘After all its my son’s birthday, why wouldn’t I? ’She smiled.
He went and hugged her. Karan seeing this wanted to grab her and fuck her there and then !
She served them soft drinks and some snacks while they waited for other friends to come. Sidd had put on some music on the stereo. All were enjoying. Whenever Sangeeta passed by anyone,they would not waste a chance to stare at her waist and legs! She was looking awesome!

After all had gathered , Sangeeta brought the cake to the living room and Sidd started cutting the cake. After that two of his friends took two small pieces from the cake and threw it on his face. Others followed in and started smearing his face with the cream. As all were busy doing this Karan took some cream and threw it on her cleavage. This shocked her and she looked at him in disbelief. She turned around and walked away into the kitchen to remove it. Karan followed her and when they were out of view from others, her caught her hand, turned her around and without loosing any second, struck out his tongue and licked Sangeeta’s cleavage. She tried hard to push him away but couldn’t. He licked away that cream in four to five licks on her cleavage while Sangeeta gave out a fearful moan. She feared anyone would catch them. Soon they both heard a voice from the living room on where had Karan and Sidd’s mom disappeared. Hearing this Karan and Sangeeta soon separated from each other and soon Vicky got into the kitchen and saw them.
Vicky: What are u doing here?
Karan: ‘Wanted some water’
Sangeeta: ’ Karan, will u help me serving the dishes?’
Karan: ‘ ya sure’
Vicky: ’ May I help?’
Karan:‘ Its Ok i will manage’
Karan taking two dishes in the living room accompanied by Vicky.
Vicky whispered to Karan ,‘Yaar she looks lke a queen..She so sexy yaar!!’
Karan: ‘ I know, isliye woh meri neighbour hai..haha’
Vicky: ‘ tere liye toh aish hai dude! Kitne maze leta hai!’
Karan: ‘tune aunty ko dusre dresses main dekha nahi hai.. Sometimes she is a bomb man! Dekhte reh jayega!’
Vicky: ‘aish kar’
During serving when she bent down , each one of them would glare at her cleavage! Karan’s saliva could still be seen on her cleavage as she had forgotten to wipe it off.

Every one was staring at her beauty as if she they were being served by a bar girl… She was truly getting all the attention. Soon every one finished up with their eating.

Then after some ice cream they started dancing to some rocking numbers. All were enjoying their dance while Sangeeta was finishing off with some dishes.. After that she came to the living room where all were dancing to the loud music. She came and sat on the sofa with a broad smile on he face. She was watching her son Sidd enjoying fully and then looked towards Karan. Karan gave her a wink which surprised h er,but she acted as nothing happened.. Then while dancing, Karan whispered something into Sidd’s ears. Sidd then came towards his mom and invited her to dance with him.. She was surprised and denied shyly at first but when others persuaded, she agreed. As soon as she got up everyone cheered and whistled. She smiled shyly and laughed. Sidd held her hand and brought her towards the center of the room and started dancing with her. Karan made his way to the side of her..

He wasn’t able to control the feeling to touch her.. Luckily Sangeetha’s phone rang in the kitchen and she had to go. While she was walking away sexily, her tight butt, was being eyed by everyone.. One of them remarked to Siddharth on his mom’s dancing. Truly she had the moves as she liked when she was young and was every boys fantasy on the dance floor in college days. Soon she came back and handed over the mobile to Sidd and said that it was for him from dad. Sidd took the phone and went upstairs. Sangeeta was about to sit when Karan grabbed her wrist and pulled her slightly towards himself. Sangeeta got a bit alert and said that I feel tired beta to which Karan replied ‘Aunty rarely we get to attend such parties and this is Sidd’s first party we are attending. Come on enjoy with us aunty. Its fun’. Again everyone started to please her to make up her mind. Still Karan did not leave her wrist. Seeing this Vicky also took chance on her and came forward and caught other wrist of hers and brought her to the middle of all. All of them cheered. Then Karan held her waist tightly and held her left palm and intercrossed her fingers on help left palm and started ballad type of dancing.

She was shocked at first. This angered Vicky as he was holding her right wrist and he had to let go of it. She started giggling and everyone wished they could dance with her. Others knew Sangeeta being so beautiful, Karan was hitting on her but they didn’t say a word. Suddenly the song changed. The new song was a hot English one with super retro music and a bit of hip hop. The usual style of dancing being in bold moves, everyone started dancing in boldly. Sangeeta too got into mood and paired up with Karan to dance. Her moves started making uneasy sensations in every teenage boy in that room. She used to tilt her head back, thrust her chest forward, sway her hip here and there like in a lap dance and move her head . It felt like she was really dancing to seduce them all. Karan placed his hands on her waist and pressed her tightly and both started swinging their hips in rhythm.
Vicky then interfered and they started dancing together. Slowly Vicky took his place in front of her and Karan tried to be with her but he couldn’t! Sangeeta looked helplessly at Karan but then danced with Vicky Vicky came behind Sangeeta and grabbed her by the waist on her navel part and started moving his hip swaying with her buts. She could feel his erection on her butt. He smelled her hair as his nose was quite close to her neck. They danced like a horny couple. Vicky forgot the world around him while she got mode eager to get out of his hold as anything wrong might happen. Then when he was about to leave her he pressed her flesh on her stomach and pinched her butt with the right hand. No one noticed this, but There was a serious expression on her face. She was aroused a bit. All were dancing and she thanked god that no one noticed.! Soon Sidd came down and seeing his mom dancing in between Karan and Vicky came and joined then. Whenever Karan placed his hands on her hips she would continue with the sexy moves, but when Vicky and Sidd tried, she would change the steps. Vicky was getting impatient and jealous of Karan. And moved away. Sidd too noticed it but stayed quiet. Soon the music ended and it was about time to go home.

Many of Sidd’s friends bid goodbye to him and started going. During this Karan went to the kitchen near Sangeeta and pulled her close and inserted a paper chit into her top and bit her lips and went away. Too shocked by his bold behavior she did not speak a word but went upstairs and started changing her clothes. She removed her halter top and the chit fell on the floor. She opened it and read:

“Be ready darling. I want you tonight my sexy maal” .. Reading this she felt a strange sensation in her stomach . She stood in front of the mirror and admired herself. Posing like a model as she did years before. She still looked hot . Even more hot in jeans and topless.
“Have me baby , I’m yours” She whispered in a seducing sexy way looking at herself in the mirror.
She changed clothes and went down and gave Sidd a goodnight kiss and waited till he was all asleep in his room. Then she went towards the kitchen and unbolted the door and waited for Karan..
She took a bath again, and did a bit of lip gloss and wore a sexy saree. And waited for him in the living room. After about 45mins. Karan tip toed into her view and held her by her waist and gave her a french kiss on her lips. He then lifted her and took her to her bedroom and threw her on the bed and started kissing her madly. He started squeezing her boobs while she unbuttoned his shirt. Sangeeta was too hot after the party. They both were kissing like never before. Suddenly a bright flash startled them both out of nowhere. The kiss broke Both of them looked were the light came from and were shocked………………………….

Standing at the doorway was Vicky with his mobile in his hand taking pics of Sangeeta and Karan!!
He stood there with a grin on his face. An evil smile like a villain. Sangeeta quickly covered herself with a blanket. While Karan did not speak a word. Regaining his senses, he quickly got up and asked Vicky to stop this.
Vicky: So Now I know why she let you touch her everywhere while dancing, while I did not have the privilege! Haha..

Karan: How did you get in here?
Vicky: through the back door you fool!! haha.. I wanted to see Sangeeta again so I waited at the parking. I saw from there that she opened the backdoor and went away and then I saw you. So I followed you!simple so stupid you are!!..
Sangeeta: But then why you waited there?
Vicky:i wanted you baby! He said smiling. And now I have you ..

Sangeeta: No way you !!!!!!!!1 go away.
Karan:quickly got into action to grab his phone and succeeded..
Vicky: take it I already emailed these photos of you both to my mail through gprs. What a news it will be when our friends find out about you and her. Woww Sangeeta aunty and Karan having sex in her bedroom. yumm yummy….

Sangeeta: please no please don’t do this. What about me? It will ruin my image in the society..please aisa mat karo vicky.maine tumhara kuch nahi….
Vicky: I wont only in one condition.!!
He smiled and closed the door.. He then stood in front of her and looked at her boobs and legs and pelvic region. At the same time licking his tongue. She understood what he wanted. She looked at Karan who was standing helpless.
Vicky: Sit there on the chair Karan.
Karan did as he said.
Vicky now got onto the bed with and sat near sangria. She moved and adjusted a bit away from him. Vicky removed the blanket away from her and eyed her body with full lust. He then placed his hands on her cheeks and pulled her lips closer and with loud noises started kissing her with force. Sangeeta held his hands with her.
They kept on kissing and Vicky moved his right hand on her breast and the left hand on her thighs. HE forced her down on the bed and and got on top of her. He removed the pallu of her saree and started the smooth skin of her firm and fleshy boobs. Sangeeta was getting horny. Vicky was treating her like a slut. He was caressing her thighs and boobs at the same time kissing her with full force… Then he moved down and stared at her bare navel in front of him. Then he looked at her face and then at Karan. Karan looked at Sangeeta. She had a helpless but horny look which drove the boys crazy in their pants. And of course a married lady and a former model had to do wonders with a boys hormones. and gave a bit on her navel. He then circled his tongue on there navel and pushed it into her navel ..Sangeeta started breathing heavily and held his head with her hands. He again did this and this time he bit her navel and Sangeeta gave out a louder moan.
“aaahhhhhhhh hhhuuuhhhh…” her stomach was vibrating up and down… Vicky stopped handling her boobs and started moving his fingers lightly on her stomach.. this aroused her more and she started biting her lips. Her head started moving left and right and legs going up and down.. She forgot she was a mom, and had a son. She she could do nothing before these hungry seducers. She too wanted cocks that’s what she realized when she got her first extra marital fuck from Karan..

From that day onwards she felt more horny than ever and rather than being lonely and thinking about her husband, she started fingering herself more. She never thought a new cock would do this to her.

She started moaning even louder and louder as his tongue caressed each portion of her smooth skin on her tummy. Her body had become a man’s lust the day she started developing into a real teenager. Right from her school days to her college and thereafter men and boys used to stare at her from top to bottom sometimes at her butt and boobs even on streets and shops.. rickshaw drivers stared at the rear view mirror to have glimpse of her.
The same Sangeeta managed to arouse the wild sexual beast in Karan and Vicky. He moved down and started massaging her thighs without removing her saree. He moved his fingers in between her legs and started pressing there. She shivered when his fingers pressed her pussy region..her moaning started again. He went below and started lifting her saree slowly exposing her milky white and hot smooth legs.. slowly he lifted; first her calf then her knee and then the most sensitive and sexie4st part, Sangeeta’s firm and hot thighs, his mouth started watering @ the site of her thighs. Those were the best he had ever seen in his entire life. Complete and firm, smooth and silky, hot and shiny skin. Perfect!
“wow” Vicky whispered.. HE lowered his mouth to her inner thigh and suck out his tongue and slightly licked her inner part of beautiful thigh.!

“issssssssss ooohhh” she moaned.
He held both her thighs with his hands and dig his head between her legs, still her saree curled up at her hips. Sangeeta was getting all hot not only because this was a different start but also because she was on bed with a guy of her son’s age and another was watching them even while her son was downstairs sleeping. He circled his lips on her thighs spreading his saliva everywhere on her silky smooth skin of her legs..he went above and reached her panty. And smelled the musky perfume of her pussy juice from the designer black panty she wore.
He then got up and removed her saree and blouse. The moment he saw her in her bra and panty he was mesmerized with the beauty in front of him . Sidd’s mom was so beautiful he never even could think. She was a hot mom he knew but so perfect was rare in this India. And now he had her for himself ..

he got naked soon and showed his 9 inch thick rod to Sangeeta and smiled she just stared at the handsome meat in front of her eyes. He bounced on her body like a mad animal and started biting her boobs. She kept moaning like hell. Her chest started getting red marks here and there. He held her shoulders and hugged her tight and bit her neck and at the same time licking her cheeks .his dick was hurting her in the stomach but he didn’t care. He then tore her black satin bra in one go and bit her nipples like a tigers killing its prey to meet his long time hunger.
Vicky was doing away his hunger on her body and boobs. He twisted , pinched slapped her boobs and showed his complete lust to her in front of his friend Karan who was watching silently with completely erect dick. He couldn’t watch Sangeeta being tasted by some one other when he thought that she was only his forever. But fate choose other way round and let Vicky also feast on her beauty.
Vicky went down and tore her panty too and started licking it like a kitten. He made Slurpee noises and also biting her pink pussy lips she held onto his head with her hand. She kept on wriggling because of the magic of his tongue muscle on her cunt and started pushing her pelvic area to his face. She was on the verge of her climax when he stopped and moved up . His face in front of her face. He watching her face as she slowed down her breathing and opened her eyes to see him starting at her lips.
“fuck me.” she whispered.
HE lip locked her and sat on her chest. With his dick over her lips. She could feel its heat but waited for him to do something. Nothing.

She could feel the throbbing dick on her lips and then slowly opened her mouth to take it full in. She started licking it, her mouth opening wide to fit in his large meat into her mouth. Moan after moans came form her mouth while she gave blow job while he thrust even more deep. When he was about to cum he took out and streaks after streaks of thick white sticky flew through the air and landed onto her face , lips neck and nipples in a criss cross way. She held his dick in her hand and cleaned it.

Vicky then lay on the bed on his back and without even giving her time to clean herself pulled her onto him . She understood what he wanted and mounted on top of him and started riding him. It was the best ever. Her boobs started moving up and down. He smiled at her taking left boobs ii his hand. She returned his smile . He looked at Karan who was masturbating and in front of him pulled her closer and bit her nipple still looking at him.
While she kept moaning and riding him. he held her tight and motioned him to her ass. Karan quickly got up and came behind her. He started toughing Sangeeta’s waist and bit her on her waist. He got naked too and started licking her ass. She shivered on the touch of a hot tongue on her asshole … but completely lost in her fucking she closed her eyes and rode Vicky.

Karan then positioned himself his dick pointing at her hole while Vicky slowed down and held Sangeeta.
Karan pressed his dickhead into her asshole but it was too tight. Maybe she had never had a anal.

“Nooo please it will pain honey.. don’t do there.” she claimed looking at her back at hi. But Vicky pulled her lips to himself and made her quiet. Karan tried again and this time the tip went in her tight hole. Tears started welling up in her eyes but all her screams got into viucky’s mouth as he lip locked her and hugged her tight, not even letting her to move. Karan started slowly gaining pace, thrusting deeper and deeper into her ass. She banged her hand on the bed but in vain. Both these studs were immune to her pleads. Pleads of their friend’s mom. Vicky started pinching her boobs while still kissing her and pressing her head into his face.. She stopped banging and held his hands which were pinching her boobs.

Her muffled screams of pain stared getting into joy. She started enjoying two dicks in her pelvic region. Vicky’s cum still on her face made her look slutty for the first time she was with two strangers in her bed and it was awesome! “Now I’m theirs’ and they own my body not my husband. And I don’t have any son.” she thought to herself
It made wonders to her mind and body. She started moaning in pleasure. Slowly all in creased their speed and fucked vigorously for about half an hour in which she climaxed twice and enjoyed the best fuck from her son’s mates. Soon Karyn finished off in her ass some of then on her waist while Vicky sprayed all into her hot pussy and Karan lay besides them. While Sangeeta on top of Vicky, his dick still in her pussy ,but loosing its length.

For about an hour they slept like this and then took a bath together. All three of them. Vicky and Karan had a fuck one more time in the bathroom but this time it was Vicky in her ass and Karan in her pussy. Sangeeta was totally passed out. She bathed them and then they all slept together until morning. Vicky and Karan left before Sidd woke up. Leaving Sangeeta sleeping in her room. And her clothes lying on the floor and bathroom.

Disclaimer: Pictures shown are for the imagination purpose only and do not resemble in any sense the real characters.

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