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My Wife forced Part-5

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Next day, i could not concentrate on work as images of zeenat fucked by monsters were disturbing me. i maturbated two times ,next day. i could also observe zeenat in deep and tense sadness. next two days, i fucked her many times what her responses were minor as she was thinking about old incidents. i did not ask her bcz i did not want to disturb her more. 

on wednesday. i got call from dawood. he said that he is very curios and waiting for sunday. he said that farook is also mad about beauty of zeenat. this made me feel proud. i started to think about how to enjoy next show with easy access, bcz i did not want to satnd in house for whole day, as zeenat also would notice me any time and all plans would be destroyed. i got an idea. 

on thursday i went to market and spent alot of money on very good qality spy-cameras. i took all the instructions from shopkeeper as i wanted to install them on my own. and i did not want my wife to be aware of these cameras. all cameras were micro-sized and best thing was that all cameras were wireless.
i installed all cameras until saturday afternoon. i implemented cameras in every corner of my house including kitchen and bathrooms. i was very tense while doing so, bcz zenat could caught me red handed while installing cameras. i connected all cameras to my laptop with my id. i checked my id and cameras all was working prefectly. i could listen every noise and talking from my house on laptop.

at evening, i got call from dawood.

"hello...." he said.

" hi...h r u? " i replied.

" haha.. i m gud is zeenat bhabhi.." he said while laughing.

" she is gud...." i replied with soft voice.

" so u should be ready for tommorow, i cant wait to fuck her pussy and specialy ....ass..." he said.

it made my cock hard and i felt very horny. after he cut the call. i saw that zeenat was washing dishes. my phone rang. i pressed the green button on phone.

" hello........." it was voice of lady.

" hello.." i said.

" namaste brother..... i m veena.." she said.

" oo...hi..veena...h r u? " i said. veena is my siter and she is 1 year younger to me, married with one child of age 3 years. 

" i m fine....bro.. i called u to tell that i m coming to home to meet u and bhabhi...on sunday " she said.

it was very hard moment for me. i could not beleive what i was listening. tommorow, dawood and farook gonna visit my home to fuck zeenat and my sister want to visit us ,also. i thought all of our plans would not be completed and i have to wait for more days to see fucking show of zeenat.

" hellooo....r u" i got back to sense on hearing veena's voice over mobile.

" yeah....yeah... it will be gud ..." i said.

" ok...i will be there tommorow, i m coming alone, u have to pick me from station" she said.

"ok...." i said.

" ok...bye..bro...." she said and cut the call.

i was frozened by what i have heared. i was very tense and sad at that time.

" what happened...." zeenat said while shaking me with hand.

"" i sadi confusingly.

" who was on the phone? " she said.

" it was ...veena... she will be here tommorow...i mean on sunday.." i said .i could see lines of depression on zeenat's face as she also knew that dawood and farook will come tommorow, as they have told her while leaving last sunday.

" ok...thats nice.." she said while hiding her expressions. she went back to kitchen. i came out of house and called dawood.
" yeah...cuckold.." dawood said.

" hmmm... we have a problem and i think u should not come home , tommorow." 

" what?????... what r u saying? what is the problem.." he said in anger.

" sister is coming home tommorow to meet us." i said while shaking.

" ooooo.....ok...thats not a problem..." 

" what how can u do it with zeenat if my sister would be in house...??? " i said

" thats not ur problem...we are coming..and thats final....we cant wait to fuck that whore ...and if u r sister would create any problem..we will fuck her ..too" dawood said.
that was like my ears could not beleive what i was hearing?

" what...........u should not talk llike that about my sister..." i said in anger.

" u prevert...what can u do...u have no option... we have pics of u r zeenat, we can spoil u r whole life.....however, it was u r choice to see zeenat getting u cant step back...and about u r how old she is? he sadi cunnigly.

" ......mmmm...25 ..." i said.

" married?? "

" yes.....she has one kid.." i said.

" so i think...she is also whore and could enjoy our dicks..and why the way it will be double pleasure for u...u r wife and sister getting fucked together...huh prevert? " he said.

i was thinking about my sister. veena has voloptous body figure, little bit fatter than my wife. i thought that how i enjoyed her cleavage whan we were in out teen ages. she always took care of me and i love her very much. but from my innerside , i always enjoyed her sexy body with my eyes and masturabate many time by thinking about her. i even used her pany and bras for many times to masturbate.

"sooo.....what r u thinking , man....u should enjoy.." i heared from other side of mobile.

" i....mmmm...dont know man that will be gud could sister allow u to do anything wrong.." i said.

" as u r wife be prepare and i want to talk to zeenat, now." he said.

i didnt know that why he want to talk with zeenat. i took phone to kitchen and gave it to zeeenat..." its dawood..." i said and went out of kitchen and stood near the wall in lobby.

" hii........ " she said as i could only listen her voice.
" yeah.....i m gud...."

" what?....i think that u don't know that my sister-in-law is gonna visit us u should not come"

" what? u bastard how could u do that in front of my sister-in-law."

" mmmm....what i dont think that will be possible? "

" what kind of plan? "

then she was hearing very concentratly over phone and i think dawood was telling her his plan.

"hmmm...i ill try my best..."

" husband would also be in home..what about him? " 

" how will u manage....? "

" ok...lets see..... u r betraying me more and more..." 

" okk....."


" hmmm....what? no i will not do that."

" no..noo...."she denied again.

" ok...but only one....muaaaaaaa..........." that made my cock very hard as zeenat gave a kiss to dawood while her lips touched the mic .
when she cut the phone, i went inside and hugged her from behind. she was shaking as she was not expecting me. she was hiding her facial expressions of guilt.

" so, what dawood said? " i asked.

" mm... he wants to thanks me to forgive him and to help in becoming a good person." she lied to me.

"ok.... so what is in for me in kitchen..." i said and grabbed her boobs from behind. 

" ...u naughty...let me finish my work." she said while trying her best to strugle.

"ok..." i left her and went back to my room to watch tv.

that night was the hardest night of my life as i could not sleep even for 1 second. i got up early and prepare tea for us. i called at my mom's place to enquire about my daughter. she was enjoying her stay with her grandmother.

at 10.00 in the morning. i picked veena, my sister from station. as soon she saw me, she hugged me.

"" she said in my hug.

" hi...." i could feel her soft boobs on my chest as i hugged her more tightly .
then we came back to house. zeenat greeted her very warmly.they were chatting while siting in lobby. then according to plan i gave miss call to dawood. after two minutes , he called me back.

" helloo.........." i said.

both ladies stopped talking and looked towards me.

" yeah....i m at home... what is emergency? " i said without looking at veena and zeenat.

" sister visits us...and u want me go to malik's place for meeting.." i said while doing my best to act normally.

"...ok... i will be there.." i said and cut the call.

" what happened..bro.." veena asked.

"i have to go to meet somebody for an important meeting...i m sorry..." i said.
" problem ....its u r work.." veena said.

" i will be with u at night...enjoy u r stay." i said and went towards my room.

i watched both ladies talking to each other. zeenat has weared white saree with same colour of bra and panty. veena was in red chudidar. i took my laptop and leaved the house in my car. i went to nearby hotel and booked a room for full day.

i quickly turned my laptop on and logged in to my id. i requested for cameras and here it is, i could see my home.

i flipped to watch lobby. zeenat and veena were still talking while drinking cokes. thay were talking about normal matters.then i heared that door bell rang. zeenat got up and went towards the door. as she opened the door dawood and farook entered the house. my heart was beating very fast on watching those two studs. dawood and farook were in formal dresses as thyr are some kind of businessmen. 

zeenat took them inside the house and i could see that farook was adjusting his buldge while looking at her swaying ass. they came into lobby. veena looked at them.

" hi..." veena said.

" hello....." dawood said and went near her and hugged her softly. veena could not do anything as he did that very normaly and fast. after him farook also hugged her.he took her fully in his strong arms.

" these are u r brother's business bosses.. farook and dawood.. and she is my sister-in-law, veena. " zeenat introduced all of them.

" ooo...nice to meet u.." dawood said while looking at veena's boobs those are little bigger than zeenat's. i think they both got stunned by veena's beauty and married figure. zeenat noticed them and said them to sit down.
both ladies went into kitchen.

" ooooo....mann she is very hot.......i will fuck her today.." farook said .

" look at her figure...she is hotter than zeenat..." dawood said while holding his cock over the pant.

i was aroused by their dirty comments about my sister.

" they are seniors of u r brothers company...they will stay here for 5-6 hours..thay did that every time they visited in our city...." zeenat said to veena.
" hmmm...." veena replied.

" we should make something special for them....u r brothers promotion is in their hands..." zeenat said . i think she was saying all that as dawood told her to say to my sister, veena.

My Wife forced Part-4

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I was amazed with the cleverness of the dawood. both men grinned at each each other. they have their hands on thier huge cocks. zeenat was sitting on bed still filled with fear and guilt. 

" ok..farook her mouth is u rs ...u can get ur blow job." dawood said.

farook grinned and moved towards the bed. he went close to zeenat and pulled her close by holding hairs and kissed her lips. her black lips covered her red lips and i was feeling very horny by looking at this. dawood smiled while looking at me and moved on to the bed. 

" i love her boobs and ass man..." farook said while kissing her boobs and his huge hands griping zeenat's ass flesh.dawood took zeenat and made her lie on the bed. he asked faook to move towards her mouth. she was still confused and was very shy due to presence of two hunks.

" can't u do it one by one...." she said with collecting all of her inner strength.

" u will love this bhabhi and will never forget in u r life...." dawod said and attacked her bally. he put salive in her bally hole and started inserting tongue in deep hole. mean time, farook took his monster near to zeenat's mouth. she hasitated.

" u have to suck it bitch....." he said and forced his monster into her lips.

she opened her full mouth and still only able to took his cock's huge pink tip. 

" ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh........." farook moaned as cock's tip touched zeenat's red juicy lips. he started pushing more but she was opposing as it was very dificult for her to took that girth.

farook asked dawood to leave her. as dawood did that , farook hold her and made her lie on the bed in that position, as her whole body was on the bed and only her face was hanging from the bed. she can look at the floor. dawood smiled and again attacked her lower body parts. farrok hold her from head and pushed tip of monster in her mouth. in this position she cannot oppose bcz her head was hanging from the body. he was trying to push more and more cock in her mouth.

" ooooooohggggggggggggooooghhhhh......." her voice was not coming out from her throat and salive was oozing from her mouth.

" oooo....suck that slut... take it full. suck that gud.." farook was maoning with his eyes closed and was trying to push more cock in her mouth. 

meanwhile dawood took her tongue towrds her pussy lips. he parted them and put his tongue inside her pussy. his both hands were pinching and caresing her both boobs ad nipples. farook pushed his half of fat dick in zeenat's mouth. i can see salive was oozing from her juicy lips making his shaft more wet and water is running from eyes. she was strugling for breathe.

" hhhhooooooooyyyyyyyyyyy....... " she sighed as farook took his cock out from her mouth. he gave him two seconds to breath and again pushed hard into her mouth. he thrusted so hard that her head hit the wood of bed and her eyes widened as she is gonna die. 

" oo mmmyyyyyy.....she is so fuckngg. gud dawood...." he moaned and again thrusted hardy. 

dawood was still busy with her pussy. i can see that zeenat was pushing more of her pussy into dawood's mouth and she was enjoying his tongue fucking. he pushed two fingers into her wet pussy. she was moving with rythm with his tongue movements. then he took those fingers out from pussy and thrust wet fingers into zeenat’s ass hole.

" aaiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......" she cried as fingers hit her ass hole innerside with tip of farook's cock in her mouth.

dawood was licking her g-spot and was fucking finger fucking her ass hole as farook was enjoying tight grip of her juicy lips aroung his cock.she is also burning with desires. after 5 minutes of ass fucking, tongue fucking and hot blow job. dawood get up and asked farook to stop.

" plllllllloooooooopppppppppppp...." was the sound came as he took his monster out of her mouth. her whole mouth was red and wet with salive and tears from eyes. dawood pulled her into middle of our bed and took position between her legs. he placed tip of cock near her pussy lips.
" ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... " she cried as he thrust almost all of his cock in her little pussy which is oozing and wet like hell, with one strong push. he took all his coock out and thrusted again. she cried ans shivered with pain. dawood placed her legs over his shoulder and was riding her very fastly.

" aaaa.....aaaaaaa....oooooomaaaaaaaaaa" she was maoning with each deep thrust. her juices were flooding from her pussy to her ass hole.

farook went behind her and close to her pussy. he laid on bed and looked dawood's cock coming out and in from her pussy. he took his middle fat finger and pushed it inside her ass hole from bottom.

" ssstoooooppppppppp..." she cried with double pain as dawood was fucking her very fastly. farook also took pace with finger .

they were fucking her both holes .

" mmmmmmmammmmmm..." her cries turned into comlete pleasure . i was amazed with dawoods stamina. he was fucking like no tommorow. 

" i m ccccccummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....." she cried and cummed with lot of maonings and cryings. after 2 minutes she relaxed. i was amazed that dawood still not reached his organsm. farook took his finger out of her ass. dawood also stood and asked her to bend in doggy style. farook licked his finger which was wet from her ass fucking.
" u r very tasty....bhabhi...." he smiled at zeenat.
she said nothing and bend in front of dawood. dawood put lot of salive on her ass hole." i m gonna .fuck ur ass, bhabhi." he announced.

she came back to sense and said." noooo... it will hurt alot."

" lets see , bhabhi... i think u will enjoy as u enjoyed pussy fucking..." he said and placed his cock on the enterance of zeenat's ass hole. 

farook had a idea. he liked her taste so he decided to lick her pussy. he lied under zeenat's body and his cock was infront of zeenats face and his mouth was on her pussy lips. he lied in 69 position as zeenat was in doggy dtyle. 

he pushed cock towards her mouth ." suck it... slut..." he said. 

dawood started pushing his cock in her tight ass hole. he thrusted with little push and she cried " aaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....aiiiiiiiiiiii" as tip of cock went in. 

he pushed litttle more and farook started making her relax with tongue on her pussy. dawood stopped for some time and and kissed her back using tongue. after 1 minute, dawood made a harsh move . he held her from buttocks and while pulling some cock out from ass , he pushed with strong thrust almost half of his dick in zeenat's ass.

“ oooooooooomaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy......” she cried and i can see tears coming out from eyes. 

“” she could not comlete her sentence as he did that one more time.

“ u bastraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddd..aaaaaaaaaaooooooooooo” she cried as dawood’s cock teared her virgin ass hole.

he smiled and stopped as his full cock is in her ass. he slurped her naked back and farook was cheweing her pussy walls and giving her pleasure.

“ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa..” she was now moaning in pleasure. dawood started fucking her ass with steady and slow strokes. she was enjoying her ass to be fucked by big dick.

“ omyyyyyyyy. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..........” room was filled with moanngs and cryings. after 10 minute of ass fucking dawood announced “ i m u r assssssss...” 

he started fucking very fastly with long strokes. 
“ fuck meeeeeeee...............” zeenat cried in pain and moreover in pleasure. dawood cummed with a loud grunt.” ooooooooooooooooooooooo.....”

after 5 minutes all were relaxed in the room. zeenat was lying on bed , her ass in upward direction. farrok hugged her from bottom and dawood was still upon her. she was in between two huge hunks. as dawood took her limb cock out of her ass. i can see her ass filled with cum and ass hole was very red with hard fucking of dawood.
as soon as dawood stod from her body. farook took her in his hug and kissed her boobs, lips and earlobes. after 2 minutes of forelaying. he made her lie on bed and his tongue went towards her pussy area. he was licking all juices from her pussy and ass hole. it was very kinky for zeenat. she closed her eyes in pleasure. she was shivering in farook’s strong grip. his long tongue was moving inside her pussy hole. he was fucking her with real love and experience. 

“ ooo mmmyyyy.....goddddddd” she was moving in her grip restlessly. dawood sat on one side was looking all this. farook then hold her from ankles and placed her legs over his shoulder. she understood what he is ginna do.

“ nooo.....stoppp...............” she said while looking at dawood who smiled.

“ u promised me....that i have to give him just blow job...” she pleaded. 

farook grinned and placed his tip on entearbce of her pussy lips. she tried best to get free but he was too strong for him.

“ tell him to stoooooooooooooooo....ahhhooooooooooooooooooo” she cried as farook thrust his huge tip inside her sweet wet hole with one push.

“ i m goooooonnaaaaaaaaa die....” she was crying as farook was pushing more cock in her pussy. it was very kinky for me as his black meat was in her red and white pussy. 

as his half cock was in zeenat’s pussy. he stopped and fell over her. he kissed all her face and chewed her nipples and juicy lips.

“ plz stop... i cant take it u r so bigg...” she tried for one last time.
“ u know bhabhi... u can take... u r made to be fucked by big dick not with small dick as u r husband..” he said and chewed her nipples hard.

i felt humilated. he took some of his cock ou and spit huge amonut of salive on dick. he again pushed . she shivered. the problem is not length but his dick was very fat. he thrusted with full force and his dick went fuly in her love hole by tearing walls apart.

“ aaoooooooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy” she cried in heavy pain .

he kep thrusting her very hardly and she was crying in pain. i fellt sorry for my wife as he was hrting her lioke hell. he was now fucking her with steady srokes. he stopped for a while and i was amazed at what i saw. my wife push her buttocks in upward direction to meet his thrust. he smiled as he has won.
he placed his each hand under each of zeenat’s ass cheeks. he pushed her pussy lips in upward direction and started riding her very fastly.

“thuppppppppppppp...thuoppppppppppp...” were the suonds cuming as his buttocks slapped against her ass and he was fucking like hell.

“ fuckkkkkkk ..meeeeeeeeeeemeeeeeeeee.....” she was crying like a slut. dawood was watching all of this.farook was real master in using his monster. he was amusing her as she was in heaven. 

“ aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...” she was moaning heavily. 

“ thuggggggggggg........thugggggg.” he was fucking and grunting loudly.

“ u r fuckingggggggggggg hotttttttttttt....slut.............” “ bitcchhhhh........u r....... ttight....” he was abusing her while riding her small pussy wioth monster. 

after 10 minutes of thupping and maoning sounds. he grunted” i m cummmmmmmmmmmmnggggg......” and gave a last long and hard pusgh in her pusyy.

“ ahhhhhhhh....” she could feel her pussy filled with his cum. he fell on her body. she hugged he and her legs tightly closed his buttocks as she was taking his seed in her. 

“ fuck......yeahhhhhhhh..... u r very hot , bahbhi...” dawood said.

“ do u enjoyed....slut...” farook asked her in ears.

she did not ask anything but hugged him very tightly. she realy enjoys that. 
“ i think, we r allowed to fuck her in future... huh bhabhi? “ dawood said with grin on his face.

she said.” u r very big bastard.. u said u r leaving this city , tommorow.”

“ u have changed my mind, specialy u r pussy annd....ass...” he smiled.
“ i will never allow u...” she said in anger.

“ we will see that bhabhi “ he said and took her pictures while farook was on her and they were hugging each other. my cock was very happy after cumming for three times ...........


i went to kitchen to eat something. u heard noise and turned . dawood still naked standing there behind me. i looked towards his cock. he smiled. 

" was the show... cuckold.." he said

" i enjoyed it... but u gave alot of pain to zeenat." i said

" she enjoyed very much man... and i think that she would not live without our cocks anymore... she tasted the real cock man." he said while smiling.

i said nothing and started eating. " i think u also would not deny that u will want to watch more and more fucking of u r wife...huh? " he said.

" yeah ...i enjoyed as never in my life...but it huts me when she was in pain.. atlast she is my wife..." i said

" hahaha....wome love pain ... they love big and big dicks those can tear apart their holes... so zeenat love our cocks... "he said.

i was agree with him . i can never gave such pleasure to my wife. and also its true i want to watch more and more fucking of zeenat, from my heart. 

" so , what is plan, now? " i said

" i think she cannot take anymore...atleast after fucking ny farook....she needs some we will come next sunday. " he said.

then we talked about how to end today;s plan. it was 9 pm at that time. dawood entered the room. i went behind. farook was lying beside zeenat and caresing her boobs. she was motionless.

" i think u r husband will come at any time. we have to leave now.." dawood said while wearing his clothes.farook deemed disapionted. he wants to enjoy more.

" o god....why r u not my wife ... i will never go to work..will only fuck u day and nigt. sweetie." farook said and get up from bed.

zeenat smiled . it was the first time she smiled in front of farook. i think she is starting to feel comfortable after her full satisfaction by big monsters. then according to plan, i called dawood.

" hello...." i said

" hi.... man sorry i leaved 25 minutes ago from u r home... i have an urgent i had to go" he said.

" ooooo....kk "

" i will come to meet u soon , buddy. zeeenat bhabhi, served us....errr...i mean me. very well.. i will never forget her ......" he stopped.

my wife looked at him and gave a shy smile. 

" ok..will hope to see u soon" i said.

" i am also hopefull to see ....." he cut the line off and grabbed zeenat's both boobs.

farook and dawood then kissed her one by one on lips for gud bye. she was not reluctant at that time. they left the house and i also went behind them.

" we will fuck zeenat next sunday..." dawood said.

" oo..mannn.....we will have to wait for one week..." farook repled with sadness.

" i will tell u about the plan....prevert.." dawood said and they went away in car.

i waited for half-hour to enter house. zeenat was sleeping in our room and she weared her clothes. i went behind her and removed all of my clothes. i hugged from behind. she wake up and turned to see me. she was tense at that time. i can see guilt in her eyes.

" how was the" i said.

" mmmm...gud " she said softly as she was thinking about something.

" o i forget to pepare dinner for u....i was feeling sleepy.." she said as she was going to stand.

" no baby... i ate in the hotel.. i am just in need of u r love" i said and kissed her lips.

she hesitated as she was satisfied almost. my cock was throbbing by remembring images of farook and dawood cocks fucking zeenat.
i removed her clothes and kissed her on lips and boobs.she was motionless and was thinking about something. i moved towards her pussy.. i could taste cums of farook and dawod. when i looked at her ass. it was little wide than before. this made me very hot. i entered her pussy with one hard was very easy for my cock bcz way of hole was widened by farook's monster.

"ahhhhhhhhhhh......." she moaned as i started fucking her virgously. 

i cummed in just 2 minutes. we were trying to sleep in hug. but i think she was thinking about her guilt and i was thinking about next sunday.

My Wife forced Part-3

Author: whooletthedogsout ( 

Dawood's hands were pinching her nipples. then he left her lips and move towards her whity boobs. she ws looking at him and he attacked her left boob and caresssed other one with hand. the marks of his teeth from earlier action are still on her boobs. he was chewing as he is taking milk from her nipples like a child.this made her wet and i could see juices dripping from her thighs making her panty wet. he then moved towards her bally and was slurping all her stomach.

dawood removed her panty and plled it down to her ankles. then he gave a last push to his own mouth on her pussy lips. her pussy was already wet and he licked all the juices from her thighs and pussy. he was stroking near her g spot with one finger. i can see zeenat was moving restlesly all around on kitchen basin and her boobs are going up and down with pleasure and as she was breathing very heavily. he chewed her pussy lips, pulling them outwards .then he put his tongue inside her pussy hole.

" oooooaooooooooooooooooooooo...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn" she was going crazy.

he took his middle finger and pushed it insdie. i went in easily.he was fucking very fast with finger also tasting her juices coming from her pussy lips.then he again took strange step, this time he removed the finger from pussy and then pushed it in her ass. 

" what r u ............... donnnnn...." she shivered as finger which was wet with her juices went inside her ass. 

he then put a huge amount of spit on her ass hole and stardted fucking her ass very fastly. she was getting some pain from ass fucking but enjoying alot by his tongue fucking on her pussy. his one hand moves towards her boobs. he was realy making her crazy while fucking ass and with tongue.

" u likig it , bhabhi.? " he asked while his mouth still on her love hole.

" mmmmmammmmmmammmmmmmmmmmm....." all she could say as she was very near to cum. 

he knows that and held her from waist very firmly and pushed his one finger inside her pussy hole. 

" i mmmmmmmmmm cummmmmmmmmmmmnn..................." she shouted as she cummed. 

after 10 seconds he left her and stood there while watching her cumming. she was moving up and down, her eyes were closed. she cummed with strong moanings. after lot of moanings and lot of moving on the kitchen basin, she relaxed, i can't imagine that a girl can cumm like this way. it aslo made me cum. 

dawood hold her hand and make her stand.

" i think u ...enjoyed alot, bhabhi.." he said while stroking her nipples. he opened her mouth and put the finger which was in her ass seconds ago and said " lick it, u will like alot" 

she was not in proper sense .s he did as he ordered. but i think she did not like that taste.she didnot say anything. i think she was not in state of talking. she was taken away into another world with ass fucking and tongue by master dawood.

After that zeenat brought lunch into lobby. so this time i hid myself behind stairs. dawood did not allow zeenat to wear her clothes. her saree, bra and blouse were still on the floor in the kitchen. when they finished lunch, she went to cleansplates in the kitchen i can see her ass swaying , when ahe was walking. dawood looked at me and smiled. he came close to me.
" can i have her for full day, man " he said.

" what u want to do with her this time. u have already done everything and humilated her too far" i replied.

" did not u enjoy? "

" i enjoyed , but......"

" no but, u can enjoy more if u will allow me to have her for rest of day "

" what how it can be , "

" thats not u r problem. u just have to call me when i will sigtal to u... and u will tell me that u r not coming until late night"

" mmmmm.... " i m too excited that i can not said no to him.

" one more thing, i want my.... " he stopped while looking at me.

" what urs???? " i said 

" i want to bring my freind in the game..." 

" what?????? u have promised me that u will not get any other one into game " i said.

" yeah. i know.. but if u will allow me... i will show u the real show.
i was more excited by his word 'real show'.

" i don't know how can i do this to my wife and why the way ahe will never allow to any of u r friend to enter the house as u have already betrayed her." i said.

" so from ur side it is yes...and about zeenat ..leave it to me.. i will manage that.." he replied smartly.

" butt...."

" no.. buttssss...just enjoy this real show , prevert."
" okay ... i said...." but don't do any thing harmful to zeenat" i pleaded.

" ok... man.. i am promising u that she will enjoy more than ever before." he said.

when i asked him about his friend then he told me that he will invite that guy, who i have seen which one waas talking to dawood when he come to our house. i remebered his face. he was black and a hunk with no beaty on his face. i thought how can i allow someone who is looking like a monster to fuck my wife. but my cock said " why not" and won again against my thoughts.

after that, zeenat went into room for a bath. at that time i eat from kitchen. bcz i was feeling weak due to my masturbation, while watching my wife getting fucked.
as soon as she come out of the bathroom. this time dawood decided to do action in my room, on my bed. this realy gave excitement to me. she was wrapping a towel around her. 

" i think , u shold go no, dawood" she said while going towards drawer to get fresh panty and bra.

" and... i think u should not wear anything, as i m gonna show u real fun .." he said and pulled her towards him.
he has one hand on her ass and with ither hand he pulled her lips towards his own with holding her hairs from her neck. he kissed her hardly on lips. she knew that what is gonna happen in next hour. but i think she is wrong......

" my husband would be here in any time u have done what u want. now, please leave me" she said while strugling from his grip.

" ok.. i will leave but please give me some treat with respect" he said while stroking her ass by putting hand under towel.

" u have done what u want.." she amost pleaded this time.

" ok... i will leave from here... and never tell u r husband about today's incidents and will never come back here... if u will co-operate with me for this last treat."

" what kind of treat..." she said.

" i wil tell u..." he said and removed one end of towel from folding and it fell down on floor. she could not do anthing to save her last hope.he bend and kissed both her boobs. then he signaled me to call. i went out of house and called him.

" hello.." 
" where r u . when u will here. me and bhabhi waiting for u" 

" sorry... man i will come after midnight... i m really soryy.. but the work is realy inportant for me.." 

" oooo....ok .. no problem ....its u r work.. i m enjoying my stay with bhabhi..." he said while pinching her boobs.

" ok.. i will see u in night.. enjoy u r stay.." i said

bye... he said and cut the line off.
i went inside house again. i can see depression on her face.

" luck is in our favour bhabhi... we have lot of time to enjoy last treat." he said.
he hugged her tightly and pinched on her both ass cheeks.he took her to bed in his embrace. he throwed her on bed with her ass towards roof. her ass was like little mountain of sand in the dessert. he removed all of his clothes and went on to the bed. he laid over her back.

he was kissing her earlobes and her naked black. his cock was touching her ass cheeks. he was slurping all of her back with tongue. then i saw he took mobile and was typing text. i think he was sending message to anyone. he then kissed her ass cheeks. he parted her cheeks so wide that i can see her little ass hole from there. he spit huge amount of saliva in her ass hole . then he put her tongue there. she shivered as she was feeling first touch of tongue ever in life on her hle in ass.

" sssssssssss hsssssss...." she said and hide her face in to the bed sheet.

he was sucking her ass hole and with one finger he was fucking her cunt. then he made her in doggy position by helding her waist and pushing it in upward direction. he again sucked her ass hole for 5 minutes. she was burning at this time. then he turned her. he stood on the bed and made her sit in front of his cock. then he looked at the time. he smiled and took one clothe from drawer and made her sucking his cock.

" this will help u to reduce shyness." he said and put the cloth on her eyes and tied it in the back of her head. he blindfolded her. he hold her from both ears and started fucking her mouth. she was strugling for breathe and saliva was flowing from her mouth to he thighs.

then i heard sound in the lobby. i saw that huge hunk entered into lobby and moved towards room. he watched me and asked me to where to go without speaking. i gestured him. i cant took my eyes away . he was looking like he is not from earth.he went inside room and saw my wife sucking dawood's 8" prick, without knowing what is going around and what is coming?

dawood signaled him to keep queit. black man immediatly removed all his clothes without making noises. i can see twinkles in his eyes as he was watching my wife's nude glory.

" puccccchhchhcpuccccccccc...." were the sounds coming as dawood was mouth fucking zeenat.

as soon as black man removed his all clothes. i can see her black body from back as he was standing facing away from me. he was mascular. i have never seen this kind of guy.

" suck that bitch...suck that.." dawood said as pushing more cock in her mouth.

then black man moved towards bed. dawood pulled cock out of her mouth. i can see her mouth was tired by his fucking. saliva was coming out of her mouth. dawood got down from the bed and signaled black man to come to the bed. zeenat was sitting there without knowing what to do and what is happening. then black stud ride over to the bed and then went near to her mouth.

" ooooooooooo myyyyyyyyyyy ....." all i can sey as i looked at his cock from side. it was realy dark. i have never seen so dark thing in my life. it was huge. it was almost 9" and more fatter than dawoods dick. he pushed cock near to her lips. when she opened her mouth to take cock. she was surprised as she opened all of her mouth wide and she was still finding it difficult to take that thing in. she realized diffrence and immediatly removed cloth from her eyes.

" what the fuckkkkkkkkkk........................." she shouted she opened her eyes to look at black stud and his cock. she was terrified was shaking.

dawood was standing on floor and said" that is my last treat , bhabhi."

" no wayyyy................. i will kill myself but never do all this... u betrayed me one more time.."

she ran towards the door, i quickly hid myself. i heared some hustling inside room and then " ptakkkkkkkkkakkkkkkkkkk" come the sound from room. i looked at found that black stud slapped her on cheeks and zeenat was crying on bed.

" u bitch..... u insulting me ..u took dawoods cock and u r refusing me bcz i m too black.." he shouted . 

" relax. buddy.. i can manage that.." dawood said while went near to zeenat. he hugged her made her relax.

" look bhabhi, this will be the last time, he wll kill me if will not allow him to fuck you.. i owe him. u know i want to become a good person.." he said.

" also this will be the last time, then u will have ur own life, no one will disturb u." he added.

" but can i fuck with this huge....." she stopped while looking at black cock.

" o... bhabhi. u have taken my cock... and u will manage that... i can bet with u." he said

" no... never..........." she again started crying.

" ok... u have one option u will just guve him blow will be no problem.." he said.

" but.........." she stopped and thught.
" ok....but only blow job.. " she said bcz she knew she has no option and also she feared from his slap.

My Wife forced Part-2

Author: whooletthedogsout ( 

After first incident with dawood and other boys my wife was very sad. she remains silent most of the time. but i slowly consoled her by telling that it was not her fault. by the passage of the time she started living normally. i enjoyed lot of sex with her. i always thought about that incident and dawood’s long cock in her pussy , during our intercourse. it gave me exitement and i always want that incident to happen is start thinking about how to fulfil my fantasy. even, i am sure that zeenat will never agreee for this crazy act. but i want it so bad.

after about one month or so, i was reading a newspaper . my wife was making coffee for me and my daughter was getting ready for school. i received a call from unknown number.

i picked up call and said " hello ".. 

"hi.. cuckold..." was the reply from other side.

i got stunned and filled with fear and anger. i went outside of my home and started conversation." who r u "

"u enjoyed u r wife's fucking in guna ...huh??" he replied

i was stunned. "is it dawood" i replied curiously.

" i m sure u r waitnig for my call ...didn't u? he said

" yeah... i can't forget that incident... " i replied softly.

"so u want me to take u r wife...sweet wife..hahaha...??" he said laughing.

i m not sure man..that happened just accidently and i liked it ...what it can happen again i m not sure... u know my wife is ..."

" beatiful whore maid to be fucked and used" he interuppted me.

" mmm..u know she is shy and conservative...she really love me and family..she is not that type of girl and i don't think that we can make her ready to fuck u or any other man..." i said

" hahaha...but u really want to see her getting fucked...don't u" he said laughing.

" yeah...but.." i said

" don't be fool....u will enjoy thiss...i can seduce her for fucking..but u have to help me.." he replied.

i was very nervous at that time. is it bad for my wife? for my family? how can i use her for my fantasy? if somthing bad happen? i was thinking all that and not very confident about but to do.

" what r u thinking man.. i will fuck her like queen...u will really love thet...and she will also love that man..i want u r help" he said

all the previous scenes of zeenat's fuck session with him and others came in front of my eyes. i get instant hard on. my cock was tearing my underpant.

"coffee is getting cold " my wife cried from house.

i got back to reality. " okay man ..will see what we can do"

" thanks... i know u r a prevert ...lolz...and by the way i love her voice..she is calling u ... i will call u in evening with plan" he said.

i was exicted alot...but also somewhere in my mind ..i felt fear.i come back in house, zeenat is waiting for me in lobby.i looked at her innocent face..did i really want her to be fucked by dawood. my hard cock say a big YESSS.

i went to work after that. the conversation with dawood was exciting me. my cock was in full mood by remembering that. i couldn't concentrate on my work. i went quickly to the bathroom. locked it and pulled my zip down. my cock was hurting me .i hold my cock firmly and closed my eyes. i was thinking about face of my wife while getting pounded by dawood's big dick.

" ahhhhhhh..ssss.. " i cried while i am cumming in 10 seconds and spurtting a load of cum all over the bathroom. i felt relaxed and came back to my office. 
at around 5 pm , when i finished my work and coming back to my home, i got call from dawood. 

" hellooo....cuckold" he said .
" hi" i replied humbly.

" so, r u ready ...huh " he said.

" for ...what?????.. " i replied.

" for u r wife's pussy punding by my with big dick...huh "

"i got excited.. so u have any plan???? ..."

" yup...... okay here is the plan.. i will come to u r home .................. ...................and he told me about his plan.

" mmmm.. i am agree and u should be very careful. "

" thats the spirit man... okay we will complete plan on sunday.. send u r daughter to any of u r relative.. "

" okay...thats not a problem... but u should come alone...i don't want any other man with u... "

"ooooo man.... thats bad...u have a hard conditions... " he replied sadly.

" u know .. she is housewife and not a whore... so ..." i said.

" ok ... thats right.. as u r wish... ok i have to go now.. " 

" ok.. i m also near my house.. bye" i said driving my car towards garage.

" go and fuck that slut man... hahahahha... bbbyeee. cuckold." he said laughingly.
my cock was again hard.

At night, i pulled her close . i kissed her neck,face and juicy lips. she respondeD me by kissing. i removed her top. sucked her breasts ..

" ahhh. slowly .honey u r hurting me " she said in pain as i chewed her left nipple aand pressing other one with thumb. i took her hand and place iT on my penis.

" u r really hard.honey" she said pressing hard my penis over my under pant.

" u make me hard ....sweety " i said kissing her other nipple. i couldn't control more as she was also very hot at that time. i removed her salwar and then her panty, instantly. my tongue went down to her private part. i started kissing her near her pussy and then covered her pussy with my tongue and slurping it like a hungry dog. she went crazy and held my hair pushing inside her pussy. she removed my underpant and stroking my penis with one hand while other was on my head .

ohhhhh..honeeeeey..... ooo mmaa aaaaa..." she cried in excitement as i went towards her top again.

i chewed her nipples and then her lips. i i adjusted myself in between her legs. she was dripping and it was easy for my rat to get inside hole easily. i started thrusting very hard and kissing her lips. she is thrusting back in upper position. i comletely removed my penis and thrust focefully inside, again.

" ahhhhh..mmmm..." she moaned " u r very hard today.. do it slowllllllyyyyyyyyy...ahhhhhh" she said as i thrusted her very hard again.i kept her thrusting ang chewing her nipples and thinking about dawwod's cock in her pussy. she was moaning with pain and enjoyment. i had never done that hard with her in my life. then i make her riding me and kept preesing her boobs with both of my hands.

after about five minutes of very hard banging. we both cummed and collapsed into each other. we go to sleep but my mind was still thinking how will dawood fuck my sweet, zeenat.

the next day past very hard for me. i masturbate three times that day about thinking what will happen on sunday. at night i again fucked my wife very hard. next day, on saturday, i started working on my plan. 

i said to my daughter " do u want to visit u r grand mom" 

she was doing her home work ." i would love that papa. but what about mom? will she allow me? "

" ooo. thtas not a problem. i will manage that. " i said

" what r u talking about. huh. what r u planning to manage" zeenat said as she entered lobby with lunch.

" our daughter wants to go to her grandmom's house " i said.

" she has a alot of homework to do.." zeenat denied.

" please mom... i will complete my whole homework until evening..." my daughter pleade.

" o' cmo'n honey..don't be too rash... she wants to go.." i said.

" ok... but comlete u r homework first.." zeenat said.

" i love u papa..." my daughter said.

" love u baby..." i kissed her forehead.

i surpassed first part of my plan and my cock got hard on about thinikng what will happen next.

on saturday evening, we left our dughter to grandmom's house. at night, i fucked my wife twice very hard. whole night i couldn't sleep in excitement. 

in the morning, my wife and i was enjoying coffe. i as reading newspaper as regularly and she was just sitting. then she went for bathing. when she come back, i was sitting nervously. she said " what happens honey? why r u sitting sad?? "

i said nothing. she come close to me,sat beside me on sofa.

" honey, tell me what happens???" she said

" i have got a call .... when u were bathing...its from its fro........" i stopped.

" who was it " she said curiously.

" it was from.... dawood.. " i sighed heavily.

" ohh.. noo... how did he get u r number??" she said.

" may be ... he got number from my mobile..when his friends were fuckin........u .." i said heavily.

she has depression on her face. she hugged me tightly. tears were rolling over her cheeks. " what does he wants? why he had called u? " zeenat said.

" he said that his cousin died in a war with his rivals in the town..... so he wants to become a gud person in life.. ..." i said as caressing hairs of zeenat.

" he wants to apologize to us for his act...." i said. my wife looked at my face . 

" he really said that???? " zeenat said.

" yes......and ... he wants to visit us to say sorry... " i said.

" i don't think so that will be gud, honey." zeenat replied.

" yeah...but... he have a tape of your fuckin....... session with them .... so he also want to return that to us..." i said.

" whatttt.... when he had made tape of that time??? " she said surprisingly.

" i don...don't know honey, butt he said that..." i replied.

" what we can do now? " zeenat said.

" he will call me back in fifteen minutes. he said he wants to talk with u." i said.

" me???? what why?? ..what he wants from me? " zeenat said.

" i don't know ...but he said he wants u r permission to visit.. " i said looking at her sweet face.

" o my god... what can i do now,honey. should i talk to him ? " she said.
" i think u should give a try.... " i said.

" ok.... but i m very can i talk to man.. who raped in front of u...oooo my ...." she was depressed.

i hugged her and said " honey, thats not u r fault... he wants to become a gud person.. so we should try... we have not any option as he have a tape of u... " i saad.

" ok.... as u said..." she said sadly.

i kissed her on cheek and she went into kitchen to perpare breakfast.

i got oppurtunity. i took my mobile and missed call on dawood's number. after two minutes, my phone rang up. i took phone to kitchen.

" its his call. he wants to talk to u.. u should pick up the phone " i said to zeenat.

she looked tense and pick phone from my hand. she turns towards the kitchen basin and her back was towards me. i went close and softly hugged her from back. 

" hello....." she said hesistantly.

" hello... zeenat bhabhi.. h r u? dawood replied.

" i m .....fine.. " 
she said " what do u want from me???? "

" u know bahbhi, i have commited a sin u..and i m really... sorry for that i want to apolozize to u and u r husband for my act" he replied.

i could hear all the talking as i was very close to zeenat's ear and phone while hugging her from back.

" so...what...?? " she said annoyingly..

" i want to visit u r i can return cd of that ...err ..time... and want to say sorry.? he said

" u can broke that cd... what why u want to visit our home??? 

" bhabhi... u r taking me wrong... i want to apolozize from my heart.... i have no intention about fuck.........errr... i mean doing any wrong please let me come to u r house... i want to become a good person." he pleaded.

zeenat stopped and looked back towards me. i nodded her silently and hugged her tightly. she said after taking some time " mmmm... if u will do anything wrong.. i will call police... "

" nothing at all bhabhi.... i really want to say sorry to u" he said with joy.

" when will u come? " she said without looking at me. i was hard instantly and hugged her more tightly pressing my tool against her ass.

" mmm. im in u r town and i will come in 2 hours.." he said instantly.

" today......" she surprised and look at me annoyingly.

" yeah ... tommorow , i m going to delhi and will never come back to" he replied.

" ok....bye.. " she said huridly.

" ooo... bhabhi what will u make for me.... " he said

" i am preparing paranthas.... thats all i have made " this time she seemed relaxed.

" i also wants some milk... bhabhi" he said mischifely with double meanning.

" ok " she can't understand her meaning and cut the phone.

i was hard and pressing her ass . i kissed on her neck and usng my both hands to press boobs. she pushed me back. " what r u doing, honey? let me finish my work" she said smiling.

after that,i took my bath and every second was passing like hours. zeenat finished her work and went to room for a bath. she took white bra and same coloured panty from drawer.after 20 minutes, she came back.she was looking hot in that panty and bra's pair. her firm ass was making me hot.

she said " what should i wear, honey" as i was looking at her.

"i think u should wear nothing and should remove those panty and bra ." i said while hugging her and gave a kiss on her cheeks.

she pushed me aside. " not now, honey. that bastard will be here ,soon. please suggest me what should i wear? " she replied.

" take that black saree, honey. in this saree u always look hot. " i replies while waving kiss to her.

" u r very naughty. now, gave me time to ready" she replied smiling.

i went outside and waiting for dawood.after about 20 minutes, my phone rang up. 

" which one is u r house, prevert " dawood said.

" i went outside and take a look on one side. he was standing there in middle of street while phone on his ear talking to me. i waved to him. he cut the phone and smiled. then he went to car standing aside the road. there was a hunk sitting in the car .he was almost like dawood. they talked for a while and then that man got away in the car. dawood reached to me and giving me a hand shake.

" who is he" i asked him.

" he is my friend. he dropped me here. he will not come to u r house." he replied.

" i asked u to come alone" i said

" hey..... he is not a problem man. .... by the way u should enjoy while i m gonna fuck u r zeenat's pussy, today" he said smiling.

i took him inside. zeenat was standing in our bedroom and we can see her from lobby. she was applying lipstick. as soon as dawood see her. he was stunned by his beauty in that black saree.

" she is looking more hoot than previous time, man" he said while looking at her ass.

zeenat noticed us looking at her. she got tensed by looking dawood. i made dawood sit in the sofa. zeenat come out of room to lobby. dawwod got up and said " hello, bhabhi" he was looking normal. he went towards zeenat and hugged her softly. it awas normal meeting hug . but i can see fear in zeenat's eyes.

" hi " she said as soon dawood released her from hug.

we then talked normally about how his cousin died . he was talking like a innocent guy and he was trying to make zeenat comfortable. he was not even looking at her with lust as he looked when he entered the house. my wife then went to get cold drinks.

" man u asked her to wear that black saree as i requested u. u r really a prevert and she is a bomb" he said while pressing his one eye.

" hehe " i just laughed softly.

zeenat came with a tray in her hands .she was looking stunning. she came close to us and when she was putting tray on table in front of us . she was very careful at that time about her pallu and i can see lust and disapointment in the eyes of dawood as he couldn't see any cleavage which he was expecting. my wife sat beside me. we talked for few minutes. dawood requested a glass of water for him.

as soon as zeenat got away to kitchen. dawood huriedly dip a tablet in the drink of zeenat. i said " how strong is it" ?

" not too much... because i want to fuck her , when she will be in full conciousness. " he replied.

my wife came back and we started drinking our drinks while talking.

zeenat was very tensed while talking to her in starting. but that smart bastard was talking so innocently as he had never done anything wrong in his life. after about one hour, zeenat was very comfortable with him and talking with confident. also i can see change in the colour of her eyes and pill makes her 25% unconcious about the situation. she was talking like that dawood has never raped her.
after more hour or so, dawood signaled me and i excused my self by saying that i need to go do some work of my office on computer. my wife didn't react. i went to my room and adjusted my self in a near corner to the lobby. i can see them . my wife's back was towards my room and dawood was sitting in front of my sight. after 5 minutes of normal talking, dawood got up and excused for bathroom. while he was coming back to the lobby from bathroom, in two minute , he hold his penis over his pant and i could see his erection. he smiled at me.
this time he sat on the other side of my wife. my wife didn't oppose .but i think she felt tensed as she moved slight aside to make distance from him.

" bhabhi, u know i have commit many crimes in my life. i want to be a good person with moral ethics." 

she was listening him silently. i can only see both of their's backs. he was looking at her and her eyes were looking stright to the other side.

" i have lost my brother.i loved him most . more than anything else in my life. i have lost him due to my wrong actions" he was talking sadly.

suddenly he was crying loudly. i was surprised by his acting.when my wife heared crying sounds, she looked towards him. he held his face with both of his hands and was crying like hell. my wife looked tense and doesn't know what to do. she placed one of her on his shoulder.

" i forgive u for ur actions, dawood. you sholud not cry ." she said softly.
he took one hand away from his face and placed it over hand of zeenat which was situated on his shoulder.

that was the first time he touches her with lust. he held her hand firmly and keep wife tried to console her. after some time he was just sobbing. my wife completely turned towards him and i can see her face from side. this time dawood took courage and turned towards her. he hugged her softly. he was still sobbing. his both hands were on back of zeenat. zeenat's hand were in the air near his shoulder and she didn't know what to do.

he was still sobbing .finally, she placed both of her hand on back of his neck, softly. she wa little bit lazy due to that pill. dawood hugged her tightly. pulling her close to him. his head was above her breasts and zeenat's head was above his head. he was looking like a child who is crying in the hug of his mother.

his hands were revolving around her back. " i m sorry bahbhi. i raped u with my friends." he said.

zeenat didn't replied. she was silently looking sidewise as she didn't know what is happening. his hands were now on naked flesh of her back. 

" u know bhabhi. i couldn't slep whole nights. because i can't forget u and u r....." he stopped.

his hands were pressing naked back softly. she closed her eyes as he hugged her more tightly. he pushed her towards him and now she was almost sitting in the lap of dawood. he took her face away and looked at her. her eyes were closed.his right hand was still raoming arond her back.pill has worked. he placed his left hand on her belly. she shivered but couldn't react due to laziness she has. he then made her stand and hugged her completely. she was neither responding nor opposing. he broke the hug and made her sit in his lap. her legs were arond his waste and she was sitting in his lap as she was riding him. 

now, he started kissing her neck . his hands were on her back. he took right hand sequezed her breasts so hard. she shivered and now she felt what was happening.

she pushed her and got up. " what r u doing , dawood? " she was looking angry. as she stood up and she was adjusting her hairs. he took her one hand and again pushed her into his lap.
he hold her both hands above her head with strong grip. his other hand was sequezzinz her breast over black blouse.she was opposing him but he was strong. he kissed her neck and cleavage over top of her blouse. " 

aahhhhahhaaaaaaaa...." she cried in pain as he bit on her neck .

and as soon as she oppened her mouth to cry. he placed his lips over hers and his tongue was raoming in her mouth.his other hand was pressing boobs and her bally area. i was so horny while looking all this. my cock was hurting me. he was still mouth kissing her, exploring her tongue with his, pressing her boobs very hard.

" ughhhhaaaaaaaaaahhhh......." she was strugling in his grip.

after five minutes, her resistance was lesser as he was very strong. her eyes were closed. he released her hands from grip. she slapped her hard on cheek. he smiled and pressed both her boobs very hard. he took one nipple in his middle finger and thumb and sequezed it vey rashle.

" aaaaooooooooooooooooooooo..." all she could say as he again explored her mouth with his tongue.

now he explored her private area with one hand over her saree.she was getting hot by his actions. now he made her stand and hugged her. his hands were pressing her ass cheeks. he was kissing her lips very hard. at this stage, first time she hugged her. her both hands went to his back of neck automatically. he broke the kiss and looked her face. she has her eyes closed. he was looking at her and pressing her ass . after 20 seconds , she opened her eyes ans looked at him. she remained silent.
she wanted to get away and as soon as she tries to broke hug he pushed her towards him by helding her ass cheeks in each hands.he was humping from front on her pussy over saree. he kissed her neck and moved towards her boobs. he removed her pallu from front. black blouse was in front of him and he could see white bra underneath it. 
" aiiiiaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......" she screamed as he took one nipple in his teeth from over blouse and streched it outside very hard.
" please stoppppppppp..its hurtinggggggg" she pleaded. 
but he did same with the other too. now he looked towards me in the room and signaled me. i took my phone as planned and called on his number. he was kissing her boobs and then his phone rung. zeenat come back to sense and he stopped kissing her boobs.
" hello" he said while pressing her ass with one hand still holding her.
" hello... sorry dawood. i have an urgent work and leaved from backdoor of my room. i have to go to office.i will be back in four hours." i said. 
zeenat was listening this because he was holding her in a hug and she could listen me . 
he said" no problem man.. i m going to drink milk given by bhabhi zeenat. " he said moking whlile looking at her. he pinched her ass check so hard and she couldn't stop herself from making sound " ughhhhhhh...." she controlled her voice as she din't want me to listen that.
"ok. dawood enjoy ur stay. i will meet u in night. don't leave until that. i will drop u at station by myself."
as i disconnected the phone. he again started pinching her ass and bitting her nipples over blouse. 
" ooooyiiiiiiiimaaaaaaaaaa...." she said " please stop. "this is not right" i trusted u and u r doing................." aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....." she again cried as he took half of his boob in the mouth and bite it over the blouse.
he took her in his hug and carry her up from ground and throw hor on sofa. she fell with her face down and ass upwards. as soon as he fell, he ride over her and started kissing her earlobes. she is very sensitive at that area. he was stroking his cock on her ass as he was dry fucking her.
after 2 minutes she was moaning heavily.he took robe on back of the blouse and open it.he took blouse away and she was now in her bra.
he kissed her whole back and licked it like a dog.the he turned her towards him. he now attacked her boobs with mouth and his hands were trying to remove her remaning saree from her legs. he also removed bra cups from boobs and pinched them one by one with his teeth. 
" oooooooaaaaa please slow ...... stooooooopppp...aghhhhhhhhhhh" she was screaming as he was hurting her.
" u have best pairs of boob i have ever seen" he said.

now he kissed her on lips. after sometime she started responding and kissing her back. by that time he undid her saree completely.she was now in white panty and bra whose cups are not covering her boobs. he slowly went towards her belly kissing her neck and boobs. he placed her tongue inside belly and sucked it very hard making it wet. she was going crazy.

now he reached her love spot. her hands were on his hairs. he kissed vey hard on her pussy over panty and removed panty from her legs. his tonguue reached near her pussy walls ,he stopped, his tongue was 1 cm above her pussy. he looked at her. her eyes were closed, he stopped there for few ore seconds. as no reaction was coming, zeenat opened her eyes and looked at him. now he forcefully attacked her pussy with tongue and winked at her. she made a very cute face lookin angry.

" oooooooooo mmmyyyyyyy goddddddddddd....." she was moving around on the sofa. he held her firmly by her waist and conitued licking her pussy wall and g-spot.

" fuckkkkkkk me" all she could say as she cummed like never before.

he got up from sofa. he looked at her. she was looking like she was doing exercise from last one hour. she relaxed afer 5 minutes. she opened her eyes.

" what r the last words u said bahbhi? " he asked.

" i dont know... " she replied while hiding her face with hands.

i was still in my room's corner and enjoying that gr8 show. i have taken my cock out of my pant. zeenat was still lying there on the sofa, hiding her face with hands. dawood was smiling. he caught one of her hand and removed it from her sweet face. her eyes and cheeks were looking very red.

he slapped her on cheek, softly. he made her stand by holding both of her hands, forcefully. she was looking like a high class slut. her pussy was still dripping some juices. he smiled and kissed her lips. she made a face . i think she tasted love juices from her pussy by dawwod's mouth. 

" aaahhhhhhhhhhh...." she moaned softly as he pushed one finger in her wet pussy in standing position. 

he thrusted his finger in and out of zeenat's pussy. and then he pull out his finger , which was very wet with her juices. he pulled finger closed to her mouth. she resisted and turned her face to the other side.

" aaaaaaaooooooohhhhhhhhhh" she cried as dawood slapped her ass with other hand, very hardly. 

as soon as she opened her mouth to cry he pushed finger inside her mouth. she has no option without sucking his finger with her juices. she made a very cute face while looking at him with little anger.

" tell me bhabhi, what are the last words , u said to me " he said.
" i don't know" she replied. 

" and before that....when u was cumminggggg.. " he said smilimg.

" i don't know...." she said annoyingly.

" its ur turn u payback.." he said while pulling his pant down.
she was standing there and looking at him.

she was looking relaxed after she cummed. he was now in his underwear only. he again kissed her hard on lips and slappped hard her ass. this made her asss very red. she cant moan as he was kissing her.

he put one hand on his head and pushed her slowly towards the ground .she was now sitting in front of him and her mouth was in front of his penis. he pushed her underwear down. and herecomes the biggest cock i have ever seen. i looked at my penis and then at him's . it has almost double than my size. he put both hands on back of her head and pushed her lips towards his cock. 

"noooo............." she resisted. 

" o bhabhi...cmo'n .. u owe me" he said

and slapped her very softly on her cheeks. she understood that she has not any option left. she kissed his penis head. it was rock hard like a iron rod and i could see veins of his penis were blodded with anger . he pushed head towards his penis and thrust his cock to her muth. 

" ughhhhhhhhgggg.........." she coughed as half of his cock enterd her mouth.
he did not left his head and kept it there for few seconds and then started thrusting in and out of her muth. it was looking as he was fucking a small pussy. her mouth was wide open and it was very uncomfortable fo her to take his half length bcz of its grith. he kept thrusting and hold his penis in that state as his cock's head was in her mouth. then spitted on his cock twice and make cock very wet and again thrusted her mouth very hard.

" ooouuggggggg....aaaa....ugggggg.." he was gaggig her mouth like there is no tommorow.

his one hand was also pinching her nipples very hard. he was giving her double pain and enjoyment. then he sat on sofa and made zeenat sat in front of him, while cock was still in her mouth. he again started thrusting and took thumb of his right foot and placed it near her pussy. he started massaging pussy lips and also pinching her nipples. so in this way he was treating zeenat in three ways. after about 10 minutes of cruel blow job, he stopped.

" plupppppppppppp " cames the sound out of my wife's mouth as he took penis out. spit was flowing from her lips to her chin and on her boobs.

he lifted her up and throw her on the sofa. he ride over her and started making her ready for final attack. he kissed her lips and nipples with his teeth very hard. she was squirting under him and can't do anything.he pushed two fingers in her pussy.

" aaoooooo......" she moaned as he thrusted hard his fingers in her pussy. he finger fucked her for 2 minute. my wife can't take any more.

" take meeeeeeeeeeee...." she said as plasure was beyond her control.

he laughed " hahaahah.... i know bhabhi u r a whore in some corner. "

she didn't say anything and closed her eyes. he positioned himself between her legs and took the enormous head of prick and placed it on the enterance.
he teased her for some time and then slowly entered half of the head in the pussy. as she was very wet , it was easy for her to take it. he didn't push more cock and stopped there.

my wife was expecting him to push more. but he stayed there and kissed her navle and boobs with his tongue. she couldn't control her and gave a thrust from under him towards his cock in upward direction and half of his cock entered in pusyy.

" hehehe...." he smiled while lookig at her.he then made a harsh move and took entire dick out and then gave a eletrifying push in her pussy.

" aaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooosssssssssssss" she cried as all of his 8' cock intered into her pussy.

" it slloowlllllllll.................. " she couldn't complete her sentence as he did that thing again. 

she slapped him on face while looking at him with anger.he smiled and took both his hands in grip with one hand and with other hand he slapped her very hard on left boob and made it red. 

" aaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaa...." she was moaning loudly as he was giving one thrust into her pussy and alongside he was slapping her boobs with each thrust very hardly.he was fucking her like rabbit.

" chooooooonnn chooonnnnn" was the sound coming from the sofa.

i was thinking that today this sofa will break if he didn't stop. he was fucking her from 5 minutes with no break. i amazed at his strength and stamina. 

after that he made her doggy stlye." i want to fuck u like bitch...bhabhi...." he said while slapping her ass cheeks with hand.

" oooooooo donntttt slappppppppppppppppp mmmm" she said in pain and peasure. i think she was enjoying his hard fuck as she was thrusting her ass back on his cock. this steamy sex continued for 15 minutes. 

" i m mmmmm cummmmminnnngggggg......sluttttttt" he announced while giving long strokes.

" plzzzzz stoppppp......dont cum insi.........." she pleaded but that was too late he gave her a big final push .he held her waist firmly and was moaning like hell

" ooooooo mmmmmmmmym myyyyyyyyyyy" he cummed inside her.

he stayed there for 2 minute and then fell on sofa sidways to zeenat. she was lookind very sad and angry too.
" u took advantage of m...." she was going to said but he held her boobs and pulled her over his body.

" don't u enjoyed it bhabhi...... tell me the truth.." he said

" u r could u cumm inside mmmmeeee....." she said angrily.

" i will not do that again ...bhabhi....i promise " he said while pinching her nipple.

" ooouuuuchhhh..... i will never allow u to fuck me again...." she said.

" ok... we will see.... " he said while smiling.

i cummed with lot of cum and was now feeling very satisfied. i was also very happy because dawood did not do anything harmful to zeenat. i have seen that how much she enjoyed sex , while he was giving her some pain at the same time. they were still in the hug. dawood was caressing her hairs. she was feeling sleepy. may be due to pill or due to satisfaction given by dawood's cock. 

she was still nude. it was almost 2 hours and i was very tired as was standing that long time to watchn zeenat fucked.i went to bathroom to fresh myself and also cleaned mess which was created by my cum. 
when looked back in the lobby , they were talking to each other.
" you know bhabhi u have the best pairs of the boobs i have ever seen....i mean enjoyed." he said mischeifely. 
she stood from over him and started adjusting her hairs.

"u took advantage of my mercy for u r cousin's death" she said while putting panty on.

" i could not control myself bhabhi. u r really an angel. i will never feel boaring by fucking u throught my whole life." he said. his cock was limb and was still long enough than my hard cock's size.

" u are very cruel ...look what u have done to my boo.....i mean chest" she said while looking at her boob when she was wearing her bra.i can see red marks of dawood's teeth on all over her boobs and nipples . it seems he chewed tham very hardly.

" i m sorry bhabhi... next time i will do slowly" he got up and kissed her on lips.

" mmmmmmhhhhhhhh... she pushed him away with force " .. i will never allow u to do anything again. i will call the police, if u try to do anything wrong ." she said huriedly wearing her saree.

he smiled at her and started wearing his clothes. i saw that zeenat is coming towrds my room i think she wants to use bathroom. i hid myself behind door and she passed away to the bathroom. luckily, she didn't noticed me. i come out in lobby. 
dawood smiled and said " so, cuckold, how was it? "

" i enjoyed it" i replied softly.

" its just starting man, the game is on . we have still whole night to enjoy." he said. i can't understand his meaning. because he had told me to this point about his plan.

before i can ask him something , i heared flushing in the bathroom " i think she is coming " i said. 

" hid u r self until i will gave signal to u" he said.

" okay." i nodded like a little child who is obeying his parents.

when zeenat came to the lobby, dawood was sitting in the lobby on sofa.

" bhabhi , please make something for me, i am really hungry. u have taken all of my energy." he said while looking at the magazine and smiling.

" i think u should go now, i will call the police. u have already done wrong things" she said while looking at him angrily.

" bhabhi, dont u want that cd back? i will gave back that to u. moreover, i wantto say sorry to u r husband about what i have done with you just now" he said cunnigly.

" u bastard, u will not say anything about what happened today to my husband. and give me that cd, now or i ....." she said

" will call the police....huh....thats how u r trying to threaten me.ok u can call the police" he said while relaxing on the sofa.

she moved towards the phone and when picked up the phone she found that wire was not connected to the phone.dawood cut the wire when she was in the bathroom. " hahahhahaa...." he lughed loudle at her .

" u bastard.... i will.....mmmmm...." she moved towards the kitchen " bhabhi why r u so angry with me. i will not do anything. i will gave u cd, i want to meet ur husband. i will not tell him anything about today. but......." he stopped.

" what...buttt...." she said while looking at him with anger.

" nothing big deal. u have to just follow my instructions." he said.

" i m not u r wife or salve. " she said while drinking water from refrigerater.

" u have no option bhabhi...i will tell u r husband and i can spoil u r life."he said 

she understood that she has no choice left. she has a depression oh her face, she was thinking something. may be about me. " gave me some water, bhabhi." he asked her and she got back to senses.

she took bootle and throw it to him. " this is not fair...u shold respect me and shoul showd love to me. he said.

she said nothing and started preparing lunch. " bhabhi, give me water with some respect." this time he ordered her. she did not moved. " okay. i am going to call u r husband and will tell him what u have done with me." he said while pressing numbers on his mobile.

" noooo. plz... " she almost pleaded while running near to the sofa. she started crying and some tears can be seen on her cheeks. " u understand.... give me water with respect." he ordered again.

this time she took bottle and gave it to him while her face was towards the floor. " open the bottle and help me in drinking"

she said " how...? " very softly.

" first take a sip from bootle...... and then u will came near to my lips...? " he said.
she was still standing there, with nervous and fear on her face. she tok a small sip of water and sat on the ground in front of him.
" now lip-kiss me... and pour all of water from u r mouth into my mouth." he ordered.

she was feeling humilated at that time. she was very nervous how to do. she stayed there for some seconds. dawood panicked and hold her hairs from above neck with his hands. he pushed her lips towards himself and opened his mouth so wide that he took both her lips inside his lips and water started flowing in the mouth of dawood. zeenat has her eyes closed. he was not leaving her. after all the water came into his mouth..he chewed her lips vary hardly.i enjoyed that situation very much. my dick was rock hard on seeing dawood drinking water from zeenat's lips.

" ssssssss ssssssssss" all she could say in the pain.

he left her and said her to gave him another sip of water. she was frightened and knows that she has no option. she again took a sip of water...this time she took big sip bcz she did not want to feel this humilation one more time and wants to give enough water to fufill his thirst in one attempt. she kissed softly on his lips. he again opened his lips so wide and took all the water from her lips. this time he kissed her for more than 2 minutes. when he left her i can see marks of teeth on her upper lips. she immediatly stood.

" om mmmmyyyyy god , bhabhi.. u know how to fufil thirst of a man...hehe " he said while laughing.

she went to the kitchen and said nothing. 
"bhabhi make some delicious food . and be prepare bcz i want to drank milk, again." this time he ordered again.

i know that dawood was not satified what he had done with zeenat and he wants moe. also, my cock wants him to do more with my wife,zeenat.

she was standing on the floor while preparing lunch on the gas. dawood looked at her while rubbing his dick from over his pant. he then looked at me and signaled to me to came to the lobby. as i came he went to the kitchen i hid my self near the kitchen in the lobby. she was standing while her back was facing lobby. i think he wants me to look closely what he is going to do next.

" bhabhi, what r u making for me" he said and stood behind her.

" roti " she said with annoying look. 

" is it u r making for me, bhabhi? " he said.he was looking to the gas sove over her head and was very close to her ass.

" no..its for me. " she said in anger.

" ok.. u can eat it. i will drank milk " he said and pinced her left boob with one hand very hardly. he done it realy very hard during this time

" ouuuuuchhc............." she jumped and turned towards him and with one hand she was caressing her boob to sooth it from pain.

" u r tooo mucccchhhh......." she said , nut she cant do anything.

" hahaha...." he laughed and said " sorry, bhabhi."

she again started doing her work. he went more close to her and hugged her from back. he kissed her on naked flesh on her back. she said him nothing and was doing her work. he grabbed both boobs with hands and caressed with love this time. i was hoping for hard pinch again this time, but it was oposite this time.

he kissed her earloobes and was pressing boobs at the same time. he thrusted his cock into flesh of her ass over the saree and was dry fucking her. she stopped doing work bcz he was disturbing her and trying to make her hot. 
she can feel his huge dick on her ass even she was wearing saree and he was wearing pant. he was thrusting more widly and also kissing her on back and slurping her naked flesh like a dog.

" oooo......." she moaned as he gave bite in her neck with love.

he then leave one of her boob and unzip his pant and took his cock out. i cant see her face what can say that she was getting hot by his actions. she was also opposing , but very little. he is a real master. he was making her wild with lot of bites and kisses on her back. as his cock was free, he was also thrusing her more violently. then he turned her. now i can see her face. she was bitting her own lower lip and her face was very red. 

he slapped her on her face " ptaaaaaakkkkk....." this time it was hard.

she moaned but her voice remained in his mouth as he covered her lips. he pushed her pallu away from boobs and his monster was touching her belly. he gave a thrust and little of his cock's tip entered in to her belly hole. 

" ssssssssss.........." she squirted as he was grabbing her full boobs with hand and fuckig her belly with short thrusts. he kissed her juicy lips and she was responding him. 

his tongue was roaming in her mouth. he then went down and kissed her bally. he spitted in hole of her balley and make it wet. he bit her bally by taking alot of flesh arund her bally into his teeth. she moaned with excitement along with pain. her hands were pushing his head in to bally. i can see her legs were shaking. i think she cummed. he stood up and again started his work of thrusting her bally. after two minutes he was thrusting very violently. i think he was near to cum. he left her and took half roti from box and gave few strokes with his other hand. she was loking at him unconciously. as he was about cumming, he placed roti near his tip and cummed all over the roti. i can see cum was floating over roti like a lot of butter on it. after some moments , he relaxed.

" this is u r roti, bhabhi..." he said while getting roti closer to her lips.

" i will not eat this....." she said while looking on other side.

" u have to.. u said that it is for me... now u have to eat it...." he said and took her face with chin and gave hard slap on cheek. 

as she opened her mouth, he push whole half of roti filled with cum into her face. instantly, he pushed her down by forcing over her head toward his dick. he thrust his half hard dick into her mouth which is still more than enough to fill her mouth. he thrusted very hard into her mouth and pushed roti towarts her throat.

" uuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhghhhhhh..." she coughed as he slid whole cock into her mouth. zeenat has no option to eat that roti. i can see her face become more red as she was struggling to breathe. he gave few more thrusts until, whole of roti went through her throat to her stomach.

" u r bastard........ " she said as soon as he left her. he smiled and i can see she was making face ,as surely, she did not liked the taste of roti. 

" now , prepare lunch for me.... bhabhi ji........" he said with loud smile.

i was cumming for one more time.and this time i messed up the lobby. it was very hard for me to clean it , bcz zeenat was in kitchen and could see me. but i managed to do so. zeenat has prepared the lunch and was washing her hands. 

dawood got up and walk towards her and then " ptaaaaaakkkkkkkkkk......" came the sound from her ass flesh under the saree as he slapped her very hard. it was realy hard and as she turned towards him i can see her eyes were wet with sum tears. 

he laughed " thats as a thanks for preparing lunch for me." 

she could not do anything and was putting the lunch into plates for him and her. he went close to her and stand next to her. he put his hand over and hugged her from sideways.

he smilde " i m realy sorry bhabhi.i should thanks u to in a different way." he pushed her close. his one hand goes to her boobs and other to the ass as he hugged her from front. he kissed her luicy lips. she is not enjoying it and panicked ,but what could she do? 

he kept kissing her and with one hand he slowly removed her blouse. he pinched her nipples, with love not hard this time. he was kissing her with full love. i think he wants to please her this time. he slowly undid her saree and she was now in bra and panty. his hand went inside her bra and was caresing . his other hand was doing same with pussy over the panty. she was getting hot by time and i can see changes in her eye's colour. 

he placed both his hands just above her thighs and underneath her ass's flesh and took her up.he made her sit on the kitchen basin. he was still kiissing her. then he removed her bra and was caressing both her boobs. he kissed her earlobes and her neck and making it very wet. the he looked at her . he slapped her softly on left boob and it jiggled. then he spit right on her lips. he was very kinky. my wife couldn't open her lips as it will made spit to go into her mouth. she closed her lips tightly. then he attacked her and took her both lips fully into his own mouth and was kissing madly.

My Wife forced Part-1

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Author: whooletthedogsout ( 

I am a successful businessman from Guna. I am married to ZEENAT for last 7 years to a beautiful girl from Lucknow. We have a good family life and a daughter who is 5 years old. ZEENAT was virgin at time of our marriage but coming from educated background worldly wise and ready to learn and enjoy sex. Over the years she had started to take initiative in bed and gave me no reason to have a boring marital life. She is maintaining her figure very well and with a height of 5-6 she can carry any dress on her person. 

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From a faithful wife,to a whore! Divya`s journey of sexual liberation…Part 15

"Awkward question,did you feel any..." I was trying to frame the question in the least offensive way when she finished it for me.
"Guilt? Little bit,at first.The next time we met,was with intentions of talking this out and putting an end to this..." she said
"But let me guess,you ended up fucking like wild bunnies again!" I completed her sentence this time! And we both giggled. Its only then that I realised,by this time I had a hand caressing her waist and our legs crossed over and under each others.Our faces just a few inches from each other!Her hand caressing my thighs!
"Since then he began coming more and more frequently! We moved to Salt Lake where nobody knew us and people wouldnt talk about our controversial relationship! No matter what relationship social rules imply we should be in,fact is we are lovers and live together as the same. He isnt the best sex I can have,but somehow,weird as it may sound,we ARE in love with each other!" she said
"Thats so sweet,and fucking insane!" I commented,and like two drunk and naughty girls we laughed again!

"so now that you know everything about me,let me ask you something..." she said
"Shoot!" I asked,giving her complete confidence to ask me anything!
"Have you ever been with a woman?" she asked with another naughty smile creeping up her face
"Yes...once...or twice maybe I dont remember exactly! Actually there was always another man or other men involved!" I answered
"Was it good?" she asked inquisitively
"Of course you are,only another woman can no your spots better than know!"I said naughtily
"hmmm...I know!" she said. I felt her hands moving between my legs from my thighs and make its way up till she put her palm on my crotch and started rubbing my clit and pussy lips against her palm!
"Naughty girl!You are all wet!" she commented,I just smirked in a silly manner again trying to control the pleasure she started to build up!
"So..."she said as her face moved closer to mine,our breaths pushing against each others,our lips less than an inch from each other... "have you ever been with a woman one on one?" she asked,but this was a rhetorical question,before an answer could come between them! Our lips parted and met around each other`s,and the inevitable act of love making the evening had been rolling towards for hours,started...

Before we could even realise it,we were like to snakes,our bodies entangled against each other,our minds surrendered to the playful lust we had created in each other and the intoxication of wine. As our lips spread over each other,her palms held my head firmly between them and my mind wandering the delicious crevices of her body. She pulled me off the sofa and before long,we were in her bedroom. She spread me on her bed,on my back.We continued our kiss for sometime before we rolled and cuddled on the bed,tasting each others tits,squeezing and crushing them. We licked each other all over except where it mattered.Then opening a drawer in her nightstand,she took out a pair of handcuffs she locked my hands in them,pulling it around a bar on the head rest of the large bed. She was kinky,and I was enjoying every bit of it. Then she took out a large black dildo from the drawer.It was the biggest I had ever seen. I immediately spread my legs,indicating my urge to have it in my pussy. But she had other plans. She softly rubbed the head around my pussy,keeping it very close to my loins but never close enough to satisfy me. She teased me... I was moaning in an agonising anticipation. She crouched down in front of my,pushing her hand between my legs and traced lines on my inner thighs,but stopped before coming to my wet cunt! She softly blew a dash of air onto my pussy,running a cold tingle which started from my pussy and spread all over my body. She put the dildo near my mouth and I pushed my head up as far as I could and took the head of the massive plastic cock between my lips,she pushed more of it into me as I sucked on it as if it were a real dick,which would fill my mouth with hot cum anytime soon,as a reward for my sucking skills. I didnt get my mouth cum filled,instead Suchana pushed the dildo into my mouth inch by inch until I was finally stuffed and started gagging,she pulled it out just a bit,enough for my tongue to gain a little more freedom,freedom to roll around the huge intruder in my mouth.Once again she pushed the cock down my throat,and made me gag,this time till tears came out of my eyes and I started throwing my legs about,choking. She finally showed mercy and pulled the beastly stuffing out of my mouth,but by now it was covered in my saliva and glistening in the dim light of the room.Then she got up and went up to the dressing table,from where she pulled out a chair. She sat down on it slowly,her eyes always locked into mine. She raised her legs and spread them,resting each of her legs on the arm rests of the chair. Smiling at me she pushed down on a button at the base of the dildo and it started wriggling with a whirring sound! She brought it down to her crotch ever so slowly,her eyes still fixed on mine,enjoying the torture she was putting me through. As soon as the head of the buzzing machine touched her clit and transfered its vibrations onto her starved pussy,her mouth opened wide betraying a loud gasp,her head fell back,with eyes closed and her chest thrust out,all in a matter of a few miliseconds! Watching the pleasure she was recieving turned me on more than I had ever felt before! My urge was at its absolute peak,a peak I had never been on before. I wanted to feel what she was feeling! My legs closed down and I started rubbing my thighs against each other,hoping it would help control the unbearable heat in my loins! As I watched with envy,she slowly stuffed the dildo into her waiting pussy! Inch by inch she pushed in as much as she could,but couldnt get her pussy to swallow the whole thing. That wasnt a surprise, it was as long as a horses schlong and just about as thick as a large can of room freshner! She let it be inside her for a few minutes,feeling it buzzing inside her! Then she started pulling it out and pushing it in,repeating the process numerous times ever so slowly. I couldnt stand it anymore,just the expression on her face,the way she was biting her lower lip was driving me wild. Added to that was the fact that by now I could swear I was seeing her drip endlessly from her pussy onto the chair.

"I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!" I shouted "I WANT IT!!!"
"Then beg for it..." she commanded
"Yes!!! Please!!! I beg you!!! I need it!!! Im dying here!!!" I pleaded
She smiled again and pulled the dildo out of herself. It was drenched in her juices by now,and as she pulled it out I could see a string of her own juices stretching between the monster`s head and her pussy! She came onto the bed and sat on her knees next to me.
"First you have to tell me how I taste!" she said as she put the dildo on my lips once again. I ran my tongue over it and pulled as much of her wetness off it into my mouth as I could.
"Well?" she asked
"It tastes delicious!" I answered...
"No!Describe it to me,describe the taste,I want details." She said
"Its a little tangy...with a possible grainy taste...a little bit like lime juice,but not bitter like it,much better in fact!" I said
" let me see what you taste like..." she said before going back between my legs and spreading them.She crouched down and put her mouth on my pussy and sucked my pussy lips with loud slurps.Then she spread my pussy a bit more and pushed her tongue in. Her wt tongue wriggling inside my pussy aggravated my condition. Soon she had opened her mouth wide and was covering my entire pussy,trying to push as much of her tongue in as possible! Her teeth were creating a pressure around my pussy,as if she was trying to bite the damn thing off! Though it should have hurt or been scary,in this horny and piss drunk state I was enjoying this unique technique! Soon she localized the attention of her mouth on just my clit as she made loops around it with the tip of her tongue and flicking it. Soon she started licking it,and the courseness of her tongue created a velvety pleasure on my clit! My eyes were closed while enjoying all this,so I didnt know exactly when,but soon I felt an immense pressure streching my pussy apart. I looked down to see her slowly push the dildo in. I was able to fit in much more of it than she had been,creating a look of astonishment on her face!

"You ARE a slut! Your pussy must have been laid more times than a main city street!" she joked.
I dont think she knew how true her statement was. The irony is that most of my clients used to love the tightness of my pussy,now I knew that the same tight pussy was history now! She pushed the dildo back on and looked endearingly at my pussy with the huge vibrating machine in it! I wont try to explain how wonderful it felt in me,cause I probably wont find the words to do so! My pussy felt filled more than any real cock had ever made me feel before. Not even Iqbal! She crawled up on top of me like a kitten and kissed my lips softly! As I tried to kiss her back she pulled away,giggling, and lowered herself and putting herself on her elbows she grabbed my tits! She looked into my eyes again,with a naughty smile and licked my nipples,before finally breaking eye contact to start sucking my tits!
Downstairs my pussy was starting to feel like a small pool of erotic vibrations and my own wetness! She raised herself up again and hung her tits above my face. I latched onto a boobs and started sucking it like she had sucked mine! She was sitting on top of me in such away that her wet pussy was on top of my navel area,with her knees folded and placed on either side of my waist! She started gyrating her hips in such a way that made her pussy rub on my navel region! While this was going on she reached back into the drawer and brought out,behold,another toy!

"You really have a nice collection,dont you?" I asked with a hint of pun...
"Well,I was married to an old hog incapable of satisfying me,these babies kept my pussy wet in those difficult years,stood by me like true friends,or should I say stood in my pussy!" she said and we both laughed!

This one was thinner,but it was double ended! I knew what she had in mind! She pulled big John out of me, and seated herself in such a way that now her left thigh was on top of my right one,and her right thigh under my left one,there was a gap of only a few inches between our pussies! She pushed the dildo between us,and shoved one end into my pussy and then readjusted her own position and shoved the other end into her own pussy! Then placed her hands behind herself,palms down and fell back a bit and started pushing in a rhythm! I reciprocated by doing the same,but my movements were somewhat restricted by my hands being cuffed! It took us some time,but eventually we found the rhythm required to accomplish our goal. We both were pushing down at the same time,meaning we were using each other`s pressure to drive the dildo in deep! This one wasnt very long either,so once we were both at full throttle,occasionally our pussies would rub onto each other!
"Whoever cums first drinks the others cum!" she said as she was pumping hard and breathing harder! 

She knew she had already done enough to make sure I wouldnt last long and hence the condition,as as she had anticipated,5-6 minutes into this act,I had the most awesome,mind and body numbing orgasm! I felt every cell in my body was revolting,bringing in a spring of pleasures I had never experienced. The right mix of anticipation,a prolonged build up,intoxication,torturous pleasures and experimentation led to a bed breaking orgasm for me! I felt like I would faint right there,but I wasnt allowed to,she came up and sat on my face,placing her legs on either side of my head and squatting down! I obliged her by opening my mouth and starting my tongue and mouth out on her privates! It didnt take very long! She orgasmed with squirts,her showers filling my mouth up and wetting my face,hair and the pillows under me! At one point I didnt know whether she was cumming on me or pissing on me,but frankly,I didnt care. 

When her orgasm subsided we collapsed in each other`s arms,not caring to go to the washroom and clean ourselves up,not caring about the bedsheets under us that were wet,not caring about the pungent smell of sex we had filled the room with and least of all about the the layers of sweat,juices and erotic sensations that blanketed us! We slept in her apartment,on her bed,cuddled up like lovers,and the last thought I can remember going through my head before I fell asleep was that,a woman had satisfied me more than a man ever had,in fact she had taken me across thresholds of pleasure,I never knew even existed! Even though I didnt really have a reason to believe so,life,felt good again and the sex,felt wonderful!

I woke up in the morning to familiar sounds of grunting and moans,I opened my eyes and the first sight to wish me was that of Viram lying in the bed next to me,and Suchana on all fours on top of him,his cock in her mouth. She opened her eyes and noticed I had woken up! Even with a cock in her mouth,her eyes indicated a smile. She sucked on the cock hard one last time before pulling it out with a loud slurp and said 

"Good morning Divya honey..." she said,she shook the cock in her hand drawing my attention to it and asked "Care for some breakfast?" post 421#

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